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medieval handbags for womenNot a single bag in a woman’s wardrobe is just a utopia, isn’t it? But this is today, and once this state of affairs did not surprise anyone, because since women’s bags simply did not exist in nature, they had not yet been invented. And, to be honest, no one has ever invented them on purpose. But bags for carrying money, the prototypes of modern wallets, had already appeared by about the fourteenth century. And they were used by both women and men. But the latter soon replaced them with pockets on clothes, but the beautiful half of humanity to this day cannot imagine life without a convenient and beautiful container for all the necessary little things.

After graceful drawstring bags became an exclusively female prerogative, their gradual evolution began, thanks to which today we have such a wonderful and beloved accessory as a women’s bag. In accordance with the fashion for clothes, small handbags also changed, gradually becoming an indispensable attribute of every lady’s toilet. New materials were used, bags were decorated with beads, lace, glass beads, they could be embroidered or woven. The fantasy of European court fashionistas had no boundaries, and their toilets set the tone for everything else. Of course, women’s handbags quickly ceased to play the role of wallets. They began to put cosmetics, perfumes, handkerchiefs — in a word, all those little things that almost no woman can do without from the moment of their invention.
medieval theme in the collection of bags
Bags in the full sense of the word appeared not so long ago, and until the beginning of the twentieth century, there were mainly miniature handbags. Small, graceful, emphasizing the external lightness and lightness of the fact that their owners belong to the weaker sex. Women’s handbags that were more solid in size appeared around the same time that women began to actively declare that they were equal in everything with men. Around the beginning of the last century, the size of bags and their shape changed — models began to appear in a rigid design, made of leather, of more strict forms than the feminine handbags of past centuries.

Nowadays, of course, it is not necessary to talk about any single trend. Handbags come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and brands. And they pick up bags not at all the way they used to be — in strict accordance with the color of the shoes and the style of the suit. The combination of a bag with the entire appearance of a woman is determined today more by some sixth sense and basic needs than by some rules.

Perhaps only one thing has remained unchanged throughout the history of this accessory. At all times, women’s bags were loved by their owners and created that very unique touch that made the image of a woman complete and unique.

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