Where to buy ECCO shoes. Classic, sporty, for every day.

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  1. Where to buy Ekko shoes: Moscow stores, discount departments, Internet
  2. About ECCO ranges
  3. Formal collection — classic
  4. Sports shoes ECCO
  5. Casual collection — for every day

The whole human body, one way or another, is subject to stress. And yet, during the day, our feet are the hardest. Especially if you have to walk or stand a lot. Where to buy really comfortable shoes? The answer for many people is the Danish brand ECCO.

The owners of the company «Ekko» thought about creating shoes «for life» at the very beginning of their activities. About fifty years ago, such ideas looked innovative. Business men’s shoes or women’s evening shoes were not some special product. But to produce shoes for every day, in which the legs would not get tired, was an innovation.

Time passed: along with the growth of progress, the pace of human life accelerated. And more and more appreciated the opportunity to do everything, tired as little as possible.

Where to buy Ekko shoes: Moscow stores, discount departments, Internet

There are Ekko stores in almost all major cities. There are about a hundred of them in Moscow. It is better to look at the addresses of stores on the network immediately before shopping. Particular attention should be paid to discount stores. Still, ECCO shoes are not cheap, and it will be good luck to buy a pair with a good discount.

Online shopping is a special opportunity to buy shoes without the hassle. Many people, especially residents of large cities, use it constantly. Some are afraid to make a mistake with the size. Indeed, the size grids of shoes from different brands may not match.

But on the official ECCO website there is a detailed instruction on how to choose the right size. For this simple procedure, you only need a regular ruler. Well, and your own foot, of course.

You can also check the site for information about ongoing sales. And pay for the purchase is significantly less than in another store. The difference can be two to three thousand rubles.

About ECCO ranges

All shoe collections in Ecco are updated twice a year. There is always an opportunity to buy winter, summer or demi-season shoes of the latest model. But even if you buy shoes at a discount, from the last collection, by the next season they are unlikely to go out of fashion. ECCO has a well-established, recognizable style. Changes in it, if they occur, then smoothly.

There are three main lines for both men and women. These are classic, casual and sports shoes. All necessary accessories are on sale: insoles, laces and care products.

In addition, ECCO also offers footwear for children of all ages. Parents often choose it because it is all designed as an orthopedic one. You can choose boots, boots, sandals for a baby, schoolchild or teenager right on the site.

Formal collection — classic

If we talk about adult collections, then the most extensive of them is Formal. This is understandable, because most of us spend most of our time at work. And the line we are talking about consists of classic shoes. And including, of course, business.

All shoes of this brand are made from natural materials. This is one of the rules strictly observed in Ekko. Classic models are most often made of matte or patent leather.

Both women’s and men’s shoes are here in soothing colors. These are black, brown, gray and soft, discreet shades of other colors. Classic does not mean boring at all. This is confirmed by many models from this collection.

Among the women’s classics are shoes, ballet flats, loafers, ankle boots. The heel is most often quite small or medium in height, but stable. There are several models with high heels. For them, a specially designed block is used, which allows you to remove the load from the foot. It turns out that you can even flaunt in heels without harm to health.

For men, the classic collection includes shoes, boots, and low shoes. For winter, as well as autumn-spring, you can choose warm ankle boots.

Models for the cold season use a GORE-TEX climate membrane. It protects shoes from moisture and provides a normal microclimate inside it. In other words, feet in warm boots do not sweat, but they do not freeze either.

Sports shoes ECCO

This line includes not only shoes for training in the gym or running, but also models for outdoor activities. There are special requirements for such shoes. After all, if we say you decide to go running, it’s not enough just to choose running shoes. First, you have to decide where exactly the training will take place. Asphalt path or gravel — the degree of cushioning of the sole depends on this.

In addition, sneakers are selected according to the type of pronation. In a nutshell, these are the individual characteristics of the setting of the foot while running or walking. If this is not taken into account, training in uncomfortable shoes can result in excessive stress and even damage.

In any Ekko company store, the salesperson will help you choose the right sports shoes. When buying in an online store, you will need to specify in detail in the message to the manager all your requirements. Here’s what to consider before choosing:

— whether you need sneakers or casual shoes in a sporty style

— if these are sneakers, then for which trainings

What time of year are the shoes for?

— will you train in the forest or outside the city

Of course, you also need to know your size. And if you buy in a regular store, be sure to try on the chosen model.

Casual collection — for every day

This line can be called everyday, and therefore everyday. But, perhaps, it is the most interesting in Ekko. After all, it is her style that most clearly reflects the concept of the brand. Shoes for the city — for every day, comfortable, perfectly combined with almost any clothing.

Women’s boots of this line look good with trousers, and with a skirt, and with a dress. In these you can go to the office, and for a walk in the park.

Men’s models, for the most part, also go well with both jeans and a suit. This eliminates the need to buy several pairs of shoes for all occasions.

In sneakers, of course, not everyone can afford to come to work. But still, at ECCO, these are exactly casual shoes. The sporty style remains recognizable. But at the same time, sneakers already fit into any of your images.

Monochromatic calm colors, lack of bright details, expensive leather or suede. All this automatically translates our favorite sneakers into the category of «serious» shoes.

It is worth paying attention to high-top sneakers. In the off-season and even in winter, they become a great alternative to warm boots or boots. Inside they are necessarily insulated. Leather or suede upper has special protection against moisture.

Women’s boots — usually with a small heel or wedge. Cute ankle boots can be on a solid sole. At the same time, they are necessarily with an arch support and an anatomical insole.

And what does ECCO offer for everyone’s favorite spring and summer? Slip-ons, moccasins, light shoes, ballet flats, sandals, moccasins. In the hot season, the special advantages of shoes are that they do not press, do not rub, and “breathe” well. And here, Ekko, as in any other season, copes with its tasks perfectly.



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