Wool cardigan: 34 best models and stylish combinations

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The most practical and comfortable item of women’s wardrobe is a woolen cardigan, which reliably protects from the cold and adds sophistication to the image. Warm, soft, comfortable and pleasant to the touch, the product perfectly holds its shape and visually corrects the silhouette. Woolen things serve for a long time and reliably, allow you to create attractive bows and fashionable looks.. Knitted patterns are made from wool with the addition of synthetic threads that increase the resistance of products to mechanical stress and deformation.

Material Features

Wool is sheep’s, goat’s or camel’s collected hair, which is processed into high quality yarn. Often, threads of synthetic origin are added to it — polyester, lycra, acrylic or natural fibers from cotton, silk and viscose. For the manufacture of clothing, short, curly and extra-fine wool is used. A practical women’s wool cardigan is knitted from mixed yarn and used at any time of the year.

In summer, samples are worn made of thin linen, including cotton, wool and silk threads.and. Openwork products look very elegant and elegant. In winter, a knitted jacket made from a mixture of mohair, cashmere, wool and acrylic is in demand. Thick jackets with braids, plaits, patterns in the form of cones, stars or leaves not only provide comfort and protection from the cold, but also add elegance and originality to the female image.

Who are suitable?

Regardless of the features of the figure and color type of appearance, jackets are suitable for women of any age. The best choice for full ladies would be a long woolen cardigan that models the figure and visually reduces the size of the silhouette. Such a product adds presentability and luxury to the female image, decorates, transforms and radically changes the style.

For a festive event, an openwork product on the floor, decorated with lace inserts, is suitable. A street look will allow you to create medium-length jackets with fur pockets, suitable for women of any build. Young people prefer short models with zippers or buttons, which will emphasize the best aspects of the appearance and dignity of the figure.


Cardigans differ not only in length, but also in shape and method of execution. Business women choose sleeveless designs with small pockets, which are suitable for formal and cultural events. Sports youth prefer models with a hood and leather sleeves. Asymmetrical patterns are useful for creating a street look, and boho lovers welcome long models with fringed batwing sleeves.


  • Cascading cardigans with long sleeves without buttons.
  • Loose-fitting Chanel-style jackets with round neckline.
  • Samples with an asymmetrical hem and three-quarter sleeves at the waist.
  • Thick Lalo-inspired pieces with braids and color gradients.
  • Wrap pattern with long sleeves.
  • Sports models with a zip with kangaroo pockets and a hood.
  • Samples of medium length on a clasp in the form of a brooch, pin or clip.

If you want to add a slender silhouette, check out the buttonless model with vertical sides that enhance the visual effect of a slim figure.. A mid-length jacket will emphasize the seductive curves of the hips, and a shortened sample will draw attention to slender legs, toned buttocks and high breasts. Will bring expression to the image of the product on the floor with fur pockets and a scarf. The style will be accentuated by a loose-fitting cropped jacket with golden trim, and the most practical winter outfit is a warm, large-knit button-down cardigan with long sleeves and a lined hood.


A wide range of models allows you to choose a sample for any weather and event. For a walk, you can wear a warm woolen cardigan, which will not only reliably protect you from the cold, but also add a special zest to the style and female image. The woolen cloth provides excellent air exchange, optimum temperature condition and the maximum comfort at operation. For a business meeting, it is better to choose a cropped jacket with beautiful leather trim.

The most practical clothing option for everyday wear, work or study will be a knitted pattern with a zipper, belt or fashionable metal clasp. For a festive or cultural event, a woolen cardigan with fox, arctic fox, rabbit or mink fur is useful. Depending on the taste and fashion preferences, you can choose products with fur pockets, sleeves, collars, inserts on the shoulders.

Care rules

Today, woolen cardigans are very popular among young people and older women. These are practical and comfortable products that provide reliable protection from cold and wind. If you properly care for things, they retain their novelty and original appearance for a long time.

Woolen products should be washed by hand at a temperature of 28-30 ° C, without using detergents with bleaches. Do not twist things, but only slightly wring out, and then dry in a straightened form on a flat surface. Iron only with a humidifier, if necessary, since woolen items practically do not wrinkle.


The variety of colors allows you to choose bright, catchy festive models or formal and business samples of discreet tones.. In the off-season, you can use products of muted shades. Useful gray, purple, blue, turquoise, brown cardigan, as well as in a cage or with a geometric pattern. In winter, they wear black, chocolate, dark gray cardigans with multi-colored patterns or abstractions. Summer patterns are made from fine yarn in bright and catchy colors. An openwork pink cardigan with white lace inserts, yellow-blue items with floral patterns looks beautiful.

Multi-colored long jackets made of fine yarn are a worthy option for a festive event.. Three-color models in the style of Lalo conquered the female audience and are widely used in everyday life, they are worn on walks, going to cinemas and shopping centers, at presentations. For cultural events, a melange jacket is useful, and for work, you can wear a green or blue pattern.

Combination methods

When creating fashionable bows, first of all, it is necessary to take into account their purpose and select the elements of the ensemble according to style and color. If you want to create an elegant ensemble, pay attention to the sample in the floor, which is distinguished by sophistication and luxury.. Add a smart lurex top and a sundress or gabardine pencil skirt and you will create an original and inimitable female look. For a casual bow, elongated jackets with buttons or a clasp, combined with jeans or straight trousers, will come in handy. Urban «grunge» will allow you to create woolen cardigans in tandem with a fitted knit dress, an elegant leather skirt and a silk blouse.

How and with what to wear summer openwork samples of fine yarn? You can wear a cropped cardigan with a miniskirt or jeans, a knitted top or a satin blouse with a deep neckline. Sports girls prefer to combine light jackets with shorts and an asymmetrical cotton T-shirt. Winter jackets are compatible with padded skirts, woolen dresses and straight trousers.

Shoes and accessories

If you are going for a walk or a country holiday, you can wear a cardigan with sneakers or moccasins. Loafers, slip-ons, closed shoes are useful for work and study. An elegant ensemble will be complemented by ankle boots, over the knee boots, leather boots with fur trim. Summer openwork items are perfectly combined with stiletto sandals, lace boots. High-heeled shoes will add height to the figure, and shoe samples with flat running or comfortable soles will provide convenience.

As accessories, you can use jewelry, stylish jewelry made of natural stone or wood. Silver earrings, a chain, a necklace, a gold ring will adorn any woman. A neckerchief or a transparent scarf will emphasize the individuality, and glasses, a bracelet or a watch will become the main accent of the style. You can use an exquisite clutch, elegant handbag on a chain. Every detail matters and influences the formation of a female image, therefore, when drawing up a fashionable bow, it is necessary to think through everything to the smallest detail.


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