How to wear a backpack correctly? Tips from Grizzly.

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Do the rules of fashion

If you wear a fanny pack (it is also popularly called a banana) in a new way, that is, over your shoulder, and you put on a backpack even over a strict coat, then you have obviously already familiarized yourself with the trends of this season by looking at the lookbooks of fashion brands.

In the era of widespread use of all kinds of gadgets, backpacks have moved from the category of sports, hiking and school attributes to everyday, universal ones. Therefore, today they can be safely combined with a manager’s strict dress code and fit into a laconic boss lady ensemble. In the last century, you would have been «eaten with giblets» for this.

The only thing is to follow the classic rule — harmoniously combine the color and style of the backpack with clothes so as not to look ridiculous. For example, a small leather accessory will go well with a plain boyfriend coat, while a large canvas backpack-bag will complement the park beautifully.

Although there are no strict rules in this regard today. You can wear backpacks with anything and everything.

health rules

But today we want to touch on a topic that is not only related to fashion, but also to health. So what is the correct way to wear a backpack so that you not only look your best, but also maintain your posture? Tips are given by our favorite bear (and backpack specialist) GRIZZLY!

Product selection

If you are obliged to carry heavy things, and, worse, almost all day, be sure to pay attention to the back and harnesses of the backpack.

Ideally, the back should be anatomically shaped. This is especially true for schoolchildren whose posture is being formed. In such a back, a rigid frame and special soft liners are sewn in, which are springy and do not allow the backpack to put pressure on a person’s back.

The second nuance is soft wide straps (about 4-8 cm). Such harnesses prevent muscle spasms in the shoulder area and do not interfere with normal blood flow.

A big advantage is the presence of a waist belt. It helps to reduce the load on the back, partially transferring it to the lower body.

If you will wear a backpack in the hot season, pay attention to the ventilated mesh on the back. Your back will be dry and your walk more comfortable overall.

Say STOP to wearing a backpack on one shoulder

As unfortunate as it may sound, carrying a backpack on one shoulder, as many do, is not recommended. Even relatively light. Thus, there is an uneven distribution of the weight of the burden, and the spine begins to bend a little bit.

Adjust your weight

Doctors have developed a formula in which your back will not suffer: the maximum weight of the burden should be a maximum of 20% of your weight. If you are an average girl of 55 kg — do not carry more than 11 kg on your back (including with a backpack)!

Make sure your back says «thank you» before you go out.

Check if the straps are adjusted correctly. If the backpack fits snugly to the back, then everything is fine. If it dangles, tighten the harnesses a little tighter.

Also put all things in the correct order: put heavy books, “change” in the compartment closest to the back, and office, notebook in the front or side pocket. Not without reason, manufacturers make a compartment for small things in front, and at the back the most voluminous one — for laptops, textbooks, shopping bags. This is something from the rules of physics: a heavy load should be defined closer to the center of gravity of the body so that it is easier to carry.

Do not carry a backpack in your hand

The top loop handle is not designed to carry the product. For it, you can hang a backpack or intercept from another person. But carrying a backpack in your hand (like a bag or package) is highly undesirable, especially regularly: lateral load provokes the development of scoliosis.

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