Review of the new collection of bags and backpacks Ors Oro «Autumn-Winter 2017-2018»

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Review of the new collection of bags and backpacks Ors Oro

Collection of women’s bags made of eco-leather «Autumn-Winter 2017-2018»

It seems that the designers who created the models thought about all the potential customers, about each one separately. Among the models of the coming season, there is sure to be a bag that can complete any look. Roomy shoppers, elegant clutches and baguettes, elegant kellies — the collection includes bags with a playful, frivolous design for young girls and more restrained, classic models for adult women.

In the new season, the Ors Oro brand relies on quality and practicality. The material of products — eco-leather — is artificial, but its characteristics are identical to natural. Thousands of animals, including those listed in the Red Book, got a chance to save their populations. Eco-leather does not contain polyvinyl chloride; it is a frost-resistant cotton-based polyurethane, and there is no demolition. Rainy autumn and snowy winter do not affect presentability in any way. Models of women’s bags are varied in style, size and «character»; goes well with coats and jackets.

Autumn promises to be bright, painted in fashionable shades of Ors Oro bags — fuchsia, coffee, gray graphite, lavender, turquoise, orange. In a few months, the Year of the Yellow Dog will begin. A beautiful bag of rich cognac color (model D-411) will be an excellent gift for a girl in accordance with the Eastern calendar.


Black bags of strict styles that have become classics have not gone out of fashion for several decades now. There are a lot of them in the collection of the upcoming season — not only black, but also gray, beige and other basic colors. They have a rigid frame, keep their shape well, regardless of the filling, have one or two internal compartments, pockets for the phone, keys and other small things. Elegant fittings, reliable zippers and two runners for convenience. The short handles are complemented by a shoulder strap with a carabiner.

The snap lock briefcase (D-420) is a practical choice for those who deal with a lot of documents, while the playful handbag (D-407) will delight the girl who loves to be the center of attention and loves to party.

Women's bag D-420.jpg Women's bag D-407.jpg

Price range of products from the autumn-winter collection: 2178–4014 rubles.

Fashionable women’s backpacks Ors Oro

There is no way in the city without a backpack, so there are a lot of them in the new collection of the brand. The models are different, but they also have common features — a rectangular or domed shape, compact size, an abundance of functional pockets inside and out. Some models, such as the D-432 and D-435, have a flap valve on the outside.

Women's backpack D-432.jpg Women's backpack D-435.jpg

Backpacks of this brand, like bags, are made of eco-leather. The surface of the products is different: smooth, textured, glossy, matte. So, the model of the handbag D-436 imitates the skin of a reptile. The backpack looks stylish in any of the three color options.

For this autumn and winter, the brand has prepared a line of solid-color urban backpacks in rich colors — red, green, coffee with milk, pale pink, blue, etc. More naughty models attract with interesting prints — ethnic patterns, floral and animal motifs. With such a backpack (D-460), winter will definitely not be boring. Rhinestones, large patch pockets with the brand’s emblem, decorative zippers make Ors Oro backpacks recognizable among dozens and hundreds of others. They do not get wet in the rain, and dirty splashes are easily removed from them with a damp sponge.

Price range: 2466–4300 rubles.

For men

Take a look at model D-425. For its tailoring, a smooth matte black eco-leather was chosen. Inside there are two compartments separated by a partition and two inside pockets. On the back of the backpack there is a pocket with a zipper. The product is closed by means of the valve on magnetic buttons. The simple design allows you to quickly find the phone or key holder inside. The model will elegantly complement the image in a sporty style or casual.

Men's backpack D-425.jpg

Those who like sling backpacks are recommended to pay attention to the D-423 model. Comfortable variant with one shoulder strap and quick access to the main compartment. To take something out of such a backpack, you do not need to drop the strap — just twist the product onto your chest and open the zipper. Lightweight and compact, it does not interfere with active movements, even cycling or skateboarding. Model D-424 has similar advantages.

Men's backpack D-423.jpg

Price range: 1978–3726 rubles.

In order to replenish your own collection of bags and backpacks with Ors Oro novelties, you do not need to indulge in tedious shopping in the shops of the city. In Grizzlyshop, you can order licensed products of a well-known brand «first hand» and at manufacturer’s prices.

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