How to care for your eco-leather bag and backpack: tips from Grizzly

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How to care for your eco-leather bag and backpack: tips from Grizzly

If there is a stain on the bag

A normal (non-greasy) stain can be removed from eco-leather using a damp cloth or a soft sponge moistened with water. Never use a hard brush — it can damage the surface of the material and ruin the color of the bag — and do not rub the surface too hard. Once the stain is removed, wipe the bag with a soft cloth. If ordinary water does not help, you can lightly lather the sponge with laundry soap. By the way, a soapy solution can even remove grease stains. Another option for the fight is an alcohol solution: dilute ammonia and water in equal parts, wipe the stain, and then walk over this place with a sponge moistened with water and wipe the surface thoroughly.

White bags are treated non-standard: in this case, milk is the best cleaner. It needs to be warmed up a little, and then wipe the stain with a soft cloth or sponge soaked in milk. Milk will not only remove dirt, but also freshen up the color of the bag.

Eco-leather and laundry

Eco-leather bags are washable. Select the delicate mode at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees and adjust the spin intensity. It is best to select a program with water drain and lightly wring out the bag with your hands. Alternatively, do not use the machine, but wash the bag in warm water by hand. The main thing — no intense friction.

Drying the bag is best in the air, but not in direct sunlight. Eco-leather, although it does not fade in the sun, can still be slightly deformed in case of severe overheating. To dry the bag faster, turn it inside out: the cotton base in this case will dry out very soon.

What is banned?

Liquids and powders containing chlorine and acid, as well as products with abrasive particles, are categorically not suitable for cleaning eco-leather bags; do not dry products made of this material in an automatic dryer. Put aside any brushes, even those with soft bristles, and never buy stain removers and bleaches to clean eco-leather bags.

If your bag accidentally gets wet in the rain, then upon returning home, be sure to remove everything from it and dry it well: moisture, if not dealt with in time, is detrimental to the polyurethane coating.

How to protect your bag

There is a wide range of special products designed to protect eco-leather. These are, in particular, impregnations with a water and dirt-repellent effect. There should be a note on the packaging that the product can be used for eco-leather products, high-tech materials and textiles. The product is not suitable if the packaging says “not for polyurethane products” — not use for PU.


If a bag or backpack has to spend a couple of months in the closet, then the issue of storage must be approached responsibly. So that the bag does not lose its shape, it is better to fill it with crumpled paper (newspapers will do), close it tightly and place it in a textile bag. Usually bags are sold complete with such bags. Make sure that nothing presses or presses the top of the bag — only then you can be sure that it does not deform during storage. Before putting the bag in the closet, it is better to wipe it with a damp and then dry cloth and treat it with a special impregnation, which we talked about above.

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