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Good gloves — warmth and grace of your hands!

In autumn and winter, gloves become one of the most important accessories for us. First of all, this applies to women, because it is they who always pay special attention to the skin of their hands. So that she does not get windy and looks as tender and beautiful as usual, she just needs protection from the cold. In addition, taking care of our hands in winter, we protect ourselves from such an unpleasant thing as colds.

Of course, when purchasing this or that piece of clothing, we think not only about its practical value, but also about how we will look in it. Gloves today are not at all difficult to choose so that they are both warm and beautiful. Depending on your image, you can choose models from leather, suede, fur or wool, microfiber. Being well chosen, this accessory will emphasize your grace, style and individuality.gloves

«Winter is coming — I’ll buy gloves …»

Someone updates the autumn-winter wardrobe in advance, and someone conducts an audit in it closer to the onset of cold weather. After all, if you have prepared everything you need, you will feel comfortable in any weather. And there can be no trifles here: for example, gloves, the choice of which we often take less seriously than the purchase of a jacket or coat, are simply a necessary thing in sub-zero temperatures. Therefore, do not put off their acquisition for a long time, so that the cold and frost do not take you by surprise.

After you have decided: “I will buy gloves!”, it is worth answering a few questions — this will help you choose the most suitable model. Do you spend a lot of time on the street, do you use a car or public transport, what style do you dress — all this important selection criteria, guided by which you can buy comfortable, warm and beautiful gloves.


Are you going to buy gloves? Practicing a smart approach

In order for new gloves to delight you throughout the season, you just need to choose them correctly. Of course, any woman knows that this wonderful accessory not only protects her hands from the cold, but also makes the image more elegant and emphasizes its features. Therefore, before buying gloves, you need to decide at what time of the year, in combination with what clothes you will wear them.

As a rule, gloves are matched in color to shoes and a bag. However, it is important to take into account not only the color, but also the style and texture of the model — they must match the entire image as a whole. For example, leather or suede gloves look perfect with a strict coat or an elegant fur coat, while knitted gloves are also suitable for more “free” style options — a sports jacket, a youth down jacket, etc. Good choice!

Leather gloves — classic and elegance never go out of fashion

A successful choice and purchase of gloves is not at all due to luck, but to the ability to correctly combine things in your wardrobe. And, of course, it is important to know what type of gloves you need in this case. The most common and popular option is models for autumn, winter and spring, made of fur, leather, suede, knitwear. They are usually suitable for any outerwear designed for the cold season. For example, leather gloves are universal — they look great and do not go out of fashion for many years. Their winter models are usually insulated inside with natural or artificial fur. Autumn-spring leather gloves are thinner and have a shorter wrist length than winter counterparts.


Women’s gloves this winter: what is fashionable and how to wear

It is difficult to imagine a woman’s wardrobe without such an accessory as gloves. This winter, a variety of their models from knitwear, leather, suede are relevant. It is not necessary to be limited to strict color schemes, because women’s gloves in red, blue, light blue, pink will also be in fashion. But even lovers of the classics, choosing black gloves, may prefer unusual options, decorated with embroidery or rhinestones. This design looks incredibly beautiful on black. Decorative models (those worn with an evening dress or suit) can be complemented by large bracelets or rings worn over a glove. In a word, the fashion trends of this season give beautiful ladies every opportunity not only to protect their hands from the cold, but also to complement their image with a stylish accessory.

Long gloves — one of the fashion trends of the season «Winter 2011-2012»

For those women who cannot imagine meeting the new season without some fashionable little thing, long gloves of various colors will be an excellent purchase this winter. Preference is given to saturated, bright colors, but for those who prefer calmer shades, there are also excellent stylish models on sale.

Elongated gloves have already ceased to be considered a direct evening attribute, so today both light and warm options are popular, which go well with outerwear and protect from the cold. Therefore, fashionistas absolutely need to replenish their wardrobe with several types of long gloves — for going out, and for a friendly party, and for a walk on a winter day.gloves

Choosing winter gloves: a few rules

The Russian climate dictates its own rules, which are hard to argue with, so winter gloves have always been an indispensable attribute of our clothes in the cold season. Guided by a few little secrets when buying gloves, you can easily make a good choice.

  1. You should always try on winter gloves with the outerwear with which you later plan to wear them. The sleeve should cover the glove by at least a few centimeters.
  2. If the gloves are even slightly out of size — it’s better not to risk it, they should sit perfectly right away.
  3. It is not always enough to know the exact size to buy gloves, because the size can be the same for two people with completely different hands. Gloves are exactly the accessory that is still better to try on before buying.

