Orange gloves

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Autumn and winter are exactly those times of the year when you especially want something warm and bright. Watch a bright, joyful film, pick up summer photos, eat a tangerine that looks like a small sun… Or, for example, buy orange gloves. So you will provide yourself with a great mood for every day, no matter how cold and gloomy the weather is.

Skillfully combining accessories with each other is an art that every woman strives to master. So, if you wish, you can create a very beautiful and original ensemble of gloves and a bag. The trend of the 2010-2011 season is red, orange, terracotta bags, and in combination with them, gloves of this color will be a spectacular and original accessory. And its owner will definitely not go unnoticed in the crowd of passers-by. Look bright and summery against the backdrop of winter landscapes — what could be better?




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