Grizzly reminds: do not buy fakes!

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Grizzly reminds: do not buy fakes!

When it comes to counterfeiting an exclusive line of watches or niche perfumes, everything is basically simple: the price of the product clearly signals that it is not an original. But there are situations when scammers counterfeit products of fairly democratic brands. They are especially active if the brand is already promoted and enjoys well-deserved popularity among buyers.

Grizzly products have been counterfeited more and more lately. It’s easy to explain: our bags and backpacks have gained wide popularity over the 20 years of the company’s presence on the market. Our prices fit within the affordable range, and the quality of the products is impeccable. Plus — the range, which is difficult to compete: the catalog includes men’s and women’s bags, travel bags and suitcases, small backpacks for preschool children, city and sports backpacks and even school bags.

It is known that no fake will last as long as the original. And it will not please its owner with workmanship, convenience and functionality. Therefore, we consider it our duty to once again remind you, friends, of how to distinguish original Grizzly products from counterfeit “under the brand”.

one. Original packaging. All Grizzly bags are sold only in branded bags with the company logo. The packaging is transparent, and it shows: the branded bear «Grizzly», the brand name and the website address «». If you are offered to buy a new Grizzly bag without a branded package, then this means that they want to deceive you.

2. All products of the Grizzly brand have a «chip»: external tag in the form of a Grizzly bear figurine with moving paws. The tag contains information about the place of production and the address of the manufacturer, basic tips for proper handling of the product, a barcode.

Label Grizzly_1.jpg Label Grizzly_2.jpg Label Grizzly_3.jpg

Other options for external tags that are used on school backpacks and change bags:

2.jpg 1.jpg 4.jpg 3.jpg

3. Inner label. Inside each branded bag or backpack of our brand, you can find a sewn-in label. It contains detailed information about the product: recommendations for care.

Sew-on label Grizzly.jpg

four. Brand name. Pay attention to how the brand name is written. Mismatches in the size and type of font, the use of modified spelling, typos — all this should alert you.

We strongly recommend that you buy bags, backpacks, suitcases and other Grizzly products only in the official online store. We provide guarantees for all goods, and if for some reason the purchased bag does not suit you, we will offer to return it or exchange it for another one. Also, you can purchase our original products from our partners throughout the country. This page, with detailed information, will soon appear on our website.

If after reading this material you have any doubts about the authenticity of the Grizzly bag purchased not in our store, please contact us. Unfortunately, fakes today are quite high quality. And only a friendly tandem of the manufacturer and the buyer will not leave the scammers a single chance.

It is interesting!

  • Louis Vuitton’s Speedy and Alma bags are among the top 8 counterfeit products in the world. The company annually spends about 15 million euros on the fight against fraudsters. Moreover, even, it would seem, such sophisticated fashionistas as Victoria Beckham are not immune from annoying blunders. After the star appeared at one of the parties with a fake LV handbag, the brand’s creative director Marc Jacobs sent her an original model as a gift with a note «Honey, keep the brand!»
  • In 2010, in the resort town of Jesolo in Italy, a 65-year-old tourist from Austria was fined 1,000 euros. The lady was caught «in the heat» at the moment of buying a fake Louis Vuitton bag from a street vendor for 7 euros. The seller did not have any documents proving his identity or a license to trade
  • In 2012, a court in China sentenced Xiao Zhenjiang, head of a group that counterfeited French brand Hermès handbags, to life in prison. Counterfeit women’s handbags worth $15.7 million were discovered at a factory owned by Zhenjiang.

Happy shopping!

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