Introducing the GRIZZLY for KASPERSKY lab collaboration!

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Introducing the GRIZZLY for KASPERSKY lab collaboration!

Grizzly for Kaspersky: be in trend!

The Grizzly for Kaspersky collection is five new models of modern urban backpacks in 2017, made using the company’s branding. Each backpack has a patch with the name Kaspersky; The brand name also adorns the zippers, and the lining of the backpacks is made in the corporate colors of Kaspersky Lab. All models are with reinforced straps and back, sewn from durable material (taslan, tarpaulin) combined with leather. We have chosen a discreet color scheme for this collection, so men will like the Grizzly for Kaspersky backpacks first of all (although the Grizzly bear will not refuse to buy girls). And the RU-720-7 model was decorated with a stylish print for a change.

Backpack RU-720-7_1.jpg Backpack RU-720-7_3.jpg

Grizzly Kaspersky backpack: what for?

The new Grizzly for Kaspersky collection can be safely classified as «urban backpacks». These models are for dynamic, modern, active people who spend a lot of time traveling around the city and who need to carry all the most important things with them: laptops, tablets, notepads, cameras, removable batteries. Taking into account the interests of such buyers, our designers have thought through every detail and provided internal organizer cases, convenient pockets for gadgets, patch pockets for quick access, and additional durable loop handles.

Backpacks RU-720-6 and RU-720-5 are slightly more spacious than other models in this collection. Their design also differs from other options: a vertical flap with an internal zipped pocket is suitable for storing passports and tickets. At the moment when you need to present documents, you can get them very quickly. The Grizzly bear recommends these models to travelers who go somewhere for the weekend or on a short business trip. Everything that you do not put in your luggage will travel with you in hand luggage — in the Grizzly for Kaspersky backpack.

Backpack RU-720-6_2.jpg Backpack RU-720-5_2.jpg

Choose quality

The Grizzly bear still insists on buying backpacks from authorized Grizzly sales centers and brand partners. We are responsible for the quality of our products: environmentally friendly materials, compliance with sanitary standards, safe dyes, a guarantee for all products — our customers are protected by a powerful customer support system. If you have any questions, the creators of the Grizzly brand will answer them, with all the details, nuances and clarifications.

Don’t buy fakes! Unfortunately, our products are often counterfeited, passing off a low-quality product as an original. The Grizzly website has a list of partner stores where you can purchase certified Grizzly bags, backpacks, suitcases at no extra charge. We also have extensive material in which the Grizzly bear explains how his backpacks differ from fake ones.

In general, we can advise buyers only one thing: check, check and once again check all the data. Trust only authorized stores with a license; entrust the order of the bag only to trusted sellers. Buy Grizzly backpacks only on the official website, with a guarantee and contacts of the artist.

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