How to pack a suitcase?

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Have you ever heard of Leslie Tipton? Not? But in vain! This fragile girl not only left the fastest suitcase packers far behind, but also set a world record: on September 14, 2009, Leslie packed … herself into a suitcase in 5.43 seconds! The process of packing in a suitcase was broadcast live. And one can only imagine how quickly Leslie manages to pack for the holidays!

We are not Guinness World Record holders, and therefore we will not try to hide in luggage. Instead, let’s remember once again how to pack a suitcase so as not to feel one day like Robinson Crusoe.

Rule 1: Go through the list

Yes, no matter how trite it sounds, but the list is our everything when preparing for a vacation. And you need to act like this: first we make a list of everything that needs to be taken on a trip, and then we open the suitcase and begin to sequentially put everything that we managed to write down there. As collections, the list may be updated with new items. And it is important that the suitcase at this time is already ready to receive new shipments of luggage.

Equally important in the list is the first aid kit. The medication kit you take with you should include:

  • drugs for gastrointestinal disorders;
  • headache tablets;
  • antipyretics;
  • antihistamines (for allergies).

Rule 2 Weight Limits

Each company, when buying tickets from it, announces the maximum weight of luggage and hand luggage. Keep in mind: one company with an excess of 200-300 grams will offer you to transfer something from hand luggage to the main luggage, and the other will ask you to pay for an extra seat. Therefore, be smarter: try to properly pack your suitcase at home, laying out everything superfluous.

Rule 3: drinks and shoes

According to European regulations, you can carry no more than 100 ml of a drink in your hand luggage, and this drink will have to be packed in a transparent bag. You will have to say goodbye to the rest: alas, you will leave water, juice, and coffee in a garbage container in the inspection area.

Another problem is shoes: they usually take up half of the luggage, so you need to take no more than two or three pairs of universal models with you. Lay out shoes not in pairs, but separately, distributing them around the perimeter of the suitcase.

Rule 4: we collect clothes

We give priority to light, wrinkle-resistant things, from which you can make the maximum combinations. It is worth proceeding from the scheme: fewer things — more combinations of them. We fold the trousers along the arrows at the bottom of the suitcase, then we put other things on them and cover them with trouser legs on top.

Other rules, in principle, fit into a short but capacious list.

Space in the bag should be saved: in addition to shoes, you need to lay out belts and charger wires on the sides of the suitcase. And socks and underwear, on the contrary, should be tightly packed into shoes. Do not overdo it with hygiene items: everything can be bought on the spot, so do not overload your luggage and do not take what is available in any country in the world. Tubes, vials and bottles are best distributed in pockets, but not put in one big cosmetic bag.

Don’t forget chargers and adapters! Which chargers you take with you depends on the country of residence. Not all outlets fit the connectors you are used to, so don’t forget about adapters and — just in case! — tees.

Put the essentials on top. Windbreaker, umbrella, wide scarf — everything that you do not want to prepare in advance, but would not refuse to have on hand — all this should be in the outer pockets of the suitcase.

The most «traumatic» things should be overlaid with clothes. Put the bottles in the middle of the suitcase, wrap fragile gifts with layers of clothing. Valuable cargo — a camera, a laptop, an electronic «reader» — is best carried in hand luggage.

The main thing!

Before check-in for a flight, check the package again: tickets, documents, money. Everything else can be done without. Pack your essentials in your hand luggage.

The suitcase is packed! Bon Voyage!)

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