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Fashion bags spring-summer 2011

Every year we all look forward to fashion shows of bags and accessories. After all, it is these small details that can allow us to change our image, make it fashionable and relevant, without incurring very large financial costs. In the spring-summer 2011 season, designers decided to drop all strictness, this applies to clothes, shoes and even bags. Classic models with their straight and strict lines are forgotten for the sake of perky novelties.

So the already familiar bags will be replaced by briefcases in the style of the seventies. However, this is not at all a strict and boring container of business papers, but a bright and unique detail of your wardrobe. The classic form is dressed in bright leather. Stripes, ornaments, flowers give handbags an extremely frivolous look. So the models from the new Prada collection resemble a kind of hybrid of a briefcase and a beach bag. In general, there are a lot of variations on this theme, here and stylized as school bags, and mini briefcases made of silver and gold leather. So Versus decorated their collection with bright floral prints. Chanel made briefcases in patchwork style.
Clutches, beloved by all of us, remain at the peak of popularity, although they have changed a lot. The classic elongated or oval shape is popular, but the main thing is color. It should be very bright and even colorful. Prada and Fendi prefer colorful stripes with large buckles and locks. And for romantic natures, clutches from the new Marc Jacobs collection for Louis Vuitton are ideal. These are surprisingly refined, bohemian gizmos. They are decorated with irises, lace and fringe, and the predominance of cold shades and matte gold turn them into real works of art in modern style. Burberry Prorsum, on the contrary, created their collection in the spirit of laconic minimalism — these are small, plain handbags made of smooth patent leather of the most incredible shades — turquoise, yellow, orange, scarlet, lilac. Their motto is maximum color, minimum details. Chanel and Dries Van Noten offer classic clutch options, wide and flat. A novelty was the use of chameleon-colored materials. The Chanel collection has surprisingly stylish models, reminiscent of a book, in an old leather binding.spring-summer 2011
The purse bag has not lost its relevance, although it has become much more practical and convenient, turning into an addition to the main bag. Moreover, it is recommended to choose models of contrasting colors. Dolce & Gabbana presented knitted bags, on top of which leather wallets are fixed.
The bag bag is becoming more and more unusual through the efforts of designers, and the simplicity of the shape and cut is combined with exclusive materials. Models made of exotic reptile skin are very popular. It was from it that Salvatore Ferragamo and Thomas Mayer made their models. And Jil Sander decided to fantasize about a bag bag, and offered laconic black bag bags made of genuine leather.
Another trend of the upcoming season is the use of weaving technique. Thomas Maier created his bags from thin leather straps. Intertwined, they add up to a pattern that is amazing in its beauty. Not only leather is relevant, but also fabric, textiles and even imitation of basket weaving from a vine.2011
As you can see, fashion is capricious and fickle, but that’s where all its charm lies. It is so nice to treat yourself in the spring with something completely new and unusual. For example, a new fashionable handbag.

Fashion bags spring-summer 2011. What are they?

It is difficult to imagine such an image of a modern stylish woman who would not need an equally stylish and relevant handbag. Praise be to all «fashion orchestra conductors», leading designers and stylists who put this fashion accessory on a well-deserved pedestal in every show. How do fashion houses see bags for the spring-summer 2011 season?

1. Portfolios.
Such fashion houses as Prada, Versus, Chanel insistently invite us to remember our school years and pick up briefcases. Moreover, current fashion briefcases have nothing to do with boring classic black or brown, designed exclusively for transporting documents from one office to another. In all collections, they have a bright color, which, which is especially important this season, harmoniously combines with the main color of the toilet or shoes.
Prada briefcases have a classic shape and size, massive snap hooks to match the main color or gold, bright colors and funny stripes (a hallmark of Prada this season is horizontal bright stripes). Moreover, the theme of the school years can also be traced in colored bags with long shoulder straps, which are very similar to mini briefcases with huge carabiners as the main decoration. And even everyone’s favorite clutches, which have been at the peak of popularity for several seasons in a row, thanks to the same large carabiner, began to resemble briefcases.
Versus briefcases are even more like a school accessory and even have a decor in the form of straps for carrying on the back and a front pocket, in which schoolchildren usually put pens, pencils and rulers, and a small, neat carabiner. Bold combinations of all kinds of bright colors, flowers and cells will give their owners a real spring mood.
Chanel briefcases are a cross between a briefcase and a clutch, they have a pleasant texture, more rounded shapes than previous designers and classic black and white coloring for this house, sometimes with bright patchwork elements.

2. Clutches.
A little has already been said about clutches, but there is still more to say about them. This is still a very fashionable design for a women’s handbag. And no wonder, because they fit so perfectly into the evening wardrobe, so subtly emphasize the curve and beauty of the female hand.
In addition to briefcase clutches, envelope clutches (long, strictly rectangular in shape) are the current option for the season. Well, and of course oval clutches. But the main difference between the current clutches is a bright, flashy color. Although some fashion houses (Louis Vuitton) offer us clutches of noble, rich, relatively restrained tones (purple, coral, lilac), decorated with beads, fringe, lace and stunningly beautiful irises.

3. Wicker bags.
Very fashionable version of the bag spring-summer 2011. Moreover, this season weaves are represented not only by extremely fashionable string bags, trapezoid bags or large beach bags, but also by decorative elements on classic variants of handbags.
bags4. 4. Bags — bags.
This version of a fashionable bag deserves special attention of our fashionistas because of its style and practicality at the same time, which is so necessary in the modern rhythm of life. By the way, this season Bottega Veneta combined the fashion trends of wicker bags with the usual leather bag bags, presenting a collection of bags made of woven leather.
An interesting bag-bag variant is presented by Jil Sander. An exact laconic copy of a large bag, like from a supermarket, made of leather, devoid of any decor, surprisingly looks incredibly stylish.
We will wear such daring and dazzling, cute and nostalgic, capacious and miniature bags in the spring and summer of 2011.

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