Features of Grizzly school backpacks

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Features of Grizzly school backpacks

— The material from which the school backpack is made.

— The weight of the backpack.

— Design of shoulder straps and back.

— The presence of reflective elements.

— Ecological safety of paint.

The Grizzly bear is well aware of all these points, which is why Grizzly school backpacks are very popular. Let’s talk more about why you should buy a school backpack from our brand.

What are Grizzly backpacks made of?

In the manufacture of backpacks for schoolchildren, we use modern EVA composite material, or foamed ethylene vinyl acetate. It is an environmentally friendly material, durable but lightweight and breathable, which is widely used in shoes and bags. Waterproof impregnation guarantees the safety of books and notebooks, even if the student accidentally gets caught in the rain or imprudently puts the backpack on a wet sidewalk. And the EVA material has a relief structure, due to which normal air exchange is ensured. Simply put, even in the heat, the back of the child under the backpack will not sweat. This material is not afraid of frost.

The paints used in the production are also hygienic and environmentally friendly. Plus, they’re UV-resistant, so the bright, fun prints on the backpacks won’t fade or rub off.

Shoulder straps, backrest, interior

To make it more comfortable for the baby to wear the backpack, its straps made of neoprene, as well as the rigid back, have an anatomical shape. This makes it possible to properly distribute the load and relieve excess tension from the back and shoulders of the child, because correct posture is very important for schoolchildren. The neoprene from which the straps are made has a microporous structure, which eliminates the «greenhouse effect». The straps are equipped with additional elastic bands that reinforce the entire structure without increasing the weight of the backpack and without limiting the elasticity of the straps.

In order to make it convenient for the baby to place all the most important things in the backpack, we came up with a “floating” compartment. Textbooks, a pencil case, a tablet, notebooks will take their places inside the backpack thanks to a well-thought-out “organizer” design. There is a place in the backpack for a lunchbox, and for a bottle of water, and for a mobile phone.


All fasteners and carabiners on school backpacks are made of high quality and durable materials. All models are necessarily equipped with reflective elements — this is an indispensable requirement for the production of backpacks for children. Your child will feel safe with such a backpack.

Quality control

All materials used in the manufacture of Grizzly school backpacks are certified. Paints, zippers, Velcro, lining material are carefully controlled. Bear Grizzly strictly monitors the production process and checks how each model meets the norms and rules established in this area. Despite the fact that backpacks are made of lightweight material, they do not lose their shape even after several years of use. The Grizzly bear also makes sure that all the seams are made with high quality, and the carabiners and locks easily give in to children’s hands that are not too strong.

How to buy a backpack for school?

There is nothing easier! Go to the catalog of school backpacks, choose a model, study photos and a detailed description. Important: pay attention to the height and width of the backpack; it should be chosen depending on the growth of the child. After the order is placed, the manager of the online store (Grizzly Bear’s assistant) will contact you to confirm the application and agree on the delivery details.

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