Accessories from Alla Balagura: reveal your own individuality

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Just as an expensive and rare picture without a frame does not have a finished look, so the image of a beautiful woman can be incomplete — and sometimes it depends on the little things. Details are often worth giving more importance than is usually given. A well-chosen accessory «reveals» the individuality of the owner, makes her beauty, like a precious stone, play with all its facets.

The really successful accessories today are those that no one but you has. If once jewelry, sunglasses, a handbag could be “fashionable”, now they simply have to be non-standard, exclusive, and therefore emphasize the uniqueness of the person who wears them. It is not surprising, therefore, that unique author’s products are in incredible demand today, and many are willing to pay big money for them, which they usually cost. Accessories made in a «piece», a single edition — it is always a personal idea, the inspiration of a talented person, coupled with hard work. Such a person is the designer Alla Balagura. She is only 27 years old, but she has already become a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, as well as the Union of Designers of Russia. Her articles are published on the most famous sites dedicated to fashion and style, she is interviewed by online publications, fans of her work are constantly at a loss with the choice of accessories — they want to have EVERYTHING that she releases. Exclusive leather bracelets balagura are incredibly popular. Even while studying at the university, Alla Balagura created her first collection of bags and accessories and registered the balagura trademark, and since then she has been doing what she loves, which (obviously) has become a vocation.

Accessories from balagura have already become loved and recognized by modern women. Some of them are real luxury items, and to have something like this means to be one and only in its kind, unlike everyone else. Bags, bracelets, belts made by a team led by Alla Balagur are exclusive goods, nothing like this is sold in any store in Moscow. The secret of their amazing success lies in the unique technology used by the designer. Alla’s narrow specialization is a dessinator, she creates patterns on things by projecting a pattern onto a fabric. Leather, suede, fur, designer accessories become elite accessories in the hands of masters. In this case, fragments of products can be images from Russian folklore, «cartoon» pictures, lace, beads, Swarovski rivets — an unusual combination of all this with basic materials creates the uniqueness of the product and more and more distinguishes the name of Alla Balagura from all the others. Her work is not to be confused with anything else. You can see these products on Alla’s website, in the author’s LiveJournal, in bags and accessories stores, as well as on many thematic resources where novelties of the fashion world are discussed.

Many accessories from Alla Balagura are produced in a single copy. So it was, for example, with a collection of bags made of genuine leather, decorated with hand-painted. Khokhloma, Zhostovo, Gorodets, Volkhon paintings on modern handmade leather bags created a unique effect. Every woman dreams of having such an accessory in her wardrobe. Last year, designer wooden bracelets, decorated with Swarovski crystals, made a splash among fashionistas. In a word, if you really consider yourself a connoisseur of beautiful and unique things, hurry up — it is quite possible that very soon the purchase of accessories from balagura will become the prerogative of very rich people. So quickly and surely this young promising brand is going uphill.

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