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Marchesa is like royalty! A little about the brand and its philosophy

Accessories, which will be discussed, are not suitable for everyone and not always. They are designed for special occasions and, perhaps, choosing such a handbag, many women are forced to choose a dress for her, and not vice versa. But it is unlikely that even one owner of a chic little thing from Marchesa will complain about such trifles. After all, the main advantage of these accessories is not even that they are charming. The main thing is that they will never let you forget that there is a place for a holiday in life!

Why is there a holiday — carnival, fireworks, starfall. In such an environment, everything created under the Marchesa brand is in its place. This is how all the creations of Georgina Chapman and Karen Craig, young fashion designers who founded the brand eight years ago, are conceived.

Eight years in the fashion world is not always considered an age. But not in this case. Over the years, girls who decided to create exceptionally chic, «piece» things managed to win recognition that many of their peers did not even dream of. For large social events, many stars consistently choose dresses and handbags from Marchesa. René Zellweger, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Kristen Stewart and many more have repeatedly shown their respect for the talent of fashion designers, demonstrating their creations on the red carpet.

Georgina and Keren became friends and like-minded people, having met at the London College of Art and Design, where they both mastered their favorite profession. In 2004, they created a joint brand, which was not destined to remain among the «young and unknown» for long. The brand owes its name to the interest of the founders in such a bright and unusual personality as Marquise Luisa Casati. This explains a lot: even a superficial acquaintance with the life and character of this extraordinary woman, you understand who inspired Marchesa fashion designers to exquisite originality and uncompromising luxury.

Initially, the main direction in the work of Marchesa was the creation of dresses — exclusively evening. Wedding models were also a success, many celebrities chose them for the main holiday of their lives. When accessories appeared, the public saw something completely unprecedented. These are not the handbags that you choose to exit from among many. This is a real work of art, under which you carefully select the occasion — is it important and solemn enough to take such a thing there?

The characteristic features of Marchesa clutches are rich decor, an abundance of shiny details (glass, metal, crystals, beads, etc.), embroideries, elegant chains, draperies, massive clasps, metal or quartz. Leather or fabric is used as the main material, which is either lavishly draped or decorated with incredible compositions of beads, crystals, and precious stones. The collections are dominated by delicate shades — milky, beige, gold, light blue, as well as strict, pure colors — white, black, gray. Of course, there are also brighter options, as, for example, in the latest collection — red, burgundy, blue. However, no matter how frankly the style of these things speaks of luxury, at Marchesa you will never find anything screaming or cutting your eyes. After all, they are for real ladies!



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