How to decorate a women’s bag with your own hands: tips from Grizzly

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Keychain on carabiner

The easiest way to decorate a women’s bag. The carabiner clasp allows you to attach the keychain to a handle, pocket flap, zipper slider. The most popular are key rings with logo pendants of famous brands. By the way, the fashion houses themselves offer such options for pendants, however, they are far from cheap. For example, in the line of pendants in the form of flowers, berries, funny men made of fur from Fendi, prices start at 490 euros.

Fendi_bag keychain Fendi_bag keyring_2

The option is much simpler — a pendant on a bag in the form of a miniature rabbit. Recently, everyone has been wearing such pendants of different colors, from first-graders to young girls. The touching fur rabbit was invented by Chinese designer Ella Liu, and the pendant was mass-produced thanks to the Danish company Kopenhagen Fur, a well-known manufacturer of natural fur products. The cost of the original is at least $ 80, but you can buy inexpensive analogues in online stores.

Bag pendant_rabbit

bright scarf

A scarf or handkerchief can simply be tied at the base of the handles of the bag so that its ends are of different lengths and fall freely down. The advantage of this decor is that you can change scarves, depending on what you are wearing. The original option is to unfasten the long handle (designed to carry the bag on the shoulder) and tie a scarf instead. Alternatively, you can tightly braid one of the short handles of the bag with a scarf.



This method is suitable for decorating both leather and textile bags. You can make multi-layered applications, superimposing fragments of different diameters and shapes on top of each other, or a smooth application in the form of a mosaic of multi-colored patches of eco-leather. The application can be a full-fledged drawing with a storyline (roofs of houses in a night city, a forest by a river, a view of the mountains). The main thing is not to limit your imagination and fasten all the elements with high quality.



Similar to the appliqué, it is suitable for bags made of any material. Depending on what surface you plan to paint on (fabric, leather), select the type of paint. There are many options: paint can be applied using a stencil, or you can make a graffiti-style drawing, draw ornaments in an ethnic style, or simply apply freehand strokes in the manner of the impressionists. Do not forget to ask — how to properly prepare the surface before applying the picture and how to process the bag after everything is completed. This is necessary in order for the drawing to last as long as possible.

Drawing on the bag

Overlay decor

It all depends on your taste. To decorate bags, you can use stones, brooches, crystals, buttons of different sizes, various accessories (metal rings, chains) and even fringe (you can buy it ready-made, with carabiner mounts, or make it yourself from a separate piece of leather or eco- skin). Metal cones or hemispheres will look extravagant. Decorative beads usually have a through hole through which a thread fixing them is threaded. Stones, spikes and crystals can be fastened with metal prongs at the base, which are pierced into the bag and then bent over from the back. Alternatively, you can use a glue gun to fix decorative elements.

075e4f84d5b9.jpg Metal cones on the bag


You can use this method for leather bags, but most often embroidery is still found on textile bags. It can be both “classic” embroidery with satin stitch or cross stitch, and embroidery with ribbons, beads, using sequins, wooden or glass beads and other things. There is only one difficulty: before you do the embroidery, you will have to rip off the lining of the bag so as not to “grab” it with threads.

symki_vyshitye_lentami.jpg vyshitye_bags_lentami_2.jpg

Stickers, patches

They can be fixed with machine stitching or have an adhesive backing. With the latter option, the easiest way is to choose a suitable sticker, attach it to the bag and iron it through a thin, damp cloth. The whole process takes a couple of minutes, and the bag is completely transformed. By the way, stickers are the most convenient way to mask scuffs or holes on old denim backpacks or textile bag bags.

Stickers on bags


In addition to the options already mentioned, there are several more original decorating methods for clutches. You can attach a bead handle to a miniature handbag: this solution has long been proposed by the brands Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. To make the bead-shaped handle more durable and keep its shape, you can thread a hard wire through it. You can even use a bracelet instead of a pen. Finally, the clutch can be connected to a belt and worn on the belt. The latter method is convenient in that the belts can be changed. To do this, just attach a belt loop to the back of the clutch.


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