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This brand is both lucky and unlucky at the same time. No luck — because so many virtuoso fakes were not «honored» with the creations of any bag manufacturer in the world. Lucky — oddly enough, for the same reason. After all, countless attempts to «copy» the uniqueness of bags from Louis Vuitton testify, first of all, to the fact that the products of this brand — whether it be suitcases, ladies’ black bags, wallets or clutches — are incredibly popular.

What do we know about the person who makes this happen? It is hard to believe now that in his youth, in the 30s of the nineteenth century, the famous Frenchman Louis Vuitton was an apprentice and made chests. And he began his career as a fashion designer with the creation of travel bags. The unknown son of a carpenter began to delve into the work of his whole life almost as a child. By the time the first suitcase of the now famous brand was released, he knew everything about this craft. Moreover, the young fashion designer was already ready to bring something into the fashion world that would remain in it forever — women’s bags, which, in fact, he did soon after.

By the way, even in the manufacture of ordinary chests, Louis was a genius: having not yet gained fame in the fashion world, he became “his own” at the French imperial court. It was the Empress Eugenia (whom, they say, he helped to pack luggage at one time) who helped the talented chest maker in his bold undertakings.

The real discovery of Vuitton was the creation of the world’s first portlet bag. He was inspired by the thought of the inconvenience a traveling person has to endure, putting on clothes wrinkled, fresh from a travel bag. The opportunity to transport suits in a perfectly ironed condition was accepted by the aristocracy of that time with great gratitude. Rich people then, as now, valued practicality above all else — no matter what they bought, ordinary black travel bags or roomy suitcases. It’s no surprise that the world’s first carry-on made such a splash.

In general, the theme of the road and travel was especially dear to Louis — otherwise, would he have gotten such comfortable, beautiful and original suitcases? No, you can create such things only by imbuing them with their purpose, imagining what path they will go with their owner and what countries they will visit … Light wood, linen, leather and fabric were used for handmade suitcases. Only very rich people could afford to buy these accessories, and they gladly used this opportunity. A storm of delight was produced at one time by a Louis Vuitton travel chest of drawers, the ladies who possessed it were ready to start trips and travels just to boast of a luxurious acquisition.

All the suitcases created by Vuitton were distinguished by their convenience and practicality, the care for the future owner was felt in every detail. What cost only a variety of sections for toiletries, compartments for brushes and even a secretary for a typewriter inside — neither the French nor the inhabitants of other countries could have imagined this before! However, the «road» designer brilliantly brought incredible ideas to life — and the result was always better than the previous one. At least, so it seemed to the admiring public, in fact, all the inventions of the fashion designer were equally good.

The first men’s and women’s bags with the LV logo, designed not for the road, but for everyday wear, appear only at the beginning of the twentieth century. Needless to say, that by that time the suitcases of this company had firmly taken their place in the niche of the best luggage accessories? Interestingly, from the very beginning of Vuitton’s work, they tried to fake his creations. Of course, with experience, it was easy to distinguish a copy of the bag from the original, but this did not stop the «pirates» of that time, and they continued to work hard on making double bags. The same thing happens today, and in the same way, a person who has at least one original suitcase or bag will easily recognize a fake. If you are attentive and easily remember the prices of the goods you like, then you will distinguish a copy even by the cost. After all, all real bags and other Louis Vuitton products are still very expensive and, I must say, they are worth it.

The brand, which became famous at the very beginning of the creative path of its founder, amazes us to this day. Whatever is produced under the Louis Vuitton brand is excellent: respectable suitcases are comfortable, ladies’ black bags are elegant, purses are charming. Today, this French trading house remains one of the trendsetters and still produces products for wealthy people who choose the very best. The company’s stores are open in more than fifty countries around the world. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, business bags and accessories — all this is also now produced by a company founded by an unknown boy who made chests.

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