Fashion trends of bags in 2017

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A fashionista will take a small clutch to a cocktail party, go shopping with a capacious bag-bag, and for a trip out of town she will choose a comfortable and feminine backpack.

Every season, the world’s leading fashion houses offer original solutions, and 2017 was no exception. Some trends are completely new, such as the miniature Prada purse bag, which is attached to a wide corset belt. Some trends are well forgotten old: this season Ralph Lauren presented luxurious bags with fringe, clearly stylized as the hippie era of the 70s of the last century. Each brand is not averse to standing out from the rest of the line of proposals with something original, but there are also general trends of the season. Let’s talk about them in detail.

purse bag by Prada

Shape: stylish geometry

Shapeless bags are a thing of the past, giving way to models with clear geometric parameters. At the same time, the sack bag is still relevant, but now it looks more concise: voluminous and roomy, it looks like a triangle, a trapezoid, or even a classic male diplomat with a short handle, like Trussardi. Square or rectangular bags of different sizes have become a hit of this year’s haute couture week in Milan.

A new trend is bags in the form of a truncated ball or cylinder. Metal fittings further emphasize the expressive shape; special chic — a vertical cylinder bag with a small handle and massive metal clasps. And Calvin Klein in the 2017 season offered an unusual option: a soft clutch in the form of a bow. Unlike cylindrical bags, the “bow” is made without any visible fittings at all. The main feature of the model is soft leather, which allows you to hold the clutch in your hand with maximum comfort.

The geometry of the form was continued in color schemes: prints, zigzags, stripes and, as an option, patchwork-style bags, as if made up of multi-colored patches, are popular. But in general, if we talk about color, fashionistas have a lot of options this season.

Colour: on trend — rich red

All shades of red are in fashion: scarlet, burgundy, wine. It doesn’t matter if it matches with clothes, as the bag becomes a self-sufficient accent in the image. The classic black color and all shades of blue from sky blue to ultramarine are still relevant. At the shows of the Versace fashion house, the audience was captivated by ensembles in which the bag completely repeated the dress, coat or cardigan in color and texture. This almost absurd response of designers to the outdated trend “we select a bag to match the shoes” appealed to many girls.


Reptile skin, fur and rhinestones: texture for every taste

A bag completely or partially made of fur is an accessory for the brave. In this case, the fur can be dyed in a variety of colors, the pile is acceptable both ultra-short and long. It is worth noting that artificial fur is in fashion today; in some collections, designers successfully combine it with imitation of the skin of a tiger or leopard. The eternal classic — reptile skin — deserves special attention. Crocodile, turtle, snake embossing has acquired new colors in the Chanel collection: metallic shades add a special charm to handbags.

Chanel-Spring-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-18 fall_winter_2016_2017_handbag_trends_fur_bags2.jpg


Rhinestones and metal chains instead of straps remain popular. As a rule, these options are in use for small messenger bags that should be carried over the shoulder. Rhinestones have also been used in the design of fashionable backpacks, which have long ceased to be an attribute of a sporty style. Neat eco-leather backpacks fit perfectly both in business looks and in romantic ensembles.

Selection rules: leather, eco-leather or textiles?

Modern technologies allow you to create real masterpieces, and not necessarily from genuine leather. Depending on the purpose for which you select an accessory, it is worth weighing the pros and cons of a particular material. Textile is primarily a material for unusual models of bags. When choosing an accessory made of textiles, do not forget about its low strength.

Genuine leather «breathes», differs in durability and durability. At the same time, a bag made of genuine leather is not cheap, and, in addition, such an accessory requires constant careful care. Eco-leather today is practically not inferior in terms of characteristics to natural, but it costs significantly less. High-quality eco-leather «wears» for years, without fading or deforming. And the manufacturing technologies of this material allow designers to create the most incredible beauty and functionality of women’s bags.

Once again about style: choose wisely

When looking for a suitable bag, each girl focuses on her own preferences. However, there are some general rules to keep in mind.

  • You should not choose a bag with fur trim for the summer.
  • But high-quality textiles are what you need for hot sunny days.
  • The bag should be “out of place”: an accessory decorated with metal spikes, rhinestones and feathers is hardly suitable for going to the office.
  • It is better to have at least one classic bag in a discreet color in your wardrobe — as you know, the classic is universal, and such an accessory, combined with matching shoes, a scarf and bracelets, will help you beat any outfit.

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