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The main purpose of a purse and a wallet is the same — to store money. But, nevertheless, there are significant differences between them, which make it possible to divide objects similar in purpose and appearance into different subgroups.

purse and wallet

The main difference between a purse and a wallet is the smaller size. As for the purpose, the purse is probably still closer to the wallet, as it is used mainly for storing small papers, business cards, checks, bank cards and banknotes. The function of storing metal coins is the exclusive “privilege” of wallets, which have a special compartment for these purposes. Historically, the purse was intended for storing metal coins.

It is believed that the purse is a purely masculine item, but it should be noted that there are also purses designed for ladies, as a rule, they are distinguished by grace and brighter colors. A men’s purse is, first of all, the status of its owner. Perhaps that is why special excesses are not allowed here in order to show the seriousness of the owner’s character. The color range for men’s purses also does not differ in variety. Dark (black, brown) and less often light (gray, yellow) shades predominate.

brown wallets and purses

As for ladies’ purses, there can be any shapes, colors and decorations. But how else, because women can do everything.

It should be noted that the boundaries between modern wallets, wallets and purses are very arbitrary. Since most of these items have compartments for storing paper money and metal coins, and even without compartments for small papers and various cards and business cards, not a single wallet or purse can do.

In a purse intended for men, the compartment for metal coins is closed with a button, in the female version there is usually a latch, due to which, as it were, this item automatically goes into the category of wallets.

If a men’s purse can be called a «personal bank», then a similar item designed for ladies usually plays the role of not only a store of money, but often a notebook or cosmetic bag.
From the foregoing, it follows that there is no clear distinction between a purse and a wallet.

black wallets and purses

There are only some main signs of a wallet and a purse:
— the wallet must have a compartment for coins, but the purse may not have it;
— in the purse, the compartment for small things closes with a button, and in the wallet there is usually a latch;
— the wallet without fail has a common clasp, which cannot be said about the purse, where it may not be;
— a purse is still a ladies’ item, and a purse can be both ladies’ and men’s;
— the dimensions of the women’s purse and wallet are larger than the dimensions of the men’s purse.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what exactly your “own portable bank” is called, the main thing is that it is convenient for you and of high quality in operation.

A little about the purse — a beautiful and comfortable «housing» for your money

Money, money, money… We talk about them all the time, we often complain that there are not as many of them as we would like. But when they are available, we often treat them downright disrespectful. We crumple, put it in pockets or bags … Yes, yes, as it turns out in practice, not every person has such a necessary and convenient item as a purse. And this is a rather unfortunate omission, because we are talking not only about a functional, but also a beautiful thing. And most importantly, fashionable — no matter what year it is and what season it is.

red wallets and wallets

Once upon a time, wallets were one of the obligatory attributes of wealthy people. Today, this accessory is used by everyone who appreciates comfort, order in everything and good style. Expensive leather wallets adorn the collections of eminent, world-famous designers, and fashion lovers often have several items from different manufacturers in their arsenal.

For lovers of luxury, brands such as Philip Laurence, Diesel, Mexx, and some others mean a lot. It is these manufacturers that delight the world with the release of the most prestigious and stylish wallets. Banknotes, credit cards, especially important business cards, a photo of a loved one — all this is neatly arranged in pockets and compartments. And how nice, when paying, to get a credit card from a chic leather purse, the appearance of which speaks for itself!

The main rule when choosing a men’s leather purse is the strict correspondence of its appearance to your image. Or rather, those details of clothing and accessories that are also made of leather. Shoes, a business briefcase and even a belt should ideally be in tune with a small but so important attribute. And what do you think — to look stylish is worth some effort for a modern person.

whiskey wallets and purses

What materials are wallets made from? The main ones are pork, calfskin, snakeskin. Reptile skin is considered the most expensive and luxurious material. Inexpensive models can be sewn simply from leatherette or pressed leather.

Do not confuse a purse with a classic wallet. The wallet does not have a pocket for coins and as many different compartments as in a purse. In addition, purses are both male and female, while a wallet is originally a male accessory, although today women’s wallets are sometimes called wallets.

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