Bottega Veneta Italian bags

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The Italian brand Bottega Veneta can safely be called special. Accessories of this brand are not like others, and this is one of the reasons for their incredible popularity. In 2009, a survey was conducted in the United States: wealthy Americans were asked about their tastes in the field of fashion. Products from Bottega Veneta were ranked first in the survey. This choice is explained by the fact that these accessories are not just luxurious in appearance — their luxury also lies in their excellent quality, which allows us to confidently call them almost eternal. It is not a pity to pay a lot of money for them, because they bring joy to the owner, which many times exceeds even the largest sums. And the brand’s products are not very cheap.

Under the Bottega Veneta brand, both garments and a variety of accessories are produced. But the real glory of the brand was brought (and still successfully supported) by the famous woven Italian bags. The path of the founders of Bottega Veneta began in the seventies of the last century. As happened with many other legends of world fashion, the first bags were made in a small workshop, unknown to anyone at that time. And fame came thanks to the unique technique of weaving leather, which was used by Italian craftsmen in the manufacture of bags, and it was she who became the unique difference of the brand from all others.

Intrecciato (translated from Italian into Russian “wicker”) is the name of the technology by which these legendary bags are still created. At the very beginning, the Moltedo family, the spouses Vittorio and Laura, who lived in the Italian city of Vincenza, led the business. The first bag, after the appearance of which the new brand was talked about everywhere, was the so-called Cabat. Thanks to the pattern of leather weaving and two small handles, it looked like a basket, which gave it a special charm. Nobody has done anything like this before, so it is quite clear that the public appreciated the innovation of the creators of this accessory quite quickly.

Since then, the company has continued the path to success gradually, designing and gifting its fans with great Italian bags, as well as other accessories. At the beginning of the 21st century, Bottega Veneta is already part of the Gucci Group, which bought the brand for no less than $60 million. Intensive flourishing of activity occurs after the appearance in the company of designer Thomas Mayer, who came here to the place of creative director in 2001, from Hermes. It is noteworthy that he brought the basic rules of his work to the new team. From now on, this is the main law of the Bottega Veneta brand: the material must be luxurious, the design of the product must be simple, and the technology must be complex. It is this golden rule that is the basis for the production of woven handbags, which many women sigh for. And only thanks to the observance of this rule, the bags turn out exactly the way they are loved all over the world.

With a bag from Bottega Veneta you can see Jennifer Aniston, Rene Zellweger, Pamela Anderson. Women who can afford literally everything financially do not part with these accessories. Why? They are original — therefore, they emphasize the originality of the owner. Beautiful — and perfect for beautiful women. Luxurious — and thus make it clear that their mistress chooses only the best for herself, without exchanging for trifles. It is clear that in this situation, these Italian bags become a great tool for shaping your image. Exactly the image you want to create.

Over time, not only women’s Italian bags have become the brand’s identification mark. Home clothes, shoes made from the skin of exotic animals, bags for laptops — all this is gradually replenished with the assortment of the company. In the company’s team, the term «demi couture» has come to life, characterizing unsurpassed quality. And throughout its activities, the brand has tirelessly continued to confirm the right to apply this definition to its products. However, no one even thought to challenge this right, except, perhaps, competitors. Buyers have long been accustomed to the fact that everything produced under this brand is incomparable.

Italian bags from Bottega Veneta are recognizable due to the unique weaving of leather details. But if you choose from them the “face” of the brand, then it will be, perhaps, Knot — a clutch that is more than thirty years old. Its design is out of fashion, it is always popular. The peculiarity of this Italian handbag is in the form of a fastener, made in the form of a knot. A new variation of the Knot is released every year — different parts of it can be changed, but the traditional clasp is required. It is often with this clutch that Hollywood stars appear at all kinds of award ceremonies and other social events.



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