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Credit cards, small change, banknotes, subway tokens, business cards, photographs of a beloved man and children … But you never know what else is stored in the wallet of a modern young lady. Women’s wallets, as a device for storing money and other small things, have been known since the 12th century. Even then, hundreds of models were offered to women of fashion, differing in shape, method of closing, material of manufacture and size.

And, of course, each master tried to make his product unique and in demand. Women’s purses were decorated with ornaments, precious stones or intricate embroidery. The cost of decorations could be more expensive than the content. By the way, most of the purses found during the excavations were empty. And this is not surprising, because a beautiful wallet was often worn over clothes, as an ornament. Well, in order to avoid the loss or theft of a valuable thing, the masters supplied wallets with bells or bells. A randomly falling purse attracted attention with its sound.

Modern fittings masters are still looking for the key to a woman’s heart, choosing spectacular materials, expressive shapes and comfortable models. When choosing a wallet, think about what is closer to your soul at the moment? If you want respectability and reliability — stop at natural leather. By the way, it is the skin that is recommended by Feng Shui experts. They promise that this material has a magical effect on money, attracting them from the outside world. Looking for an unusual, memorable detail to a specific image? Buy a leatherette wallet, it will not hit your pocket so hard, and the color and texture can be brighter and richer than leather. Do you want to play pranks, feel like a child? Lovely knitted or fur women’s wallets at your service. But there is also bold transparent polyethylene, shiny like vinyl lacquer, beads, bamboo, in general, if you wish, you can collect a whole collection of wallets for every occasion and mood.

Where is the best place to buy women’s wallets? Online store, specialty boutiques, brick-and-mortar shops? Today, the answer is obvious — first you should visit the relevant resources on the network — online stores. Here, there is more choice, and prices are lower, and you can inspect the window at home with a cup of tea in your hand. In addition, here you can immediately pick up a handbag, a case for a phone or glasses and other accessories.

Wallets for women — how to choose?

There are some things that simply by definition should not be cheap. Here is an example of a wallet. We store money, plastic cards and many other small things in it. We constantly take it out of the bag and put it back. A wallet is something that we use all the time, and if it is of poor quality, it will not last long.

Therefore, the first thing we look at when choosing a wallet is the quality of the leather from which it is sewn. Why skin? Because options from other materials should be considered only if you are ready to change wallets quite often. If you are interested in a durable product, choose a wallet made of genuine leather. The most fashionable materials for today are the skin of a snake, a crocodile, a stingray. Wallets made from them are not only beautiful and unusual, but also very durable. Particular attention should be paid to such models for those who carefully monitor their own image and do not miss the slightest opportunity to impress a serious person. After all, a wallet, like a bag, shoes, a suit, attracts attention in the first place.

Women’s wallets, it would seem, should be small and elegant. However, one can argue with this — the optimal size of the wallet (as well as the number of branches in it) depends on the specific needs of its future owner. Of course, if you go mostly with small handbags, then buying a large wallet, no matter how convenient it may be, is a rash decision. Another thing is if such a wallet is acquired by a lover of bulky bags in which it will fit easily.

It’s worth asking yourself a few more questions. Do you only carry money in your wallet, or should there be room for credit cards, photographs, business cards? Do you need a compartment for small change or is there a separate place for it in your purse? It is also worth considering whether you will use the euro, because these bills are not convenient for every wallet — they are wider than others.

Most often, when buying a wallet, people prefer that there are a lot of compartments in it — and it is better that at least one or two are fastened with a zipper. Hidden compartments will be a good addition. It is worth paying attention to the clasp of the wallet itself — it will not be too pleasant if it turns out to be flimsy and unreliable. At best, a constantly unfastened wallet will simply cause inconvenience, at worst, you can lose money.

Wallets for women — a store where you can find everything!

Today, such a «shop», in a figurative sense, with full confidence can be called the Internet. In so many online stores that exist today, it is simply impossible not to find the best, in your opinion, model — a wallet, a bag, clothes, whatever. But since we will only talk about wallets in this article, we will pay attention to them.

An old, shabby wallet is not just ugly. This is not fashionable, not prestigious … and many more different “not” can be cited as an example, but even without them it is clear that most women from time to time give themselves the pleasure of acquiring what they love so much — women purses. The store chosen for this is the result of the woman’s own preferences, but more and more people prefer the Internet in this regard. Needless to say, this choice significantly saves time, and money, in many cases.

Many people think that money simply “will not come” into an old, unkempt wallet. To believe such things or not is a personal matter for everyone, but there is some sense in such an opinion. The appearance of many accessories (including a wallet) seriously affects how people around you form an impression of you. If we are talking about business communication, then it is unlikely that the look of a well-worn wallet will affect the creation of your image in a beneficial way. And it’s not even that they think of you that you do not have the funds to buy a new wallet … although, perhaps, this is also the case. But more important is the feeling that you don’t care about your own appearance — and for unfamiliar people, this feeling arises easily. The idea that a person simply has no time or that he is so used to an old wallet that he does not want to part with it is unlikely to occur to them.

Modern designers constantly offer us more and more new models of wallets, wallets, purses — for every taste, women’s and men’s. Ideally, of course, it’s great when a person has several wallets, because they should fit bags or briefcases. But, if there is no opportunity to “posh” in this way, there is only one way out: to buy one good bag and one good wallet that fits it. Preferably in a classic color and style. It is also very important that the wallet matches the style of the owner or hostess. A youth wallet with a Teddy bear in the hands of a business woman or a chic lacquered “envelope” with a young girl in sneakers and with a backpack will look ridiculous.

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