Women’s raincoat: choosing the best and most stylish model

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The weather is not always good, but rain is no reason to stay at home if you have such a convenient thing in your wardrobe as a raincoat. This element of the wardrobe is useful not only for a country walk, you can go anywhere in rainy weather. For example, in such a raincoat you can get to work, while keeping the suit and hairstyle in a presentable form.

History reference

Many associate the emergence of waterproof clothing with the name of Charles Macintosh, who created rubberized clothing. However, waterproof raincoats and capes existed before. For example, it is known that before our era, the Celtic tribes made straw capes that protected from rain.
Much later they began to use capes made of fabrics soaked in oil. Thanks to this treatment, moisture droplets simply rolled off the fabric.

The modern women’s raincoat, of course, differs from the models used in the century before last. Firstly, modern materials are used that reliably protect against rain. Secondly, modern models are not only functional, but also attractive in appearance.

Benefits of using

Does it make sense to buy a raincoat? The answer depends on where you live and how you live. If you live in an area where rain is rare, then you can easily do without this piece of clothing. But where precipitation is frequent, a raincoat is a must. Especially if you lead an active lifestyle, and do not sit indoors all day.

Skeptics may argue, why buy a waterproof raincoat if humanity invented umbrellas a long time ago. Still, a raincoat is much more comfortable. What are the advantages of this wardrobe item?

  • Free hands. If you choose an umbrella, then one hand will be occupied. And if you need to bring packages from the store? Or go somewhere by bike? In this case, a raincoat is much more comfortable than an umbrella.
  • Freedom of movement. Dog owners will confirm that walking with a pet and an umbrella is extremely inconvenient, especially if the dog is active and does not want to gracefully walk along the path. In a raincoat, the owner will feel free.

  • compactness. Folding umbrellas take up little space, but compared to a rain cover, the umbrella is quite heavy. Many manufacturers sell raincoats along with a compact waterproof fabric cover, which is convenient to carry a raincoat in an ordinary handbag.
  • attractiveness. Many models of raincoats made of waterproof material look very attractive; the original raincoat not only protects against moisture, but also allows you to stand out from the crowd.


The main function of any raincoat is protection from moisture. What are the fabrics that provide the effect of «waterproof»? It can be fabrics with water-repellent impregnations. In this case, a regular fabric is used, on which a coating is applied that will prevent the fabric from getting wet. Drops of water falling on such material simply roll down.

The disadvantage of this option is that the impregnation tends to be washed off during the washing process. That is, after washing a thing several times, you can end up with an ordinary raincoat that practically does not protect against moisture. Of course, you can buy a special product in spray cans, and periodically renew the water-repellent coating, but this process is quite painstaking.

The second type of fabric used for sewing raincoats is waterproof fabrics. It was this fabric that was invented by Charles Mackintosh, who impregnated ordinary dense fabrics with molten rubber. The main disadvantage of rubberized fabrics is that they do not let in not only moisture, but also air. Therefore, mackintosh raincoats are rather uncomfortable to wear.

Modern raincoats are sewn from synthetic and membrane materials. They do not allow moisture to pass through, protect from the wind, but are able to provide normal air exchange.

Types of materials from which raincoats are made today:

  • Nylon. Practical and inexpensive synthetic material, ideal for sewing raincoats. The material is thin, so when folded, the nylon raincoat practically does not take up space.
  • Polyethylene. The usual polyethylene film perfectly protects from a rain. It is lightweight and inexpensive. Therefore, it is often used to make disposable raincoats. A plastic raincoat costs quite inexpensively, takes up little space, so the packaging can be carried in a bag in case of rain.

  • rubberized fabrics. A heavy rubberized raincoat is a model for a country holiday and a tourist clothing option. They are bought with pleasure by fishermen, hunters, hikers.
  • Membrane fabrics. This is an excellent choice of fabric from a raincoat, the fabric not only protects from rain, but also allows air to pass through, so a waterproof membrane raincoat is a model in which you can spend the whole day without feeling uncomfortable.
  • Silicone. Silicone transparent raincoat looks very unusual, in addition, it performs its function perfectly, protecting from the rain.
  • Vinyl. A bright vinyl raincoat will not only protect you from moisture, but also make your look interesting and memorable. The material is easy to care for, practical and inexpensive.
  • Bologna. Raincoats and raincoats from Bologna were incredibly popular in the 70s of the last century. A modern Bolognese raincoat looks different than raincoats that were fashionable 40 years ago. If earlier bologna raincoats were made mainly in a discreet and non-marking color, today manufacturers offer bright models. Including the effect of «metallic».

To ensure complete waterproofness, the seams in raincoats are not stitched, but glued. Otherwise, needle holes will remain on the material.


The choice of models of raincoats is quite wide. You can choose a traditional model that resembles a cape or choose an original version. What models are popular today?


