5 urban backpacks with a laptop compartment — convenient and safe!

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5 urban backpacks with a laptop compartment - convenient and safe!

Today, when technology rules the world, a portable computer is indispensable. Even a small laptop is much more convenient to carry behind your back — your hands remain free. Backpacks with a special compartment for a laptop and tablet are designed to ensure comfortable transportation. Products with capacious, securely closing pockets are made of quality materials and correctly redistribute the weight. We offer you a selection of popular models for every taste: women’s and men’s, youth and sports.

1. Women’s backpack RD-754-3

Women's backpack RD-754-3_2_2.jpg

This model, of course, will find its fans among girls who combine study, work and sports. From what immediately catches the eye: a nice color scheme, a simple but stylish design, dense high-quality material, which, by the way, does not get wet. The backpack does not disappoint even with a closer “acquaintance”. It holds its shape well thanks to the reinforced back.

Women who want to buy a backpack with a laptop compartment will like this model for its functionality, spaciousness and an excellent choice of trendy colors. Inside there are two large compartments, a pocket for pens and pencils and another one with a zipper for a phone or wallet. In the laptop compartment, fragile equipment is reliably protected from damage. She is not afraid of crowds in public transport and even an accidental fall of the hostess of a backpack on a sidewalk slippery from ice.

At the top of the product there is a pocket for quick access. The soft handle and ergonomic shoulder straps add comfort when wearing. To make the model fit perfectly on the figure, it has a chest tie-lock.

2. Sports backpack RU-708-2

Sports backpack RU-708-2_1_2.jpg

Cool mint, cheerful red, neutral gray, strict black — three different colors of a wonderful model for lovers of an active lifestyle. The modern design and water-repellent coating make sure that these backpacks with a laptop pocket will be appropriate anywhere: on city streets, on a hike and on a business trip. Take a close look at how spacious it is. There is not the slightest doubt that in addition to a laptop and a tablet, there is a place in it for a charger, headphones and a huge number of little things necessary for work and leisure. Especially considering the fact that in addition to two internal compartments and pockets, it has two additional zippered pockets on the front and two mesh drinks pockets on the sides.

Some people might find this bag too heavy, but it’s not. A rigid back with orthopedic properties, wide shoulder straps and a soft reinforced handle are the key to comfortable use.

3. Youth backpack RU-705-1

Youth backpack RU-705-1_1_2 .jpg

A cool model for use in a big city: compact, lightweight, equally suitable for women, men, teenagers. Bright and stylish backpack has one large compartment with an internal pocket for a laptop. No inconvenience to the back thanks to the anatomical straps. The total volume of the backpack is small — a little more than 10 liters. Nevertheless, it is quite roomy due to the pockets on the front and back walls. The glossy tarpaulin from which this model is made is extremely durable, impermeable to moisture, and holds print and screen printing very well. Of the other pluses: strong zippers and modest dimensions, corresponding to the parameters of hand luggage for any type of public transport.

Even if a lot of tests fall on this backpack, it will not let you down, and the laptop in its “womb” will feel completely safe. Vandal-resistant fabric and reliable fittings are designed for long and intensive use.

4. Youth urban backpack RU-700-4

Youth backpack RU-700-4_2_2.jpg

A modern classic adapted to the needs of young and active users. The apparent minimalism of the model is actually deceptive, because the backpack clearly claims leadership in terms of compartments, organizer cases and pockets where you can fit a huge number of necessary little things. An internal reinforced pocket for a laptop is protected on one side by an anatomical back, on the other — by a dense partition. It opens separately and provides quick access to a laptop, which is very convenient, for example, during customs inspection.

The model is available in three colors: gray, black and blue. It has a comfortable design, guarantees a comfortable position on the back thanks to the tie-lock. Pay attention to the features of the cut and how the zippers are sewn in: compartments and pockets open very wide so that you can get the right thing quickly.

5. Men’s backpack RU-700-3

Men's backpack RU-700-3_2_2.jpg

An ergonomic, thought out to the smallest detail model of brutal black color is what a real man needs. The backpack is made of nylon, a material that is easy to wash and dries quickly. Considerable dimensions and impressive volume (28 l) make it the choice of people who value practicality. Students, office workers, people of creative professions will surely appreciate the fact that in addition to a 14-15-inch laptop, it can fit documents, wallets, pens and pencils, textbooks and business folders with documents. For these purposes, the model is equipped with several internal and external pockets.

Strict design and color allows the backpack to organically fit into a sporty and office look, with the exception of a strict business suit. The model is not inferior in quality to products of famous foreign brands.

Buying a comfortable backpack with a laptop compartment becomes even more relevant on the eve of the holiday season. Each of the models described above «with a bang» copes with its main task — the careful transportation of electronic gadgets.

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