Good luck with your purchase — and let your hands be warm and cozy this winter!

We buy gloves: price, material, features

Should gloves be expensive? Should I give preference to natural leather or buy knitted? Women ask these questions quite often, because we all have a natural desire to look fashionable, stylish, and attractive. And, of course, the choice of such an accessory as gloves is always individual. Leather — perfectly complement the business image, suitable for those who adhere to the classic style of clothing. An interesting and no less elegant option would be suede gloves. The price for them is unlikely to be low, but they always look stylish and unusual. Such things require special care, but suede lovers still buy and wear them with great pleasure. Young people often prefer gloves made of wool or knitwear — they are inexpensive and practical, they fit almost any clothes, they can differ in bright colors and unusual styles.gloves

It’s getting cold — let’s go to the glove store!

All fashionistas will have a good reason to get a new stylish accessory this winter. After all, any glove store this season offers its customers a lot of original models. Long gloves, identical in color to clothes, have become a real trend. Such combinations always look very impressive and become the basis for an elegant, complete image of a woman. The most popular models of thin leather are black, red, gray, blue and blue.

Classic length gloves are also available in different variations. They also often match the color of outerwear this season. This is successfully implemented if the gloves fit snugly around the wrist. Models of another plan are slightly expanded, and sometimes also decorated with folds.gloves

Women’s leather gloves — a choice that indicates good taste

Every woman must have at least one pair of leather gloves in her wardrobe. And if it still doesn’t, then it’s easy to fix. Nothing can so successfully and, at the same time, unobtrusively emphasize the beauty of your hands, like women’s leather gloves. For their manufacture, the following materials are used (in ascending order of cost): artificial leather, sheep skin, lamb skin. Leather substitutes are used today by many manufacturers so skillfully that sometimes only true connoisseurs can distinguish them from the «original». However, those who are interested in really high-quality and beautiful things, as a rule, purchase products made of genuine leather. If you carefully examine the glove from the wrong side, it is not so difficult to distinguish whether it is made of natural or artificial material. Well, the surest way to avoid fakes is to go shopping in a trustworthy store.gloves

Red, blue, white gloves — positive in your clothes every day

Women’s gloves are among those accessories that have a rich history of development and do not go out of fashion for centuries. Once they performed an exclusively decorative function — they were made of thin beautiful fabrics, decorated with precious stones, embroidery. In a word, they were an indicator of luxury.

Later, the purpose of gloves changed, and their main task was to protect the wearer’s hands from the cold. Nowadays, their aesthetic and practical purpose is successfully combined in a huge number of different models. Classical and youthful, glamorous and strict, warm and very light, designed to go out in color, black and multi-colored — red, blue, pink, white gloves … With their help, you can add zest to your image, complement a suit or outerwear with a beautiful , elegant detail.gloves

They will tell about you … the models of gloves that you wear!

Gloves, like other accessories, can tell a lot about their owner. How old are you? Here you need to take into account all the characteristics, from the material to the color of the product.

They say a lot, of course, and the models of gloves that we choose. So, leather gloves of classical length are worn, as a rule, by adult, self-confident and serious women. Suede models are bought with pleasure by those ladies who never miss an opportunity to successfully emphasize their style and individuality. Bright knitted gloves are chosen by young girls, combining them with any youth clothing. Also in this age category, the so-called mitts — fingerless gloves are very popular. They are very fond of extraordinary girls, creative people — in a word, those who strive not to be like others.gloves

Wedding gloves — a necessary attribute of the image of the bride

Perhaps, we do not plan any other event in our life as carefully as our own wedding. And, of course, the future bride wants to be especially beautiful and attractive on this extraordinary day. Therefore, she thinks through her appearance to the smallest detail: dress, hairstyle, shoes, jewelry … And, of course, wedding gloves. It is they who become the finishing touch in the magnificent and unique image of the bride.

wedding gloves — not just decoration. Since knightly times, a lady’s glove has been a symbol of reciprocal love, a sign that a woman reciprocates a man’s feelings. Of course, in the context of such an event as a wedding, this symbolism takes on a special meaning. Therefore, on the day of the wedding, most brides wear elegant gloves to match the dress on their hands.

Gloves or something brighter? Choose the color of the gloves

Often when choosing gloves, color becomes the determining factor. It would seem that black gloves are classics of the genre, but often you want something more vivid and original. What should be guided by when choosing a color?