This is a very convenient option, because it can be worn over any clothing, including over a voluminous jacket. In addition, this style is ideal for girls with any physique. The wide cut does not constrain movements and does not create other inconveniences.

Poncho raincoats are made from different materials — from polyethylene, vinyl, rubberized fabrics. The color and length of the poncho may be different. Most often, ponchos do not have fasteners and are worn over the head, but there are options for plastic buttons or Velcro.

Even though poncho raincoats have a wide cut, you need to choose them by size. A raincoat that is too short and narrow will not be able to protect you from the rain, and a model that is too wide is extremely uncomfortable to wear.

Straight silhouette

This option can also be called universal, as it will look good on any figure. But such a raincoat is more suitable for summer or early autumn, since in order to pull a raincoat of a straight silhouette over a voluminous jacket, you will have to buy a raincoat several sizes larger.
But on the other hand, straight raincoats look quite elegant, they are great for wearing with business attire.


Fitted raincoats look very feminine, but this option is only suitable for girls with a good figure. In addition, such a raincoat can only be understood over tight-fitting clothing, so this is also an exclusively summer option.

Raincoat jacket

In style, such a raincoat differs little from a conventional windbreaker. But if you look closely, the appearance of the fabric will immediately «give out» the true purpose of the model. This version of the raincoat will look best with jeans or shorts.


Models differ not only in cut, but also in length. You can buy an ankle-length raincoat, a midi version or a very short raincoat.


Functional long raincoat is able to provide maximum protection from the rain. Especially if you wear it with rubber boots. Long models may resemble capes, but the option with a belt will look much better. Ankle-length raincoats usually have zippers, as it is inconvenient to put them on over your head.

To the middle of the calf

This version of the raincoat is very popular, as the figure in it will look much more feminine. And if you put on high rubber boots for such a raincoat, then protection against moisture will be maximum. You can choose a raincoat in a straight or A-line silhouette with or without a belt.


A raincoat above the knee is ideal for summer or warm autumn days. It is worth wearing such a raincoat with tight-fitting clothes, for example, with skinny jeans. You can wear a short raincoat with a tight skirt or shorts.


Cloak details can be functional and decorative. Most often, a raincoat is made with a hood. This detail will protect your head from the rain, keeping your hair style. And this means that you can do without an umbrella. Raincoat hoods may vary. The most functional option is with a drawstring along the edge, such a hood can be pulled off along the edge, providing a snug fit.

Hoods with a visor are convenient, as this detail protects the face from splashes. There are also funny options, for example, hoods «with ears» or with a bright edging around the edge.

When choosing a model, you should pay attention to the clasp. The greatest degree of protection will be provided by a one-piece raincoat without a fastener, however, this option is far from always convenient. Putting on and especially taking off a wet raincoat that does not have fasteners is not very convenient.

Therefore, models with a clasp are more popular. The raincoats with zippers are very convenient, as they are easy to unzip and fasten. In addition, this fastening option is the best protection against rain and gusts of wind.

But you can also choose the option on the buttons made of plastic. This clasp is quite comfortable and functional. The velcro version is usually intended for children, but there are also women’s raincoats with this type of closure.

A practical detail is the presence of a gathering at the bottom of the sleeve, as it reduces the risk of moisture penetrating under the raincoat. Another functional detail is pockets, which, as you know, are never redundant. But given the purpose of the raincoat, it is worth choosing models in which the pockets are equipped with valves, this will protect their contents from getting wet.


You can choose a raincoat of any color, but there are still shades that are the most popular. Most girls prefer to choose bright models, because in dull rainy weather, such models will help cheer you up.

solar shades

A yellow or orange raincoat will be an actual solution, as these colors remind you of the bright summer sun, which is so lacking in rainy weather. Such a bright raincoat will help you stand out from the crowd and attract attention.

Who is this coat suitable for? First of all, brunettes. Dark-haired girls can choose any shade of yellow from piercing lemon to noble gold. Neon yellow will suit girls with any shade of hair, provided that they have tanned skin. For pale skin, neon yellow will give a sickly hue. Calm sand and mustard shades are considered universal.

water color

A laconic blue cloak is the choice of elegant women who prefer not to stand out from the crowd with bright looks. However, everything will depend on the shade. So, a dark blue raincoat looks strict and discreet, and a bright cornflower blue one looks fun and provocatively.

A blue raincoat will suit everyone without exception. You can choose a shade of this color for both blondes and brunettes. But bright blue shades on redheads are especially good.

fire color

Choosing a red raincoat is for girls who prefer to be the center of attention. Juicy shades of color will stand out from the boring crowd.
Bright shades of red look spectacular on dark-haired, while blondes and redheads are better off choosing more muted tones of color.

rose color

A feminine pink raincoat will look good on girls of all ages. Young women of fashion can choose models of a bright shade of pink, ladies of an elegant age will prefer more delicate and light colors.


