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The first clutch in the history of fashion — an elegant Vanity Case tube bag from Cartier — was presented to the legendary Coco Chanel by the Duke of Westminster. This accessory gained a “second wind” almost half a century later, when Christian Dior models in the new look style took to the podium with tiny purses in their hands. Today it is difficult to imagine a woman who does not have at least one clutch in her arsenal. What should be combined with such a handbag, how to choose it correctly and what to look for? Let’s try to figure it out.

Clutch: carry in one hand

A clutch is a small handbag that is usually worn not on the shoulder, but in the hand. Hence the name, which is not too familiar to our ear: in English, the word clutch means “grab”, “grab”. A clutch can have any shape, be hard or soft, but one thing is invariable: this handbag, like an envelope, can be held with the palm of one hand or pressed to oneself with an elbow. A classic of the genre is the absence of pens. However, the clutch can have a thin long strap, so that its owner, if desired, can hang a mini-handbag on her shoulder. Usually such a strap is attached with carabiners and can be easily removed.

Varieties of clutches

Initially, the clutch was an evening accessory: everything you need to have at hand — a powder box, lipstick, keys — the girl put in a tiny bag that matches the style of her evening or cocktail dress. Over time, clutches have become popular in everyday life. Comfortable and not bulky, they are the perfect solution for those who do not like to carry bulky bag bags or classic women’s handbags. The clutch is ideal from the point of view of a motorist, because it easily fits a mobile phone, keys and documents, that is, everything that needs to be taken on the road.

Types of clutches

Dozens of already known variants of clutches and regular replenishment of fashion collections make classification much more difficult. To make it easier, let’s start with the form. The most famous types of clutches:

  • soft with a zipper;
  • with a frame lock, like a reticule;
  • envelopes (on a button, clasp-strap or magnet);
  • clutch folders for documents;
  • framed boxes.

The listed options can be performed in any style, with the exception of the last two categories. Folder clutches are the privilege of students and businesswomen, and rigid clutches on a solid frame are usually designer models for going out. Their sizes are usually too small to put something useful in a handbag. Such a clutch rather serves as an additional accent in the outfit and is designed to attract the attention of others.

Tan-Clutch-Bag.jpg Elegant-Clutch-hand-bag.jpg

Depending on the purpose, clutches can be divided into the following categories:

  • business bags;
  • everyday options;
  • to come out.

A casual clutch is usually plain or discreet colors, made of soft material (textile, leather, eco-leather — for example, such a model). When choosing a clutch for every day, make sure that the handbag has several compartments or at least a couple of inside pockets. An additional charm will be given to the handbag by curly stitching or appliqué.

An evening clutch is a boundless field for the designer’s imagination to fly. Everything is appropriate here, from inlay with rhinestones to beadwork, from a handle in the form of a diamond brass knuckles to velvet and satin. Remember: if the clutch has a thin chain instead of a strap, you should not wear such a handbag on your shoulder. In this case, the chain is just for decoration.

Evening clutch Latest-White-and-Gold-Clutch-Bag-for-Brides.jpg

Depending on the material from which the clutch is made, accessories can be conditionally classified into the following types:

  • from genuine leather;
  • from textiles;
  • from plastic;
  • from eco-leather.

A classic example of a plastic clutch is hard handbags in the form of a rolled-up glossy magazine, popular in the 70s of the last century and again returning to the catwalks just five to seven years ago. Genuine leather clutches are expensive and require careful handling and regular cleaning. Textile models can be both everyday and evening, with hand embroidery and original decor. Eco-leather clutches are a universal option: the features of this material allow you to create both unusual evening models (for example, model D-206), as well as everyday and business clutches.

How to choose a clutch?

The first rule: the handbag should fit into the overall ensemble. So, if you need to buy a clutch for going to the office, it is better to opt for strict classic models that will go well with a business suit, a strict jacket and a straight skirt. The color of the handbag should be calm — black, coffee with milk, chocolate, any pastel shade. Nothing flashy, no rhinestones or beads.

For an evening look, on the contrary, an originally decorated clutch would be the best solution. Sequins, appliqué, embroidery, an elegant hand chain — there are no restrictions. The clutch can be either matched to the tone of the outfit or chosen in contrast (for example, a black tight dress, large silver earrings and a silver clutch with inlay). You can pick up a handbag to match the shoe or other accessory (bracelet, scarf, tiara). Monochromatic suede with sequins or lace looks luxurious.


For every day, it is better to choose a no-frills clutch with a comfortable and secure clasp. The color of the handbag should be chosen either for shoes or for one of the details of the outfit (trousers, blouse). A universal option for every day is a black leather or eco-leather clutch in the form of an envelope or a soft clutch with a zipper.

With what to combine a clutch?

The first and main rule: the clutch is not worn with sportswear or clothes in ethnic, folk style. Another principle that should be followed: for dresses with a colorful pattern, you need to select a plain handbag, the color of which repeats the dominant tone of the outfit. But for a plain dress, on the contrary, a clutch with a print is the best fit.

Otherwise, the choice of clutch depends only on your preferences and taste.

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