Gift ideas for March 8 from Grizzly

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Gift ideas for March 8 from Grizzly

The 8th of March is approaching, and I, the Grizzly bear, like a real gentleman, cannot but remind about gifts for lovely ladies. Men and boys, stern businessmen and young students, coffee house regulars and lovers to spend the evening at home watching TV! All men (and we, bears, are no exception) on the eve of March 8 unite in a single impulse: they decide what gift to give on March 8. After all, we all have mothers, sisters, daughters, wives or girlfriends, neighbors and wonderful work colleagues. And what could be better than a gift that is not only beautiful, but also useful? Therefore, go ahead to the Grizzly online store for gifts!

Modern fashion is a universal thing, and it is not customary to set any age limits now. After all, even women in adulthood know how to look like young girls, and they are happy to wear quite youthful things. But still, in order to make it easier for men to find a gift, I ventured to make an exclusively conditional classification and separate gifts for schoolgirls and older ladies.

For girls and women

First, let’s talk about a gift for a sister, mother, wife or loved one. I recommend paying attention to bags and backpacks made of eco-leather. This material has already managed to establish itself as a practical, durable, comfortable to wear. It does not require additional care, as, for example, genuine leather. And thanks to modern production technologies, eco-leather bags and backpacks do not deform and do not lose color even after many months of very active wear. Eco-leather is not afraid of frost or humidity and is completely safe for humans.

Eco-leather backpack D-239_20

There are quite interesting things from textiles in my catalog. For example, a bright pink city backpack with a funny hamster print: tell me, what modern girl would deny herself the pleasure of walking around the city with this beauty? Girls also really like soft textile bags with overhead valves: their classic rectangular shape allows you to quickly find everything you need in the bag (and we all know how difficult it is for our ladies to find keys or a mobile phone in their purse!). And the flat, “tablet” shape of such a bag makes it possible to carry a laptop in it.

Youth bag MD-644-3_2_2. Women's backpack RD-746-1.

Grizzly also has backpacks designed specifically for laptops, with reinforced shoulder straps and a reinforced back, with additional internal compartments for a mouse and cords. I also noticed that girls really like sports backpacks and bags with truly feminine colors — for example, black roses, or delicate lilacs. In general, now you can not puzzle over what to give your beloved on March 8th. Just open the Grizzly online store catalog and choose!

Women's backpack RD-750-1.

Gifts for girls

Probably, parents already know what to give their child on March 8th. But I still take the liberty to give a couple of tips. If your daughter already has a school backpack or satchel, pick up an interesting bag for changing shoes. Such soft bags-bags on durable straps in the form of cords have long been popular with schoolchildren. If desired, they can wear not only interchangeable shoes, but also, for example, a physical education uniform. This is convenient: a soft bag can be thrown behind the back or hung on the shoulder, and it will not press hard corners or rest against the child’s back with a solid base. And yet — it’s just beautiful: look, for example, at the model with Disney princesses.

Shoe bag OM-672-4.

If your daughter or sister does not yet have a bag for school textbooks and notebooks, I advise you to buy a school bag or backpack from Grizzly. At my factories, every detail is thought through, and the satchels turn out to be very comfortable and roomy. Younger girls can pick up satchels with their favorite cartoon characters, older schoolgirls will definitely like original backpacks, such as, for example, an eccentric model in beige and pink with many pockets with zippers and Velcro.

Backpack for girls RG-657-2.

Once again I want to remind you, friends, that in my store there is a discount in honor of the holiday: all gifts for women and girls are now 20% cheaper. Choose and order, your loved ones will be satisfied!

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