Of course, black is very practical, however, a raincoat of this color is rarely chosen for wearing in the city. But for country trips or for fishing trips — this is a suitable option.


The current solution is a completely transparent raincoat made of silicone or vinyl. This model is good because it not only protects from rain, but also does not hide the clothes worn under the raincoat. Fully transparent models, most often, have a bright edging finish that emphasizes all the details of the ensemble. In addition, there are also transparent tinted models, they can have any shade.


Often, raincoats are decorated with a print, moreover, the base can be both transparent and colored. The most relevant is the floral print, but geometry never goes out of fashion — polka dot pattern, zigzags, check, etc.

Unusual solutions

They produce raincoats and unusual colors. For example, raincoats with a metallic effect or models with holographic effects. A very practical solution is raincoats with reflective piping or stripes. Such models will provide greater safety when crossing roads, as visibility deteriorates in rainy weather.

How to wear?

It is necessary to create images with a raincoat, taking into account where you plan to wear a raincoat. In urban conditions in the summer, you can throw a raincoat over any summer outfit — a laconic dress, a set of light trousers and a T-shirt, or any other clothing option.

In autumn, it is worth wearing raincoats in combination with skinny jeans and trousers. The upper part of the ensemble can be represented by a sweater, shirt or even a jacket.

The most suitable shoes to wear with a raincoat are rubber boots. Some models of raincoats are sold complete with such boots. And since the raincoat and boots in this set have a similar design, the ensemble looks very stylish. Boots can be chosen high — to the knee, this option will look good with short raincoats. If you have chosen a long raincoat, then it is better to pick up cropped boots — up to the middle of the calf or just above the ankle.

In summer, walking in rubber boots is not very pleasant even in rainy weather, so you should choose other shoes. It can be sandals or ballet flats made of silicone. Such shoes look very original, but they are not intended for constant wear, since silicone does not allow air to pass through.

It is convenient to wear sandals or high platform shoes in the rain, this type of sole will protect your feet from dampness, of course, if you do not walk through deep puddles.

Additional accessories to the image with a raincoat are not required. If the raincoat has a loose fit, then a small handbag can be worn under it to prevent its contents from getting wet.

How to choose?

To answer the question of how to choose a good raincoat, you first need to decide what this wardrobe item is bought for.

If you buy a raincoat in case you “forgot your umbrella at home”, then you can buy a cheap raincoat made of polyethylene. Put the package in your purse, it will not take up space, and if necessary, it will help you a lot if you unexpectedly get caught in the rain. This option is ideal for a one-time trip out of town.

If you do not like umbrellas, and your work is connected with moving around the city, or you like country picnics, then it makes sense to purchase a more expensive raincoat made of nylon, membrane, vinyl or silicone. Be sure to choose models with a hood, but the style and design can be selected to your taste. The most versatile solution is the poncho cape, which can be worn over any suit. Such a raincoat costs much more than polyethylene capes, but they will also last much longer. In addition, such raincoats look much more presentable than plain polyethylene raincoats. They will not only protect from the weather, but also help create an attractive image.

But for those who love fishing or hiking, you should think about the need to purchase a raincoat made of rubberized fabric. You can’t vilify such a model in a purse, but it will be able to provide maximum protection against precipitation and wind, even if you have to spend several hours in the rain.

Stylish images

Here are some examples of successful bows, complemented by raincoats.

  • Summer youth image. For protection from the warm summer rain, choose a midi-length transparent raincoat with black piping. Model of a straight silhouette with unusual flared sleeves. This raincoat model will perfectly complement a sporty youth look, which includes denim shorts, a simple white tank top with wide straps and black and white sneakers with hidden wedges. The image will turn out discreet, but very stylish. If you want to make it brighter, you can replace black shoes with a bright model, for example, red sneakers.
  • Romantic urban image. Let’s choose an A-line raincoat made of nylon. The model is blue with white polka dots, the length of the raincoat reaches the knees. This cloak will look good with a navy blue sheath dress slightly above the knee. The image will be complemented by gray platform sandals and jewelry on a long chain.

  • A bright option for a walk in the autumn park. We put on a black dress of a semi-adjacent knee-length silhouette and a bright red fitted raincoat with a belt. Matte tight black tights and red mid-calf-length rubber boots will complement the look.
  • Youth autumn image. An extravagant bright blue PU raincoat with a glossy lacquered surface looks very attractive. The model is decorated with large patch pockets with flaps, sea-green zipper. The lining of the hood and flaps of the pockets is the same color. For such a bright raincoat, you should choose neutral clothes. For example, a melange gray straight skirt above the knee and a white sweater. Black tight tights and black ankle boots on a white polyurethane platform with a pronounced relief will complement the ensemble.


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