Leather bags: what are they?

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Everyone knows that a bag made of genuine leather has always been and will remain a stylish and appropriate accessory, regardless of fashion trends and seasonal changes. This is a classic of the genre, a sign of good taste and a good addition to any image.

Bag and leather

Usually, for the production of leather, from which bags are subsequently sewn, the skins of sheep and cattle are used. But how this skin is processed — one could probably write a whole book about this, because there are a lot of different technologies and techniques. Let’s say a few words about the most common.

Beautiful and, interestingly, relatively inexpensive leather bags are made from lamb skin. The material is soft, thin, pleasant to the touch. Nappa is the name given to leather made from sheepskin. Careful processing leads to the fact that as a result it turns out to be quite thin, but at the same time strong and dense. Nappa is sometimes treated with varnish, and nappla bags always look stylish and bright.

In some cases, the top layer is removed from genuine leather, and a polymer coating is applied instead. Such skin is called «ennobled». There is leather with embossing — in this case, patterns are applied to its front layer by a “hot” embossing method. Sometimes, a natural pattern (mereya) is left on the skin, which varies depending on which animal skin the skin is made of.

Velor is tanned leather, the top layer of which is polished during processing. Bags made of this material are very loved by the fair sex, despite the fact that it gets dirty easily and is difficult to care for. Velor is often confused with suede. Suede is even more popular, it is one of the expensive and rare materials. It is obtained from deer skins using the suede method — a long and laborious procedure, which largely justifies the high cost of suede items. Leather accessoriesBags made of artificial suede are distinguished by the fact that the material is more rigid to the touch and there are villi of different lengths over the entire surface.

Nubuck bags are very beautiful and have been popular lately. Nubuck — tanned polished leather, pleasant to the touch and soft, due to the fact that it remains a small, almost imperceptible pile. It is not difficult to distinguish natural nubuck from artificial: it absorbs water (unless treated with a special impregnation) and, unfortunately, wears out faster than its synthetic counterpart.

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