Women’s suede jacket: modern designs for every season

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Fur and leather products were revered by beautiful ladies at all times. And among them, the women’s suede jacket is not the last. Due to the special texture of the material from which it is created, designers offer many models that can easily fit into a variety of stylistic images.

Distinctive features

Women’s suede jacket has not lost its popularity among the fair sex for more than half a century. Initially, its style was an elongated jacket, picked up by a belt and so similar to safari-style jackets. But over time, designers and fashion trends have made significant changes to this model.

Now the style of women’s suede jackets, judging by the photo of the lookbooks of fashion houses. And such an outerwear item can take the form of leather jackets, stylized jackets with zippers, pilot jackets, and even a peculiar execution of a severe duffle coat, in which fang-shaped buttons are fastened with an openwork, almost airy loop. All these solutions were made possible not only by soft and supple suede, but also by combining it with other materials.

Often, suede, as the main fabric for tailoring, can be complemented by other materials. In this case, we are talking about fur, which is used not only to create a spectacular trim on the collar and cuffs, but also to line the inside of the product with them. In addition, dense fabric inserts, decorated with exquisite embroidery, both with threads and beads, are quite common. Continuing the theme of decoration, we should not forget about the current trend of metal spikes and rivets that can radically change a suede jacket.

As for the color palette, the beige-brown range is considered the absolute leader in it. But at the same time, designers do not refuse other shades: black, blue, red, green, orange and yellow models are widely represented in fashion collections. Dual combinations are also quite common, built on both contrasting and similar shades. In addition, it is on a suede jacket that the now so common floral print looks most feminine, followed by an animalistic pattern.

Rules for choosing and leaving

The richness of the presented styles and their fabric and color solutions raises the question for beautiful ladies: how to choose the right model for such a jacket? Stylists in this case recommend paying attention to two important factors — style and color.

Regardless of body type, beautiful ladies should remember that soft suede adds extra volume to the silhouette. And therefore, when choosing your model, you should give preference to the most adjacent model, even if a winter women’s suede jacket with fur was chosen.

As for the color, in this case the practical same principle applies as for the cut: the lighter the shade, the more volume the jacket can give to the figure. In addition, it is worth remembering that dyed suede in jackets may fade over time. But this is the case if this item of clothing is not properly cared for.

In fact, caring for a suede jacket is quite simple. After purchasing, remove industrial dust from it with an alcohol wipe, comb the surface with a special brush and treat with a protective spray in accordance with the instructions attached to it. In the process of wearing, if the jacket is dirty, it is cleaned by hand washing in soapy water. After that, the jacket is rinsed with running water and the water is allowed to drain, placing the product on a hanger. But still, it is preferable to entrust the cleaning of a suede jacket to professionals.

Stylish combinations

There are a great many options for what to wear with the item of clothing in question. For example, the most common combination is to complete it with tight trousers or jeans and a loose blouse. But the image will turn out to be rather boring without the use of accessories. These can be safely attributed to voluminous scarves or stoles, massive pendants or medallions. But still there are much more interesting combinations.

For example, unisex. To do this, choose a safari style and complement it with a button-down cardigan, a shirt and a thin tie. Semi-tight trousers, oxfords and a messenger bag will help to complete the look.

To give an image with a suede jacket the charm of perky youth, it will help to complete it with a denim shirt and a tulip-cut miniskirt, decorated with an ethnic print in the same color palette with the jacket. Shoes for this set are best chosen with low heels or a platform, for example, Cossacks or suede ankle boots.

Dresses and skirts made of multi-layered, translucent material, such as chiffon, look great with such a jacket. However, for those ladies who prefer dense, shape-holding fabrics, stylists recommend turning to hem styles in the form of a “balloon” or “tulip”. But in both considered cases, high-heeled shoes and the most feminine styles of bags, for example, clutches or mini-bags with a long strap, should complete the look.

Bring some cowboy style to the urban look with a western-inspired suede jacket embellished with traditional fringes. But instead of the usual jeans, shirts and cossacks, it is worth complementing it with denim overalls, a delicate, pastel shade of a turtleneck and pointed shoes with flat soles or low heels. To put the final chord in the ensemble will help a mini-handbag, repeating the shade of the jacket. However, this style can be presented in a more daring way. For him, the jacket is complemented by a T-shirt with a bright image or an inscription, ripped jeans and, of course, massive jewelry made in the best directions of boho style.

The presented images are only a small part of what a beautiful lady can look like by choosing the right women’s suede jacket for herself. And that is why stylists strongly recommend including this item in your demi-season wardrobe.


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