Choosing a backpack for a preschooler — an overview of 5 interesting models

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Choosing a backpack for a preschooler - an overview of 5 interesting models

1. Small but remote

Is your child going to kindergarten? He certainly needs a backpack for a change of clothes and shoes, a favorite toy, colored pencils and other important little things. This lightweight model is the best fit for children 3-5 years old. It weighs only 260 g and at the same time is quite roomy. Babies at this age still have little strength, and the back is not strong enough, therefore, when choosing backpacks for preschoolers, you need to give preference to reinforced straps and a back. Inside there is one large compartment that closes with a high-quality secure zipper. Any stains can be easily removed from the surface with water and detergent, and the product can be washed in an automatic machine. These backpacks are very popular with little girls and boys, because when they put them on, they feel like adults. Four color options — purple, beige, light green and blue — allow you to please even the most fastidious kids.

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2. Tanks are not afraid of dirt

This practical model will be a real find for the parents of a tomboy boy. In the mud, through the puddles, up the hill? No problem, because the backpack is made of very high quality synthetic material Taslan, which has increased water and dirt repellency. And it is also quite roomy (12.5 l) and has two compartments, an inside pocket, reliable zippers and accessories. Suitable not only for preschoolers, but also for first graders. Even when filled, the product does not overload the spine, thanks to the anatomical design. It is worth buying a backpack for a preschooler of this model, and the question of where to put everything you need for a kindergarten, a circle or a playground will disappear by itself. The original design and bright colors are for nimble and active kids.

Children's backpack RS-734-3_4_2.jpg

3. Fashion baby

A young fashionista cannot do without a stylish backpack. It is impossible not to fall in love with this model, because she is the pink dream of any little girl. The owl print has been extremely relevant since the very moment it was brought to the catwalks by the Burberry fashion house, from where it “stepped” into clothes and accessories. A cute backpack with an original design will give the baby an individuality. With him, any walk will seem to her an exciting adventure. Inside, the product has two compartments and a pocket where a lot of girlish trifles and secrets are placed. Ergonomic shoulder straps, comfortable and wide, add comfort, as well as an additional loop handle at the top of the backpack.

Children's backpack RS-764-2_3_2.jpg

4. Our response to scoliosis

70% of children suffer from spinal diseases, which are best prevented at a very early age. This model has a well-thought-out design with a rigid frame and, in addition, an orthopedic back that prevents the development of scoliosis. The peculiarity of the back is that it evenly distributes the load. The kid does not feel the pressure of things in the backpack, even if there are a lot of them. The product sits softly on the shoulders, without creating discomfort. When choosing such children’s backpacks for preschoolers, parents make sure that in the most crucial years, when posture is being formed, the risk of spinal curvature is eliminated. Backpack with two spacious compartments and an inside pocket, made of durable waterproof nylon. Washes well, dries quickly and is very popular with children and their parents.

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5. Protected by flicker

The street is fraught with many dangers for the child, most of which parents can and should prevent. This backpack is equipped with reflective elements — flickers — on four sides. Thanks to them, the baby will not get lost in the crowd and will be clearly visible on the roadway, if he accidentally runs out there. Therefore, such models are convenient not only for children, but also for parents and educators. The product has other advantages, for example, comfortable, length-adjustable straps that “grow” with the child. Strong clasps with large sliders are the perfect solution for naughty children’s fingers.

Children's backpack RS-734-4_2_2.jpg

If you choose a backpack for a preschooler wisely, the kid will receive not only a convenient, but also a useful thing that he will wear with great pleasure!

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