How to eliminate bad smell from your bag, backpack and suitcase: tips from Grizzly

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How to eliminate bad smell from your bag, backpack and suitcase: tips from Grizzly

Owners of backpacks often face the presence of extraneous odors — an active lifestyle and rather harsh operating conditions affect them. Travel suitcases are also not immune from trouble: juice or some household chemicals can spill into them. Bear Grizzly decided to give some advice to those who do not know how to eliminate the bad smell from the bag.

About skin

It is strongly not recommended to wash leather products, because after drying, genuine leather becomes brittle and dry. The best option is treatment with a special soap for the skin, and not by direct contact, but by the formation of a light soapy foam, which, after treating the surface of the bag, must be wiped well with a dry cloth. To completely neutralize the smell, wipe the bag with vinegar diluted in half with water. A final treatment with castor oil or glycerin will help restore the bag to its final softness and a nice wet sheen.

Sometimes it is enough to ventilate a new bag well: in the air, the smell of casein glue and other means by which the skin is treated and dyed can quickly disappear. The main thing at the same time is to turn the lining of the bag outward. Foreign odors are well adsorbed by rye bread; put a few slices of bread in your bag and leave it there for two or three days.


The first way is the same ventilation in the open air. After that, you can put pieces of cotton wool or cotton pads soaked in essential oil in the bag. Grizzly Bear advises using citrus oil — orange, grapefruit. Although you can use a simpler option, pouring orange or lemon peel into the bag for a while.

The leatherette bag can be washed without using the spin cycle, on a delicate cycle. It is better to turn the product inside out and place it in a special mesh bag. In this case, you should either use a liquid detergent, or even abandon the powder in favor of a regular fabric softener.

A universal remedy for both leather and leatherette — ground or instant coffee, as well as coffee beans. It is enough to pour coffee into pockets and compartments, and after a short time the unpleasant smell will disappear, and an appetizing coffee aroma will replace it. Unfortunately, this method is not suitable if the lining of the bag is light — coffee can stain the fabric. Both a leather bag and a leatherette product can be wiped with soapy water mixed with ammonia in a one-to-one ratio.

If pets are interested in the bag

Our pets do not always know how to behave perfectly, and their favorite bag can become the object of their increased attention. If you encounter this situation, use rubbing alcohol or vodka. The bag must be thoroughly wiped, not missing a single centimeter and not a single seam. An alternative would be a solution of hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate in equal parts. But remember: if your bag is light, be sure to test the effect of the solution on an inconspicuous area — it is possible that it can stain the product in an unpleasant and uneven shade.

About backpacks

In backpacks, the most “problematic” detail in terms of smell is the shoulder straps. Rinsing in water with the addition of vinegar will help eliminate the extraneous odor, after which the product is dried and treated with a moisture-protective spray. Experienced backpack owners claim that ordinary vodka does an excellent job with smells. It is completely absorbed, leaving no residue and eliminating, for example, the smell of sweat, which soaked in the straps.

Lysol is also suitable for processing backpacks and suitcases — this is a disinfectant that is actively used in bowling alleys and climbing walls. Lysol in the spray copes well with an unpleasant odor and does not allow bacteria to multiply. This tool quickly disappears and leaves no residue.

Universal — for suitcases

An unexpected option, but … cat litter will cope with the smell that coffee beans or an alcohol-water solution cannot eliminate. Just pour filler granules into the suitcase, close the zipper and leave for seven to eight days. After that, all that remains is to throw away the cat litter and thoroughly shake out its remnants from the suitcase.

Finally, the Grizzly Bear reminds you: if you are not sure that at least one of the proposed methods will really help get rid of an unpleasant smell, or if you have tried all these methods, but they did not help, then there is always the opportunity to take your suitcase or bag to dry cleaning. Modern technologies are able to cope with even the most difficult tasks, and your bag or backpack will delight you again not only with its appearance and convenience, but also with the comfort of use.

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