Hermes are legendary bags.

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For a century and a half, Hermes accessories have been the object of desire for many women around the world. And, perhaps, the bags of this brand break all records in terms of popularity in comparison with other (however, no less luxurious) products of the company. What is at least this fact worth: in order to purchase a bag they like, customers sometimes have to wait for several years. Bags are handmade by professional Parisian specialists. The list of brand fans is impressive — Demi Moore, Kate Moss, Nicole Richie, Victoria Beckham and many other Hollywood divas, whose names are on everyone’s lips. In the wardrobe of these ladies there is far from one handbag from Hermes.

It’s hard to believe, but once, in the nineteenth century, this company was… a saddlery shop. Yes, yes, and such reincarnations happen. The owner of the workshop, Thierry Herme, made horse harness and more and more succeeded. Business went on, the owner was replaced by his children, and then his grandchildren. Generation after generation, the Erme family continued their profitable and successful business. Meanwhile, the enterprise has long since changed its direction of activity, producing not harness at all, but chic expensive accessories. And to our days, it has completely turned into the most famous French fashion house.

One of the real legends of this brand is the Birkin bag. The very first model was born in the early eighties with the light hand of the singer Jane Birkin. It was she who developed the design of the bag, which millions of women dream of today. Jane was lucky enough to meet the head of the company on an airplane — and this story began. In the manufacture of Birkin bags, natural leather is used (often exotic animals — reptiles, for example), thin goatskin for lining, accessories made of precious metals, jewelry made of precious stones. For example, gold is quite often used as a starting material for locks. Another famous bag from Hermes — Kelly bag was created for the first time much earlier than Birkin, in the thirties of the twentieth century. But she began to be called that way much later, after the sensational incident with actress Grace Kelly. Hiding her pregnancy from the press, she covered her belly with a bag when she was unexpectedly photographed. So the names of the famous actress and the famous bag were forever related. The prices of bags from Hermes correspond to their crazy popularity — from seven and a half thousand dollars.

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