Styles of bags and shoes 2012

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So the warm summer days are over, it’s time to put sandals, sundresses and light dresses in the wardrobe until next season. Autumn is coming, we must meet it with dignity, that is, fashionably dressed. And now — it’s time to figure out what will be fashionable in the fall of 2012.

Bags style 2011

Let’s be optimistic, get ready for the magical, warm start of autumn. Ankle boots are perfect for this time. They look perfect with everything: a dress, a skirt, and trousers are perfect for them. Good news for lovers of exquisite details: the fashion of autumn 2012 recommends ankle boots with unusual textures in a wide variety of color combinations, with ribbons or lacing. Those who love rhinestones and other bold details of shoe decor — go ahead, fashion is on your side!

Let’s not let the autumn depression immerse ourselves in dullness, routine and boredom! To combat it, we will get our best stilettos, which, by the way, are back in fashion. However, the hairpin is not the only favorite of the season. Thick heels are also relevant. Their practical and comfortable form is perfect for those who want to stand confidently on their feet, meeting autumn. In addition, thick heels are perfect for a 50s style that does not go unnoticed. And another option is wedge shoes, and of any shape (complex geometry, imitation of a heel and other design delights). And for dry, sunny days, we will prepare fabric shoes and ankle boots that are fashionable this season.

Recently, wearing men’s clothing is considered very fashionable. And the autumn season of 2012 is no exception here. Men’s boots in the women’s wardrobe are another fashion trend for fall 2012. They look great with trouser suits and tailored bags. Moreover, the style of «military» is now in vogue.

Rubber boots, which in the spring of 2012 were simply in great demand (queues in stores and even at factories producing such shoes will remain in our memory for a long time), are not going to give up. Indeed, this is how you can save your favorite leather pair of boots until better (that is, dry or snowy) times. Rubber boots have become so different, interesting, unusual colors, and many models have even got heels. Over the knee boots, and very different ones, are also the trend of the autumn season 2012. They can be both classic and extravagant, for example, with lacing.

Style 2011 bags

As for bags, autumn fashion welcomes a wide variety of their styles. Large bags, so popular lately, do not lose their relevance. And what else does a modern busy woman need, who has “the whole life” in her purse? So without hesitation, we buy new ones or take out our favorite big bags from the wardrobe!

Clutches and all kinds of variations on this theme are popular, decorated with beads, rhinestones or just original key rings. And for those who appreciate comfort and like to keep their hands free — backpacks. They are very popular this fall.

Materials for bags are very diverse. Leather, varnish or fur — decide for yourself! Any colors and sizes, complete freedom of choice.

And finally, a little more about fashion trends this fall. Fur is a trendy material for finishing both shoes and bags. The most daring fur experiments are welcome. Fur promises to be a hit in 2012. You can start wearing it right now to enter the fashion season before anyone else!

Autumn time, eyes charm … So let’s meet her beautifully. After all, the instruction on how to meet her has already been received! Good luck!

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