Backpack for the city. Create your image!

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Classifying backpacks by purpose, manufacturers separate the category from urban models. This is a collective term, which covers the widest range — both in design and functionality.


Eco-leather backpack D-172_46Mini backpacks are popular with young girls. Released from matte or patent leather (natural or eco), less often from textiles, products can hardly fit a minimal set of cosmetics, a phone and a notebook. The volume of such a backpack does not exceed 3-5 liters.

DPreschool backpack RS-665-3_1_2Children’s everyday backpacks are also available in mini format. They are soft or with a hard back, in the form of animals, favorite characters, in the form of a small satchel. Such backpacks are sewn from textiles, faux fur, velor, and they are relevant for visiting circles (just fit a set of stationery), entertainment centers (for changing), walking on the site and shopping on the weekends (you can take your favorite toy).

The useful volume of medium and large city backpacks starts from 10 liters. Maximum — 30-40 liters. The most dimensional models in terms of their functionality are not inferior to tourist ones, since they easily fit everything that you need to take with you on a hike — food, change of clothes, and a professional camera with all the paraphernalia.

Medium and large models of backpacks are held in high esteem by students. In products with two or three separate compartments, you can store all your study materials, carry snacks and even a voluminous tube.

Urban backpacks are also popular with office workers. In a dedicated compartment, it is convenient to transport a laptop, a container with a lunch is placed in a patch pocket, and in the main compartment — a phone, A4 papers and books.

Design and decoration

There are no limits in this regard. Backpacks for the city can be absolutely any color and shape.

Women’s models are slightly smaller than men’s. On average, their volume is about 14 liters. They can be bright and fanciful (for the formation of youth bows), sophisticated (for an elegant image of a business woman), trendy (to be combined with everyday casual outfits).

Various patterns are popular — geometric patterns, floral and colorful motifs, cage, melange. Youth backpacks for girls are decorated with “ears”, cool prints and key rings.

Men’s backpacks are more restrained in appearance and large, they primarily focus on practicality and functionality. On average — 21-27 liters. One-color and two-, three-color options are popular. Especially often you can meet men with black, dark blue, gray backpacks in a minimalist style, with contrasting inscriptions and a metal logo of the brand. Youth options for guys are more colorful and decorated with interesting prints.

There are also unisex models. They sit equally well on both male and female backs.

Youth backpack RU-704-1_1 Youth backpack RU-704-3_1 Youth backpack RU-706-1_1

We form a spectacular image

The shape of the backpack is up to you. Some people like canvas backpacks, while others prefer to carry the necessary things in a solid briefcase.

The main thing is to choose the actual coloring, which will be harmoniously woven into the whole image. Wine, brown and green palettes are in fashion this season. Mustard, nude, emerald colors, as well as noble marsala are in favor.

When choosing a model with drawings, pay attention to the background color. It is important that he is “friendly” with the main colors of your basic wardrobe and does not get out of the general style.

How and with what to wear a city backpack

All urban backpacks are designed for everyday use. They are ideal for walking around the city (including cycling), shopping, going to a club.

City backpacks can also be called «universal soldiers», as they are used more widely in life, not only «for the city». They are worn to study, to the gym, take with them on vacation. They are easily combined with down jackets, parkas, demi-season coats and even with a strict business suit.

Unlike highly specialized models, urban ones are simpler. For example, a school bag may contain a built-in pencil case inside, and a backpack for work may contain a separate compartment for a laptop, A4 papers. In a city backpack, these additions are not required, but schoolchildren and businessmen also enjoy wearing it.

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