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Such beautiful and such necessary wallets… Moscow is a huge choice. An amazing and wonderful thing is a wallet. It is not surprising that many women treat it as reverently as their favorite bag, and men like a good briefcase. If you live in a big city, then you probably have the opportunity to choose this accessory slowly, competently — retail chains of megacities offer a huge range of small leather goods. Big and small, men’s and women’s — what kind of wallet to buy?

Moscow and other large cities represent an endless scope for choosing the model that suits you. And often the selection process itself becomes a very exciting experience.

A purse for a woman and a purse for a man are two completely different accessories that are easy to distinguish at a glance. A good women’s wallet necessarily combines elegance and functionality. A prerequisite is the presence of additional compartments designed not only for money, but also for credit cards, business cards, photos and many other little things.

The most popular colors of wallets are black, all shades of brown, gray. However, women’s wallets, unlike men’s, can be brighter — red, mustard, green, in a word, a variety of colors. Although the most popular materials for making expensive wallets are leather and suede, and for not too expensive ones — leatherette, there are exceptions. Especially when it comes to youth fashion wallets. A variety of materials can be used here, for example, youth wallet lines are often made of denim or nylon fabric.

women's wallet

Serious emphasis is now on fittings. Whether it is a fastener, zipper or button, it should look unusual and spectacular. Some models of women’s wallets are decorated with beads, rhinestones, embroidery — it usually looks very beautiful. Buying a wallet with Swarovski crystals, you are buying not only a functional thing, but also a real decoration that will complement even a festive outfit.

Men’s wallets are much stricter, and designers have to work hard to make them interesting and memorable. The individuality of each model consists of a successful selection of material — in terms of quality and color, as well as fittings. The ideal wallet option for a man should be made of genuine leather, since textiles and leatherette look undignified and, like cheap or unkempt shoes, can seriously spoil the image. Very original and beautiful wallets and purses made of reptile skin. The unique natural pattern makes them unique and presentable.

«I’ll buy a wallet!» In what cases do we make such a purchase?

Believe it or not, but there is an opinion that it is absolutely impossible to buy such a thing as a wallet for your loved one. Say, there will be no money. You can only accept a wallet as a gift, and if you are the one who gives, do not forget to invest money in the present.

Of course, this is just a sign, and it is unlikely that anyone will want to deny themselves the pleasure of going and choosing their favorite wallet in the store with their own hands. And if you are one of those who love stylish and functional things — even more so. After all, it is impossible to wait for who knows how long, when someone decides to give you a wallet — this may not happen at all.

buy wallet

«I’ll buy a wallet!» — This decision is made in several cases. Firstly, if the wallet that you used before is pretty worn out, lost its appearance, and getting it out in public is downright inconvenient.

Secondly, you just wanted to buy a new wallet, even if the old one is still in very good condition. It’s a completely understandable desire — after all, you don’t always go around in the same clothes or with a single bag? So there can be several wallets — better than different ones, then it will be possible to select them for a handbag or gloves, alternate them. In addition, buying a wallet is the very pleasant little thing that will cheer you up when you don’t want anything. After all, there are not many accessories!

Thirdly (unfortunately, it is impossible not to mention this sad situation), if your wallet was stolen. Alas, this happens quite often. The incident itself is unpleasant, in addition, the stolen contents usually cause much more regret than the loss of the wallet itself. However, it also happens vice versa — a wallet can cost more than the amount that was in it at the time of the theft.

Fourth, if we are talking about a gift — we already mentioned this at the beginning of our article. If you decide to give someone a nice gift, a wallet is a great option. True, here in no case should we forget that this thing is from the category of those that simply cannot be cheap. Buying a cheap wallet or purse as a gift is a frank bad manners. Therefore, if at the moment you are in tight financial circumstances, or the person to whom the gift is intended is not close enough to you to give him something expensive, it is better to reconsider your decision. A good book, a cosmetic set, a beautiful diary — these are gifts that will not cost too much, but will leave no less pleasant impression. Which will definitely not happen in the case of a cheap wallet.

Black, brown, red wallet… Where did you come from?

In fact, how different they are, but how beautiful they are all — modern wallets! Not a single adult can do without such a necessary thing as a wallet today. It is in it that money is stored, the basis of our financial well-being. It is from its content, whatever one may say, sometimes our mood depends. Yes, and an important part of our image, a good wallet can also, no doubt, be called.

Today, wallets are such a familiar thing for all of us that sometimes we don’t even think that once, a long time ago, people did without them at all. How was it possible? Apparently, with difficulty: hats, boots and other items of clothing that were completely not intended for this often served as a place to store money.

women's wallet

One day, the inconvenience associated with keeping money became so obvious that one of our ancestors simply could not stand it. And he came up with an aumonier — a small, uncomplicated little thing that became the prototype of the modern wallet. It happened in the XIV or XV century in France. Omonier was a small bag, tied with a cord, and attached to the belt on this cord. But this is how men usually wore omoniers, and women walked with them, as with small handbags, holding them in their hands. Such leather bags were sewn, respectively, they were quite strong, and one could not worry about the safety of money in them.

