Women’s bag for work, leisure, walks, parties — choose

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  1. Classic — relevant always and everywhere
  2. To the office and to an important meeting
  3. be dazzling
  4. Designer bags are something special
  5. Backpacks, travel and sports bags

You can talk about bags endlessly, especially if you are a woman. Along with dresses and jewelry, they hold a special place in our hearts. And only a person far from this topic can seriously say that a bag is just an accessory. In fact, this is something without which it is difficult to imagine everyday life.

Also, a bag is an opportunity to always have a lot of necessary little things with you. Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that, as a rule, none of us is limited to buying a single handbag.

And how can you limit yourself if you are still looking for the bag of your dreams? Finding it, by the way, is not so difficult, if you roughly imagine what style this model should be in and what its functional purpose is.

Classic — relevant always and everywhere

Bags in a classic style are appropriate in most situations. Of course, for a hike in the mountains or a trip to nature, you will need something else. But perhaps these are the only exceptions. In other situations, the classics are indispensable, and at least one such model is a must-have in your wardrobe.

A classic bag can be rectangular or rounded. The main thing is no asymmetry or bright flashy details. Accordingly, the colors of such models are usually muted, dim.

This does not mean, of course, that classic options can only be black, white or brown. It can be a burgundy, beige, blue, green bag.

A classic model can be decorated with a discreet pattern or a special leather texture. Such an accessory is good because it always harmonizes perfectly with any suit, dress, shoes. That is, if in the morning you suddenly decide to dress differently than you planned, you won’t have to shift everything in a hurry to another bag.

Brands worth paying attention to when choosing classics: Cromia, Furla, Bruno Rossi, Trevor, Alessandro Beato.

To the office and to an important meeting

The business bag is minimalistic, strict and with all its appearance makes it clear that its owner is a serious person. The format of such a model, as a rule, is not less than an A4 sheet — so that a folder with documents fits. A characteristic feature is a belt or long handles.

You rarely see a bright business bag, but its color can be any. After all, no matter the style or size, it’s still a women’s handbag. You can look for a good model at Ripani, Furla, Coccinelle, Giglio Fiorentino.

be dazzling

Such a desire overtakes every woman who is about to go somewhere in an evening dress. And, of course, the necessary detail in this case is a clutch. A small bag with a thin strap or chain.

Does your clutch have no handle at all? Know that you are holding a classic model in your hands. After all, initially these small handbags were created in this form, as their name suggests (the English clutch means “to clasp”).

Nowadays, the clutch has ceased to be an attribute of an exclusively evening dress. Many models are quite suitable for accompanying you on weekdays. Piero, Coccinelle, Alessandro Beato, Cromia, Patrizia Pepe have elegant and more modest options.

Designer bags are something special

To be like others? What could be worse for someone who is used to emphasizing her individuality in every possible way. Exit — an unusual accessory that no one else in your environment has. With a beautiful designer bag, a woman becomes memorable, even if she is wearing sneakers and jeans at that moment.

These can be bags with unusual details, embroidery, prints and applications, sewn from different materials — leather, tarpaulin, felt, fabric.

Some of them are even hand-painted, such as Balagura bags.

Such handbags become loved and create a sense of celebration even on an ordinary day. You can find yours in the latest collections of Trevor, Campomaggi, Kellen, Balagura.

Backpacks, travel and sports bags

A beautiful backpack is another way to look stylish, even when you’re not in dress. Often the same model looks great with a dress, and with trousers, and with shorts.

Classic models are offered by Bakster, Trevor, Lera Nena, Holy Monday. Youth and original — Herschel, Pepe Jeans, Fashion, Adidas.

Models made of thick cotton, tarpaulin and ethnic-style backpacks look nice and casual. They are great for walking with friends or traveling.

By the way, about travel. A small travel bag is always a necessary addition to a suitcase. Or even an alternative to it if the trip is planned for a short time. We are looking for a suitable one from Campomaggi, Pepe Jeans, Polar.

A sports bag, contrary to its name, is needed not only for training. It will come in handy to move a small amount of things somewhere or even replace the travel one.

Today among sports bags there are a lot of stylish, bright, interesting options. For example, EPOL, Polar, Antan, Converse and, of course, Adidas models.

Now you have seen for yourself that it is impossible for a modern woman to get by with one or even two or three bags. Therefore — choose with inspiration, wear with pleasure!



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