How to choose a leather bag

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It has been proven that the most complex and perfect device for recognizing the basic characteristics of surrounding objects is the human eye. In this sense, the first thing that begins with a difficult choice of accessory is color. History is replete with examples when a thing is bought primarily not for the shape, but for the color — just like a butterfly sits only on “its” flower, so we reach out to the object of the color scheme that we need. Color, as it turns out, is not only a bright spot against the background of our everyday life, but also a certain wavelength. We choose exactly the length that is necessary to maintain good health. For example, if you really want to buy a bag in the color of a ripe melon, you should not, contrary to your desire, buy a black one “for all occasions”. The body will still take its toll when, at the next sale, you spontaneously acquire a handbag that you have long dreamed of.

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By the way, a little bit about black bags. The myth that it is a medium-sized black bag that is the same timeless classic that is appropriate in any wardrobe has long been mercilessly debunked. Indeed, once upon a time, when technology allowed manufacturers to dye leather in a very limited range, the number one color was black. Subsequently, the black aniline dye was strongly supplanted by the bright and saturated colors of the new time, and black bags left the pedestal, contrary to what the manufacturers wanted. However, the classics within a particular brand today are, for example, black and red products of Chanel (Chanel), beige-violet Etro (Etro) and eye-catching light brown Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton).

As for the compatibility of the color of the bag with the color of the shoes, Italian designers now unanimously recognize this as a sign of bad taste. Women’s handbag has long become an independent accessory and is not matched with something.

The size

Decide on the size. It is unlikely that for a person who has already used bags, this task will become overwhelming. Surely a potential buyer of another — but the most successful — bag, does not have his own selfish preferences. Someone walks all his life with a small handbag and does not shy away from holding a package in his hands if necessary. And someone is strongly against such a “bazaar-station” and prefers roomy bags with a lot of pockets. Still others are faithful to clear and almost geometric shapes all their lives. Prada is considered a classic form in the bag market. Ideally, every woman should have several bags in her wardrobe for different occasions. Evening bag — for walking and going to a restaurant, large and roomy — for every day, classic format — for business meetings.

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Details are everything. Handles, type of pockets, combination of textures, even accessories can «confuse the cards» with the right choice. Sellers say that spontaneous and very expensive purchases are made under the hypnotic influence of details on the subconscious. Comfortable handles, pocket design, lining color and even label design can make the buyer part with a round sum. Therefore, when taking this step, keep yourself “in control”.

Finally, the purchase of the bag must be timely. Material processing technologies, including accessories, are constantly advancing, and an unnecessary bag bought on sale in a year will look like a veteran of the Japanese war among children in the sandbox.

Return of Mickey Mouse. How to choose a bag with a print.

This season, designers decided to play with styles. They not only mixed the most unusual textures, colors and silhouettes, but also turned to replicating iconic characters. The main object of attention of the autumn-winter season will be the legendary Mickey Mouse. It has already been seen on summer accessories and clothes of such famous brands as D&G and H&M. With the advent of autumn, a well-recognized character appeared, perhaps, on all possible accessories.

The easiest way to be in the mainstream of modern fashion is to pick up a funny bag with a cartoon character. But bags that themselves are shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head are also in fashion. Do not think that such an accessory is the destiny of a youthful wardrobe. The image of Mickey Mouse was also seen in jewelry: pendants and pendants with a mouse, bracelets, hoops, belts, earrings and even rings. On sale you can also find watches that, like bags, have the shape of a case in the form of Mickey’s head. If you decide to choose clothes, a bag, a wallet, a purse or an umbrella with a cartoon character print, then you should know that a black and white mouse is now in high esteem, not a colored mouse. Prints look very stylish, as if made in the style of a pencil drawing. You diversify your wardrobe, and you won’t look childish.

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Handmade women’s handbags.

The bag, oh the bag! I would like this!!!

A handbag is a traditional accessory for a woman, it has a special meaning and relevance. And if just a couple of decades ago, our mothers needed a handbag to store the most necessary things, today a women’s handbag is a way of self-expression, individual style and originality! And how can you express yourself most vividly and accurately? The answer is simple: create your own unique companion with your own hands. Or order a bag according to your taste and imagination from some designer. Designer handbags are always in fashion because they are not created under the influence of inspiration. To create such an accessory, you will need not so many materials: a piece of cloth of a certain size, a set of threads, beads, beads and a little patience and imagination. Sewn from linen and decorated with embroidery from a grandmother’s chest. You can create several such masterpieces, for all occasions. For a party — it is small and neat, medium-sized — for every day, a larger handbag is perfect for the beach season. Try, experiment, fantasize and be unique!

Fashion bags spring-summer 2011

Every year we all look forward to fashion shows of bags and accessories. After all, it is these small details that can allow us to change our image, make it fashionable and relevant, without incurring very large financial costs. In the spring-summer 2011 season, designers decided to drop all strictness, this applies to clothes, shoes and even bags. Classic models with their straight and strict lines are forgotten for the sake of perky novelties.
So the already familiar bags will be replaced by briefcases in the style of the seventies. However, this is not at all a strict and boring container of business papers, but a bright and unique detail of your wardrobe. The classic form is dressed in bright leather. Stripes, ornaments, flowers give handbags an extremely frivolous look. So the models from the new Prada collection resemble a kind of hybrid of a briefcase and a beach bag. In general, there are a lot of variations on this theme, here and stylized as school bags, and mini briefcases made of silver and gold leather. So Versus decorated their collection with bright floral prints. Chanel made briefcases in patchwork style.italian bags
Clutches, beloved by all of us, remain at the peak of popularity, although they have changed a lot. The classic elongated or oval shape is popular, but the main thing is color. It should be very bright and even colorful. Prada and Fendi prefer colorful stripes with large buckles and locks. And for romantic natures, clutches from the new Marc Jacobs collection for Louis Vuitton are ideal. These are surprisingly refined, bohemian gizmos. They are decorated with irises, lace and fringe, and the predominance of cold shades and matte gold turn them into real works of art in modern style. Burberry Prorsum, on the contrary, created their collection in the spirit of laconic minimalism — these are small, plain handbags made of smooth patent leather of the most incredible shades — turquoise, yellow, orange, scarlet, lilac. Their motto is maximum color, minimum details. Chanel and Dries Van Noten offer classic clutch options, wide and flat. A novelty was the use of chameleon-colored materials. The Chanel collection has surprisingly stylish models, reminiscent of a book, in an old leather binding.
The purse bag has not lost its relevance, although it has become much more practical and convenient, turning into an addition to the main bag. Moreover, it is recommended to choose models of contrasting colors. Dolce & Gabbana presented knitted bags, on top of which leather wallets are fixed.
Due to the efforts of designers, the bag-bag is becoming more and more unusual, and the simplicity of the shape and cut is combined with exclusive materials. Models made of exotic reptile skin are very popular. It was from it that Salvatore Ferragamo and Thomas Mayer made their models. And Jil Sander decided to fantasize about a bag bag, and offered laconic black bag bags made of genuine leather.
Another trend of the upcoming season is the use of weaving technique. Thomas Maier created his bags from thin leather straps. Intertwined, they add up to a pattern that is amazing in its beauty. Not only leather is relevant, but also fabric, textiles and even imitation of basket weaving from a vine.
As you can see, fashion is capricious and fickle, but that’s where all its charm lies. It is so nice to treat yourself in the spring with something completely new and unusual. For example, a new fashionable handbag.

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