  • If you want to keep up with the times, then, of course, you should take into account the fashion trends of this season. This winter, red, black, blue, pink colors are relevant. There is definitely room for choice.
  • Of course, you need to think in advance what exactly you will wear your new gloves with. Usually this accessory is matched with shoes or a bag, but there should be no disharmony with the color of outerwear. Suede gloves look very nice complete with shoes or a suede bag of the same color.
  • Well, the main thing is to choose the color in accordance with your own taste and inner mood. Modern fashion is such that sometimes even the most unexpected combinations become appropriate and popular.gloves

Red gloves — bold, bright, elegant

Red gloves usually become an integral part of the image of elegant, tasteful, self-confident women. At the same time, age, status and other characteristics are not so important. After all, if you choose such an accessory, it says one thing: the attention of other people, drawn to you, not only does not bother you, but also gives you pleasure. This means that you like yourself and are 100% confident in yourself.

Red gloves will perfectly refresh an elegant black suit or complement a red handbag. If they are made of genuine leather, then the combination of color and material will create a truly unique effect of a high-quality expensive item. Also, red suede gloves usually look great. Other options are wool, fur, knitwear. But no matter what they are made of, such gloves will always add bright colors and good mood on a winter day.gloves

Blue gloves — the choice of feminine and romantic

If you love a beautiful blue color, then surely in your wardrobe there are things of just such tones. In summer, these are dresses, sundresses, blouses and skirts — anything. Do not forget about jeans in classic colors, because they are very easy to combine with any t-shirts or shirts. And what blue clothes to wear in autumn and winter?

Many girls and women prefer blue gloves today. To match them, you can pick up boots, a bag, a hat or a beret. Such gloves can be made of leather or suede, fur trim, embroidery or decoration with rhinestones is possible. Shiny patterns on a blue background always look very beautiful. You can choose between a regular length model or extra long gloves, especially popular this season. In the latter case, it is important to consider how they will be combined with outerwear.gloves

Beige gloves — stylish, discreet, elegant

Every woman’s wardrobe should have gloves of a color and style that would be appropriate always and everywhere. Black models are considered such an option by default, but if your shoes, clothes, and bag are in light colors, then this will not be a very good solution. In this case, beige gloves are a good choice. They are great for brown, beige, white or any light-colored shoes and clothes. This color scheme creates an elegant, calm and complete image in which any woman makes a good impression.

Blondes often prefer beige clothes and accessories, but for women with dark hair, it invariably becomes a profitable solution. In this color performance, both a business suit and an elegant dress look good. In the same way, beige gloves can be of different styles, but they always look elegant and outstanding.gloves

Orange gloves — we wear the sun on our hands!

Autumn and winter are exactly those times of the year when you especially want something warm and bright. Watch a bright, joyful film, pick up summer photos, eat a tangerine that looks like a small sun… Or, for example, buy orange gloves. So you will provide yourself with a great mood for every day, no matter how cold and gloomy the weather is.

Skillfully combining accessories with each other is an art that every woman strives to master. So, if you wish, you can create a very beautiful and original ensemble of gloves and a bag. The trend of the 2010-2011 season is red, orange, terracotta bags, and in combination with them, gloves of this color will be a spectacular and original accessory. And its owner will definitely not go unnoticed in the crowd of passers-by. Look bright and summery against the backdrop of winter landscapes — what could be better?

Colored gloves — the brightness and individuality of your character

Gone are the days when black leather gloves were the ultimate dream of a woman. Modern manufacturers offer such a variety of models that even the most demanding customers have no problems with the choice. Today it is easy to choose colored gloves according to your own taste and fashion trends. Shall we try?

Are you extravagant and not averse to attracting the attention of the opposite sex? Your choice is red gloves. Create a bright image!

Are you sophisticated and try to combine classics with the latest fashion trends in your image? Pay attention to the models of beige, gray, olive, brown colors. The elegant restraint of your style will be charming.

Are you romantic and dreamy? Surely you will like accessories such as gloves in blue, pink or blue. Do not hide your individuality.

So, colored gloves are a great creative addition to your own image.gloves

Already decided where to buy gloves? Now we are learning to determine their quality

The abundance of modern brands and manufacturers can sometimes make you dizzy. Let’s say where to buy gloves, we are no longer thinking today. Rather, we are wondering which brand to give preference to. But even if we have decided on the manufacturing company, the quality of the chosen model should still be given close attention.

  1. Gloves should not be sewn from separate pieces of leather, otherwise they will lose their attractive appearance very soon.
  2. If you want to buy gloves made of natural suede, you can determine its quality by running your finger over the surface of the product: real suede is soft and does not have long coarse fibers, like artificial suede.
  3. Before buying colored gloves, check the quality of the leather color by rubbing the inside out a little: if the paint remains on the fingers, you should not buy such a thing.
  4. And the last rule: it is better to give preference to products made from natural materials, because they will last much longer, and they look more elegant and attractive.gloves

A quick guide to those who decide to buy leather gloves: decide on the source material

The decision to buy leather gloves sooner or later comes to every woman’s mind. Of course, preference should be given to genuine leather, but what kind of variety is up to you. Let’s say a few words about each of them.

