New collection Ors Oro 2017. Meet!

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The Grizzly online store already presents the Spring-Summer 2017 collection of bags and backpacks of this brand. Bestseller — women’s backpacks and bags made of eco-leather: bright, stylish, comfortable.

From hummingbird to glam rock

The first thing women pay attention to when choosing a bag or backpack is its color. A purchase should please the eye and warm the soul, and the designers of the new Ors Oro collection have successfully coped with this task. In the catalog you will find a variety of color options: the spring theme is fully represented by floral prints, fruit and berry motifs, glam rock style drawings, images of exotic birds.

Eco-leather bag Ors Oro D-035 will look great with jeans or a plain sundress (yellow, lilac, pink), light sandals or textile ballet flats.


Women’s eco-leather backpack Ors Oro D-040 is a spectacular combination of pink peony on a black background and gold fittings.


A miniature clutch bag Ors Oro D-017 with embroidery in the form of a hummingbird will give you a good mood for the whole day.


A variety of forms: shopper, pouch, clutch …

No less diverse are the shapes of Ors Oro bags. Postman bags are still popular. This season, the designers decided to revive them with bright woven belts, as in the Ors Oro D-031 model.


The classic medium-sized Ors Oro D-029 satchel bag looks unexpectedly fresh in soft lavender.


Clutch Ors Oro D-020, conceived in the minimalist tradition (minimum details, flat monochromatic version), sparkled with new colors, being decorated with stones and rivets.


And the lady’s bag OrsOro D-159 made of perforated eco-leather is more like a classic men’s suitcase in shape. True, its pale blue color immediately emphasizes: the owner of the bag is a subtle, sublime, feminine nature for one hundred percent.


Backpack lovers will like both classic models of a juicy range (blue backpack Ors Oro D-041, lilac backpack made of eco-leather Ors Oro D-257), and not quite ordinary options, for example, a light pink backpack Ors Oro D-263 in the form of a soft bag .

D-041_2.jpg D-257_2.jpg D-263_2.jpg.jpg

Texture: be in trend

The most popular materials for bags and backpacks have been textiles and eco-leather for several years now. The first is more often used when sewing youth sports bags and backpacks, as well as bags for laptops. Eco-leather is indispensable in the manufacture of women’s bags and elegant youth urban backpacks for women and girls. In the new Ors Oro collection, both textile models and eco-leather options are widely represented. And high-quality tailoring and excellent fittings provide durability and long wear to any bag or backpack.

For beloved customers

Please note that many models marked «new» in our online store are sold at a discounted price. We know how important it is for you to look perfect this spring, and therefore we can afford to give our customers a nice spring gift — discounts on bags and backpacks.

All models of backpacks and bags are made of certified environmentally friendly materials. To make it easier for you to choose, we have created the Our Partners page, which contains a list of stores selling certified Grizzly products in different regions of Russia. If you have any questions about placing an order, payment and delivery, call: the Grizzly bear team is ready to answer them!

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