How to decorate a backpack with your own hands?

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Temporary decorations

Attaching temporary decorations is the easiest way to spruce up an old boring backpack or a new one that looks a bit boring. This option is relevant for those who love change, but are not ready for radical action.


Today, the trend is not only classic round badges on a metal base with a pattern, but also made of plastic, acrylic, epoxy resin — in the form of various objects, inscriptions, cartoon characters.



How to decorate a backpack for a girl in a minute? Just pick up a cute brooch in the shape of a bow to match the background color!

Brooch decoration


There are a lot of different accessories on sale — choose those that match your mood and change them at least every day. Elegant metal key rings on a chain, studded with stones, as well as fur ones in the form of pompoms and soft toys are in fashion.

keychain decoration

Removable brushes

Tassels have a strap that can be easily attached to the zipper slider. Some are issued in the form of a keychain.

Tassel decoration

How to radically change the look of an old backpack?

There are actually a lot of options! Give an old backpack a makeover with many mix and match decorations. But keep in mind that this is forever — make changes at your own peril and risk, as they will be irrevocable.

Thermal transfer printing

This is an interesting option for a fabric backpack. Thermal transfer stickers are attached with an iron and can be made in the form of ornaments, animals, cartoon characters, logos of famous brands. There are also options with rhinestones and in the form of letters. With the help of the latter, you can uniqueize the backpack by posting your name or original inscriptions.

Please note that such stickers may lose their appearance if the backpack is regularly wet in the rain or washed frequently (up to about 30 washes). If you wear the product carefully and in dry weather, you will like the final result!

Thermal transfer printing


When thinking about how to decorate a backpack with your own hands, pay attention to the paint. You can use aerosol or acrylic, specially designed for fabric.

By dabbing colored paint on a plain backpack with a sponge, you can create a trendy galactic space print.



For admirers of glam rock, punk style and just lovers of interesting solutions, we offer to decorate your old black backpack with spikes — metal or metal. Color — gold or silver — choose according to the native accessories of the backpack.

Spikes are available in different types, and screw or sew-on options are ideal for decorating. The former are fastened through holes (like screws), the latter are simply sewn on.

thorn decoration

If you have a glue gun and want something softer than spikes, but with a touch of brutality, you can buy rivets that sit on glue.

thorn decoration


This is the choice of real girls. It is ideal to use embroidery on a canvas backpack.

You can embroider flowers, cherries, hearts with satin stitch … It looks very cute and elegant! And with the help of embroidery with ribbons, you can achieve a 3D effect. The Internet is now full of master classes, so get creative!

Embroidery decoration


In this way, you can decorate a school backpack, children’s and youth.

  • Ready-made applications — it is especially fashionable to attach them to denim and canvas backpacks. Applications in the form of social media icons, emoticons, skulls, thought clouds with interesting phrases are in trend.

Decoration-patches_1 Decoration-patches_2

Some applications are made on an adhesive basis, and they can be fixed with an iron.

  • Homemade felt patches are a choice for creative and creative people. Cut out any shapes from felt and sew them with a bright contrasting thread to the backpack.

Felt patches

  • Beads, buttons — a simple and at the same time original way to decorate a product.


This is a good solution for decorating women’s backpacks. Fringes look especially beautiful on a leather or suede backpack (or eco-leather). It is either sewn on or glued on. Fringe can be made by hand from thick threads or a piece of suede, cut (not completely) into thin strips.

Such a decoration can be carefully sewn or glued along the bottom of the backpack or on the valve.

fringe decoration

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