Stylish bags for all occasions

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What does buying a new bag mean for you — a whim or an urgent need? To understand this, just look at the bags that you already have. What if something is missing? So, in the arsenal of every woman there must be a stylish bag for …

Stylish bags… wearing every day. And it doesn’t matter if you study or work, and if you work, then where. The fact is that this bag is so neutral that it fits in any situation. Special features: long handle that is adjustable, calm, neutral color, spaciousness, the presence of several compartments and pockets. Excluded: bright colors, lack of secure fasteners.

… office. Often this is a briefcase bag, but options are also possible. The main thing is that the model should not be catchy, suitable for documents and have several compartments. Special features: predominantly rigid shapes, classic colors, material — leather, smooth or patent. Excluded: colored models, bag-bags.

… recreation. If you are going to buy a bag of this type, it is worth considering that rest is not always a walk or a trip to the cinema. Country trips, a weekend in the country, a picnic with friends — these types of recreation require a truly comfortable stylish bag. Color and style — completely at the discretion of the owner. Special features: spaciousness, comfortable handles, pockets and compartments — as many as you need. There are no exceptions other than the small size.

… release. A classic of the genre is a clutch, but you should not deprive of attention of many other models, elegant, miniature and charming. Do not forget, however, that the volume of the handbag should still allow you to fit the most necessary things in it: for example, a mirror, powder, lipstick, a mobile phone. Distinguishing features: shiny jewelry, elegance, small size. Excluded: vulgar colors, models for every day.

Stylish bags

… shopping. The favorite pastime of the vast majority of women, of course, requires a special bag. The main condition here is convenience. The colors and style should be such that they do not remind the hostess too much of the harsh everyday life and office vigil. A colored bag will be in place, most importantly, do not forget about compatibility with clothes and shoes. Special features: comfortable long handles (to be worn on the shoulder), zipper or magnet as a fastener. Excluded: small handbags, briefcases.

So, choosing a stylish bag is not so difficult. The main thing is to know for what purposes it will serve you.

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