Gift ideas for the New Year from Grizzly!

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Hooray! New Years is soon! And it is most reasonable to prepare for it in advance, choosing surprises for your family and friends without New Year’s fuss and with maximum benefit.

It is a pity that everyone’s favorite holiday, which is a bright spot in the sky of a cold winter, does not last forever … But gifts, carefully packed and left by Santa Claus under the Christmas tree, can please even all year round! Especially if they are practical, such as a backpack or bag from Grizzly or OrsOro.

What products from the Grizzlyshop assortment will be accepted with pleasure and will thank you three times for such a gift?

Backpack as a gift for a man

Men are, for the most part, practical people. Give them something that is functional, innovative, and wows their friends. But do not forget that male aesthetics are not in last place — they love with their eyes.

So, a backpack for a man should be:

  • Roomy. A programmer will carry his laptop in it, a system administrator will carry a bunch of flash drives and disks with OS and programs, a plumber will carry tools, and a businessman will carry business papers. And even outside of working hours, a man will find what to put in a backpack — a snack, a smartphone, an e-book, a sports uniform and even a gift for his beloved!

In the product family from Grizzly, the largest sizes are the models of the series RU-700-6, RU-700-5,RU-700-1. Such products are ideal for working men, whose backpack performs the most important mission of reliable storage of a large number of things.

Backpack RU-700-6_3 Backpack RU-700-5_1 Backpack RU-700-1_1

  • functional. By functionality, we mean various “gadgets”, such as: a special compartment for a laptop or smartphone, quick access pockets for storing small things, an anatomical back, which makes it much easier to carry the product on your shoulders for at least a whole day.

Grizzly collections have a backpack adapted to the needs of modern men. Model RU-701-1 Equipped with a soft bristle compartment. Such a product is made with maximum care for men’s gadgets.

Backpack RU-701-1_1 Backpack RU-701-1_2 Backpack RU-701-1_4

  • Attractive in appearance and stylish. Fans of bright things will like a light green or neon model. RU-706-1fans of the film «Suicide Squad» — a trendy product with skulls RU-715-2and for adherents of conservative solutions — a black backpack RU-617-1.

  • Backpack RU-706-1_1_2 Backpack RU-715-2_3_2 Backpack RU-617-1_1_2

    Surprise for a woman

    Another beautiful handbag or backpack will please a woman 100%. Moreover, in the assortment of Grizzlyshop for the beautiful half of humanity there are many options.

    A backpack with the cutest pattern will help to emphasize tender feelings. For example, as on new models RD-746-1which flaunts a hedgehog or kittens.

    Women's backpack RD-746-1_1 Women's backpack RD-746-1_4

    If your wife or girlfriend loves to travel and is often on the road, she will love a practical and roomy backpack. RD-640-2.

    Women's backpack RD-640-2_1

    Those who like to stand out from the crowd, representatives of the IT sector, artists — such women need bright colors. And for this case, we have a lot of solutions for you. Pay attention to models RD-743-1 with colorful Grizzly, RD-637-1 with a catchy animal print, RD-744-1 with a cheerful and mysterious be-be-bear.

    Women's backpack RD-743-1_1 Women's backpack RD-637-1_1 Women's backpack RD-744-1_3

    Business women, as well as those who like classic, elegant style — we advise you to choose a gift from the OrsOro assortment. Bags and backpacks made of high-quality eco-leather will harmoniously complement the wardrobe of any, even the most demanding lady.

    For winter actual dark products. For example, a black bag as a gift D-161 or blue D-169. To please the product all year round, pay attention to the trendy novelty — plain bright backpacks. D-192 or decorated with a floral pattern D-187.

    Women's bag D-161_59 Women's bag D-169_41 Women's backpack D-192_8 Women's backpack D-187_66

    Gifts for children

    Backpacks, bags and satchels are great gifts for kids! Moreover, buying such a product, you can combine business with pleasure. For example, to buy a future student his first satchel in advance at a bargain price.

    For example, for a girl, a model with a cat RA-678-1and the boy — a folding satchel RA-667-1 with your favorite cars.

    Backpack for girls RA-678-1_1 Backpack for a boy RA-667-1_2

    For teenagers who want to stand out among their friends, you can give a backpack from youth collections with fashionable accents: models RU-601-1 with geometric patterns RU-713-2 with an urban print or RU-618-2 to create a real «star» image.

    Backpack RU-601-1_1 Backpack RU-713-2_2 Backpack RU-618-2_2

    If you are looking for a budget gift for a teenager within 1,000 rubles, pay attention to waist minibags, which are again in fashion among young people today, or bags for interchangeable shoes.

    Bright model OM-681-1, OM-552 (for dance lovers) OM-682-2 (for gentle girls) or MS-602-3 with a popular space print — something that will appeal to teenagers and will not hit your pocket.

    Shoe bag OM-552_2 Waist bag MS-602-3_3

    The easiest way to please preschoolers — they will be happy with a bright mini-backpack from the Eeyore collection, reminiscent of a toy: RS-546-2 with a giraffe or RS-546-1 with a koala.

    Small backpack RS-546-1_1 Small backpack RS-546-2_1

    Do not forget that for every purchase in our store you get bonuses. You can please the whole family, and for the accumulated points you can buy a gift for yourself!

    Happy New Year to you!