White men’s suits (47 photos): wedding models, exit, how to choose

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A man in a suit always looks attractive, as these clothes look elegant and allow you to showcase an athletic figure. But the white suit looks especially elegant. Such a model is rarely bought for everyday wear, but for a festive event, including a wedding celebration, it will fit perfectly.


What can be a white men’s suit? There are several options for this festive clothing. The main thing is to choose a style that is right for you.

Classic white suit

The most versatile option that suits almost everyone is a classic suit. This is a set consisting of two (or three) elements. The upper part of the set can be represented by a single or double-breasted jacket, the lower part by straight trousers.

Single-breasted jacket option more popular and comfortable to wear. Its distinctive feature is one row of loops on the left shelf and, accordingly, one row of buttons on the right. The most common option is with two buttons.

Double-breasted model considered to be more formal attire. It has two rows of buttons, moreover, when fastening, one floor overlaps the other. Therefore, when wearing a jacket, the upper part of the figure will be more massive, which is not always beneficial.

Another version of the classic suit is the «troika». Its distinguishing feature is the presence of a vest. All three parts of the kit are sewn from the same fabric. «Threes» are less commonly used than «twos» today.

A jacket in a classic suit can be fitted or straight. The first option is found in English and French style, the second — in American and German.

Trousers are straight with a medium fit and medium leg width.

With a tuxedo — wedding option

For special occasions, such as a wedding, you can wear a formal suit. In this set, the upper part is represented by a tuxedo.

The ceremonial look of a men’s suit is a combination of classic trousers with a tuxedo. Such a set, made in white, looks extremely elegant.

A tuxedo is a kind of jacket with a large neckline, and the shape of the neckline is not wedge-shaped, but semicircular.

The collar and lapels are trimmed with satin, velvet or silk. Usually, a tuxedo has a single-breasted closure, it fastens with one button at waist level. There is no slot on the back. Instead of pockets, imitation is used, leaving only inner pockets. Be sure to have a chest pocket in which a silk scarf is placed.

Pants worn with a tuxedo are usually decorated with stripes. To make stripes, use the same fabric that is used to trim the lapels. The most formal option is trousers without a lapel with stitched tucks. They are worn without a belt, with suspenders that should not peek out from under the vest.

If a vest is not provided, then a sash belt is used instead of a belt. Moreover, the belt can have a contrasting color, for example, a scarlet sash looks spectacular with a snow-white belt.

If a vest is chosen instead of a sash, then you need to choose the right style for this element. A tuxedo vest should have a deep neckline that opens the shirt as much as possible. And below the vest should be closed.

In no case should such a vest be worn separately from a tuxedo; these two things should only be worn as a set.

According to the dress code, a vest is worn with a tuxedo that has peaked lapels, and if the jacket has a shawl-style collar, then a sash should be chosen for it.

With a tailcoat — for formal events

For a festive or formal event, you can choose a snow-white suit, consisting of a tailcoat and trousers. A tailcoat is a special style of a jacket, which is shortened in front and has long tails in the back. The lapels, like those of a tuxedo, are trimmed with silk or velvet.

Trousers of a necessarily narrowed cut, decorated with two silk ribbons — galloons. This trousers differ from the model that is worn complete with a tuxedo. Pants are high waisted and do not have a belt. Suspenders are allowed.

The tie can be classic or a bow tie is chosen, it must be sewn from silk or pique.

Summer linen suit

A white linen suit is a great choice for summer. This clothing option fits into the urban casual style, in addition, it is suitable for summer holidays. For tailoring, undyed linen is used. Its color is off-white, sometimes with a yellowish undertone.

Linen suits are presented in various styles.:

  • Loose-fitting straight-cut trousers paired with a straight-cut jacket. This set is suitable for men of any complexion.
  • Slightly tapered and loose fit jacket.
  • Summer option — cropped trousers or shorts and a light unlined jacket.
  • Straight trousers and fitted jacket.

It should be remembered that natural linen fabric is very wrinkled. Since suits made from this fabric are worn in an informal setting, a certain degree of wrinkling is not a defect.


Any costume, especially one purchased for a festive event, cannot be purchased without trying it on. The model should fit perfectly in size and fit well on your figure.

Keep in mind that tuxedo and tailcoat options look good on slender men with athletic figures. If a man is overweight or has an ugly posture, then even the most beautiful tuxedo will look bad.

The most universal solution will be a classic suit, it suits all the representatives of the stronger sex. If the figure is slim, then you should give preference to models with a fitted jacket. For overweight guys, it is better to choose a jacket with a straight silhouette and always single-breasted. Double-breasted jackets are only suitable for slim people.

First of all, try on a jacket, it should fit perfectly in your shoulders. The model should not pull in the shoulders, gathering on the back into folds, but the shoulder seam should not hang down either.

The length of the jacket and sleeves of the model is very important. Put on a jacket and fasten it with all the buttons, stand up straight with your hands down. In this case, the bottom edge of the jacket should reach the tip of the thumb. This length option is classic. But if a man is tall, he can afford a slightly longer jacket, but short ones are recommended to choose shortened models.

The ideal sleeve length is such that the bone of the wrist should be covered. And the cuffs of the shirt should protrude from under the jacket by 1.5 cm.

The length of classic trousers should be such that the legs cover the top of the jacket, and form a fold in front, gently lying on the shoe.

Pants should not gather in an accordion or form folds along the seams. Pants, like a jacket, should fit like a glove.

Choice of accessories: shirt, tie, shoes

It is very important to choose the right accessories for a white suit to make the image spectacular.

The most stringent requirements are imposed on the choice of accessories for a suit with a tuxedo or tailcoat. When creating a solemn image, choose a classic shirt, tie and classic Oxford shoes. The image can be made in one color, that is, all additions must also be snow-white.

If the option of a tuxedo with black lapels is chosen, then it is recommended to choose a white shirt, a black bow tie and a black sash. A set of a white formal suit and a bright vest, for example, orange, looks spectacular. This image is chosen with a tie and pocket square in the color of the vest.

When creating less formal looks, you can deviate from the strict dress code rules. A white suit with a black shirt looks very impressive. Moreover, the shirt can be both plain and striped. For this image, it is recommended to choose black shoes.

Opt for classic shoes like oxfords or less formal derbies.

If an informal white linen suit is chosen, then it can be supplemented not only with a shirt, but also with a T-shirt. Moreover, the color of the T-shirt can be chosen to your taste. Shoes for such an ensemble should be chosen informally, it can be loafers, moccasins or even sneakers.

Spectacular images

Here are some examples of successful bows with a white suit:

  • Dress for the ceremony: classic style suit, consists of classic trousers with stripes, vest and tuxedo with peaked lapels. All elements of the costume are sewn from the same milky fabric. We select a snow-white shirt and a pocket square for the suit. The tie should match the color of the suit. Shoes must also be white. If desired, the image can be supplemented with cufflinks and a tie clip.
  • Less formal ceremonial look: For a white classic suit, choose a black dress shirt and black derby shoes. Additional accessories: golden bow tie, golden beige silk handkerchief and black wrist watch.
  • Informal summer look: a white suit made of fine wool consists of straight trousers and a fitted jacket. As an addition, choose a white and blue vertical striped shirt and dark turquoise suede loafers. No socks are required for this look.

A white suit is a great choice of formal wear for men. This model is perfect for any festive event or for a romantic date. In addition, white linen suits are a great choice for summer holidays. With such a suit, you can create various images of casual style.


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