At what age are they relevant?

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Any woman, reading this headline, will probably smile: yes, almost from birth! Look: the baby has barely learned to stand on her feet, and on her back she already has a cute plush backpack in the form of a bear or a ladybug. So, from early childhood, an all-consuming and old as the world love of a woman for bags begins.

And therefore, if you are puzzling over what to give to your daughter, younger sister, niece, there is no better option than a handbag. She is always welcome, at any age. The main thing is to choose the right handbag.

We have already mentioned funny children’s backpacks — we just need to add that a suitable girl’s backpack can be chosen for any age. It can be a fairly roomy school bag (necessarily beautifully designed) or a small flirtatious model that will be more convenient for walking. Modern children, as a rule, have a very active and eventful life: sports, various circles and sections, additional classes at school, etc., etc. When you need to move around the city a lot and be in several places during the day, a good backpack is simply indispensable. Many adult girls also think so, and when it comes to children and adolescents, such a model is a win-win option.

Small bags featuring cartoon characters, Barbie dolls, flowers and animals are a good choice for a preschooler or elementary school student. Bags for girls aged 10-12 will be more serious. Around this age, children begin to defend their own individuality with enviable persistence and create some kind of style — in appearance, clothing, behavior. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at the character of the young lady and the style that she adheres to. If we have a little fashionista in front of us, who does not miss the opportunity to experiment with her mother’s cosmetics, we boldly choose some kind of “feminine option” — a classic-shaped bag, preferably with long handles, in delicate colors and with a romantic pattern or embroidery. If on our girl you can more often see jeans than a dress, and baubles for her are cuter than all kinds of rings and bracelets — we need a model that is closer to modern youth bags, over the shoulder. Prints, applications, drawings, embroideries — depending on the interests and passions of the girl.



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