Women’s winter trousers (63 photos): classic, sports, fleece or synthetic winterizer

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Women’s winter trousers are a stylish piece of clothing that fits perfectly into any composition. To look attractive and fashionable, you should choose the right size and style of such a product. Moreover, today designers offer a huge number of interesting options.

Current models of winter trousers

Today, fashion designers offer many relevant options for such clothing. To choose the best model for winter, you should take into account the features of your figure.


Such products never lose their popularity. Today on sale you can find a large number of insulated trousers in a classic style. Such models have arrows that make the bow more elegant and status.

To create a laconic office look, such models should be combined with a jacket. To get a casual composition, you can add bright details — for example, a beautiful belt.

Plus size trousers are suitable for full girls. The designer collections include everyday products and classic styles. When choosing a specific model of jeans or trousers, dark products should be preferred. Light-colored pants can make your legs look fuller.


These trousers have migrated the winter wardrobe from the summer. They have the same style. However, as the main material, designers use warm fabrics made in muted colors.

The fashion collections feature interesting pieces that are three-quarters or seven-eighths long. In this case, the trousers do not completely cover the legs, so they should definitely be supplemented with warm tights. In terms of color, they should be as close as possible to the skin tone.

Attention! Cropped trousers can visually shorten the legs. That is why it is so important to complement them with high-heeled shoes.


Such models are perfect for owners of full legs. This style will hide figure flaws and make the silhouette smoother. In the collections of well-known brands, a variety of options for wide trousers are presented. Such clothes almost completely hide the shoes.

Since winter pants can be made from a variety of materials, when choosing a thinner fabric, you should give preference to shoes without a high top. Such models can ruin the entire bow.

Flared trousers

This style has maintained its position for many years. With the help of these trousers, you can get an interesting ensemble in retro style, which, of course, will appeal to many girls.

These trousers are perfectly combined with ankle boots, decorated with an unusual pattern. No less successful addition to this outfit will be massive sneakers.

Low waist

Such models are ideal for owners of an impeccable figure. Moreover, fashion designers offer quite a few options for this clothing — classic trousers, jeans, models in a sports style. To look attractive, you should pick up accessories in the form of shoes with heels, wedges or stilettos.


Such models easily fit into any bow. In harem pants, every girl can look more mysterious, like all oriental beauties.

In this case, you should definitely take into account that such trousers are able to visually shorten the legs. To make the image more harmonious, it must be supplemented with heeled shoes. In these trousers, all women can feel very comfortable.

riding breeches

These trousers are somewhat reminiscent of male models. They are very popular and go well with trendy jackets and trendy tops. Such products have a slightly narrowed bottom, which allows you to create stylish images.

They look equally good on vacation and in the office. To make the bow more interesting, it is worth finishing it with high-top shoes.

Padded leggings

For such models, a tight-fitting cut is characteristic. Winter leggings are ideal for owners of slender legs. They allow you to look more elegant and sophisticated.

Insulated leggings have a fur or flannelette lining. This option is perfect for all girls for everyday use.

Warm jeans

Such models are popular throughout the year. Warm jeans are most often complemented by a fleece lining. In combination with a dense material, this insulation reliably protects from the cold.

Insulated models can be presented in the classic version. Skinny jeans and high-waisted jeans are very popular.


This option provides amazing comfort. These pants have a loose fit. They are made of dense tarpaulin or bologna. Cargo pants are characterized by the presence of many roomy pockets.

In the latest designer collections, you can find interesting tight-fitting models for women. Winter models have a protective coloring, which provides comfort during the slush period. The actual color options include burgundy, khaki, brown. Cargo is often complemented with an elastic band at the waist or laces in the form of ties.

Quilted trousers

One of the most popular options are products that are complemented by quilted stitching. Such an element most often complements waterproof trousers on a synthetic winterizer. In this case, the pattern not only performs decorative functions, but also provides a uniform distribution of insulation.

Pant skirt

One of the most attractive options can be considered a wide skirt-pants. Insulated models are made of soft materials — fine wool or knitwear. Thanks to these trousers, every woman can look feminine and attractive.

Military trousers

The current version of such clothes are military-style trousers. A distinctive feature of this clothing is a practical style. Products most often have a straight cut and are made of protective fabric. They are often complemented by roomy pockets.

Legs are tightened with laces or cuffs. A characteristic feature of this style is a camouflage print. This solution is also suitable for waterproof models. They are presented in the form of winter trousers, complemented by a padding polyester.

Sports ski models

These products are ideal for outdoor activities. Warm sports pants have many advantages:

  • are made from quality fabrics;
  • perfectly warm even in the most severe frosts;
  • do not let cool air through;
  • remove excess moisture.

The ski trousers are distinguished by thoughtful details. They are made with various pockets and locks. In addition, these products are characterized by a comfortable fit, as they are supplemented with Velcro.


In the arsenal of this brand there are stylish sports trousers that are suitable for active girls. Pants Adidas reliably protect from the cold and please with bright colors.


This brand offers fashionistas a variety of products — from dense fleece and bologna fabric. A special cut helps to emphasize the beauty of women’s legs and hide small figure flaws.

fashion materials

Today, designers offer fashionistas a variety of options for winter clothing. The range of well-known brands includes woolen, fleece and even leather models.


This material is very popular. It is used as a lining or main fabric of trousers. The advantage of products on fleece is excellent thermoregulating characteristics and the ability to remove moisture.

Baloney on synthetic winterizer

These trousers are considered the warmest. Balloon models are lightweight, but they are able to give the figure some volume. Pants with synthetic winterizer are ideal for skiing and active wear.

On fur

Such products are a real trend. Most often, designers use fur as a heater for knitwear. The result is a very stylish and comfortable bow.


Such models are also very popular. To look more attractive, you can pick up woolen trousers, decorated with various patterns and prints.


Pants can be made from genuine leather or a substitute. Wide products will easily fit into any bow, making it more daring. Fitted products are perfect for fashionistas.


This is a current trend that occupies a leading position in modern fashion. Today, straight and flared products are popular. It is also quite possible to afford tight-fitting models.

fashion images

Winter pants can be called perhaps the most versatile piece of clothing. This thing can be combined with elongated coats and cropped down jackets. Skinny models look great with oversized clothes. They can be safely complemented with voluminous knitted accessories.

Attention! Loose and wide trousers are much better combined with a neat and short top. They should be combined with clothes that have a fitted style.

The most interesting options include the following:

  • Sports look. Winter sports trousers will perfectly fit into such a bow. To create an urban composition, you can choose additions in the form of a down jacket or a sheepskin coat. Shoes are suitable for uggs or boots. For outdoor activities, you should pick up a sports jacket and warm sneakers.
  • Casual Ensemble. To get this look, you should choose leggings, jeans or corduroy trousers. They can be safely combined with a parka or down jacket. Uggs or dutiks are suitable for shoes. Sports models, coats, knitted accessories will perfectly fit into the modern style.
  • Laconic composition. Classic wool trousers go well with an elegant fur coat or a formal coat. Such a bow will organically complement stilettos or wedges. You should tie a scarf around your neck or wear a laconic scarf.

Properly selected winter trousers allow you to create a stylish look and look just amazing. It is important to take into account the features of your figure and many other features. When in doubt, you should familiarize yourself with the main recommendations of stylists.


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