  • Lamb skin. It is soft, elastic and is considered an excellent material for sewing gloves.
  • Laika (nappa). A beautiful, soft and at the same time quite dense material, the raw material for the manufacture of which is the skins of cattle.
  • Goat skin — due to the more rigid texture than the above types, the texture is a simpler, and therefore cheaper material.
  • Deer skin. It combines the best qualities that are especially important for glove materials: strength, excellent ability to retain heat, softness and elasticity. An additional advantage of this leather lies in the beautiful natural pattern of its surface.
  • Skin of some fish species. It is rarely used for tailoring unique designer models that have a very high cost.

Clothes, shoes, women’s gloves: an online store as a way to save time

When we need to have time to redo a lot of things, we are no longer up to shopping. And even the purchase of the most necessary things, including clothes, can be postponed indefinitely for an indefinite period. This is especially true for women, because on their shoulders, in addition to work, there is also a lot of trouble associated with caring for the family and children. It is clear that this is wrong and you still need to pay attention to yourself, but sometimes the whirlwind of daily troubles simply leaves us no choice. And it’s good that almost all important purchases can be made online today!

For a modern person, loaded with business for at least a month in advance, this is especially true. On the Web, you can now buy clothes, cosmetics, and even women’s gloves. The online store you choose will offer you many models from its range, with precise indications of sizes and other necessary characteristics. Online shopping saves us time, which is the most valuable thing we have.gloves

Getting ready for pleasant shopping — let’s go to the women’s gloves store!

Needless to say, for any woman, the choice of new gloves is as pleasant as buying a new handbag or shoes? There are things that are not only important for us due to practical necessity, but also symbolize grace, beauty and femininity at the subconscious level. And, of course, if they are chosen successfully, then we will look feminine and beautiful in these things. Therefore, a trip to a women’s gloves store is always an occasion for a good mood.

What should be considered when choosing new gloves for yourself?

  1. The size. Of course, if you have already bought gloves before, you know it, especially since in any case you will try on the chosen model.
  2. Model. Modern fashion provides us with the richest scope for choice: classic gloves, elongated ones, and mitts are appropriate.
  3. Material. Here the choice depends on your style and financial capabilities. The best options, of course, are leather and suede, in such gloves any female pen looks charming!

Sale of gloves and other things — save money, get quality!

Discounts, sales and other similar promotions are always a great opportunity to buy a good thing at a low price. Do you think that this is only available to residents of large cities? It is quite possible that this was the case before the Internet appeared in the house of each of us. Today, information of this kind is available to absolutely everyone who is interested in it.

If you more or less closely follow the ads of online stores and track some thematic mailings, then you can constantly be aware of all ongoing promotions related to the sale of goods of interest to you. Discounts on clothes, bags, shoes, sale of gloves and other accessories are excellent options for how to provide yourself with everything you need for the winter without spending all your savings. constantlygloves

Are you already prepared for the cold? Hats, scarves, gloves — everything you need in a frosty winter

Everyone who lives in Russia knows that it is worth preparing for the winter in our country thoroughly. For beautiful ladies, the choice of warm clothes is complemented by aesthetic requirements. After all, not only do things protect from the cold, they must also be beautiful and elegant. This applies not only to the main outerwear — coats, fur coats, jackets, down jackets, but also to additional, but no less important things. Scarves, gloves, hats, berets are also a very important detail in creating a feminine and unique look. Sometimes a set in which the hat, scarf and gloves are made of the same material and in the same color scheme becomes a good choice in this regard. However, if you choose gloves made of leather or suede, they are also easy to match with shoes or a bag, and such combinations always look good. Be beautiful this winter!gloves

Clothes, accessories, gloves… Moscow — shopping opportunities

Anyone who buys clothes from time to time knows that the success of choosing a good thing depends not only on its brand, but also on the place where you went to buy it. Whether it is a small shop or a large shopping center, in any case, it has already developed a reputation among buyers if it has been operating for at least six months. And depending on this, people decide whether to buy something here in the future. In this case, it does not matter whether you are interested in outerwear or, say, gloves. Moscow is a city with so many outlets that everyone can choose a place for shopping to their taste. There are other options: many Muscovites, not wanting to waste time shopping, have long been buying all the necessary things via the Internet. This is a great way to allow yourself to once again relax, but at the same time do an important thing without leaving home.



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