Of course, the medieval inventors of the aumonier could not even dream of such a variety of wallet models as we have today! Purses, purses, wallets of various sizes and styles. If you want a serious, presentable model, the store windows are full of genuine leather products. Need something faster? Pressed leather and leatherette can also be a good choice if you are currently looking for an inexpensive wallet. Young people are happy to choose interesting stylish models from jeans and other fabrics.

The variety of colors is also impressive. For serious men, of course, calm classic colors like brown and black are more relevant, but women can choose at their pleasure. For example, a red wallet — lacquered or with a matte surface — is a chic little thing, the dream of many ladies, which they usually fulfill at the first opportunity. There are also quite a few purses complete with handbags — it always looks very stylish, and it immediately becomes clear that the owner of such a set is a woman with good taste.

Where to buy a women’s wallet?

It is difficult to find a woman who is absolutely indifferent to bags and wallets. And it is not surprising that a lot of manufacturers are engaged in the manufacture of these things. Keeping track of all the variety of new models through ordinary shopping is simply impossible — at least if you have some other business besides shopping. Therefore, one cannot but rejoice at such an abundance of specialized leather goods stores, which can now be seen both on the Internet and in ordinary shopping centers.

A wallet is always necessary — whether you are going shopping, working or having fun. Money, credit cards, small documents — all this usually finds its place in a wallet or purse. Carrying all these things in your pockets or in a bag is simply inconvenient. Of course, there are people who do this, but they probably just haven’t found a wallet or wallet to their liking yet. Otherwise, why deliberately cause yourself unnecessary inconvenience?

fashion wallets

Modern manufacturing companies carefully ensure that their assortment includes models of various sizes — from very small to solid ones. A lot of pockets, compartments — that’s what women’s wallets are completely unthinkable without. An online store that values ​​its customers — existing and potential, will definitely offer such names. Usually these are oblong, rectangular models. Or square, but also quite roomy wallets. Most often, accessories of this type are liked by adults who are already working women. Young female students are more fond of a cheerful, non-committal style — often these are wallets not made of leather, but of textiles.

As for leather wallets, the most common material from which they are made is calfskin. At the peak of popularity now are products made from the skin of reptiles, crocodile, stingray and other exotic animals. Leatherette wallets are also a good option if natural materials are not affordable at the moment. Today you can find models made of artificial leather, made so skillfully that in appearance they are not much inferior to expensive leather counterparts. Of course, to find such a successful execution, you need to try, but with the current abundance of goods, this is quite real. But do not forget that a leatherette wallet will lose its attractive appearance much faster, so it is still unknown what you will spend more on — buying one expensive wallet that will last for many years, or several cheap ones.

Online store of wallets. Make your purchase quickly!

We all know that the surest way to cheer yourself up is to buy some new clothes. It can be clothes or some beautiful accessory — a bag, clutch or wallet. Considering that not only women, but also men are usually indifferent to good leather goods, a wallet made of genuine leather is a great option to please yourself or make a good gift to someone close to you. But sometimes we want to buy a thing so that we don’t go anywhere and don’t waste time!

The online store of wallets, purses and wallets will help you out if it is not very convenient for you to make a purchase in a regular store at the moment. There are many reasons: lack of time, fatigue, bad weather, dislike for shopping, etc. And all these reasons can be called valid with a calm heart, because a modern busy person really has few opportunities to go shopping for his own pleasure. Yes, we work hard, get sick and get tired. Sometimes we get so tired during the working week that we don’t feel like leaving the house on the only day off. This is quite understandable, such is the life of most people wallet

Therefore, choosing to purchase in an online store is a great solution in this situation. Sitting in front of a computer in a comfortable chair, in a relaxed atmosphere, it is much more pleasant to browse leather goods catalogs than to travel around the shops, risking returning home with nothing. Compare — how many sites you can visit in a couple of hours and how many stores you can go around in a day. The comparison will certainly not be in favor of the latter. In the first case, you save strength, good mood and a desire to acquire something in general, moreover, it is much more likely that you will eventually choose something.

Many people are annoyed that the seller himself comes up and offers his help, or even begins to advise certain models before you yourself paid attention to them. In addition, you will not experience discomfort from the fact that you have been in the store for half an hour, and have not bought anything yet — no one is looking at your back in agonizing expectation when you decide to buy! In this case, online stores are simply indispensable: here, certainly, no one will prevent you from calmly examining at least all the wallets in a close-up, and a consultant or manager will contact you only if you yourself want it. Photos from different angles and detailed descriptions will help you find exactly what you need. If you are not sure about your choice, you always have the opportunity to postpone the purchase, think it over carefully and, having made a final decision, go back to the site and place an order. And if you are in doubt between several models, then you will be delivered to choose from and with the courier you will decide which wallet to buy.

Buy wallet

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