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Bottega Veneta bags in woven leatherAccording to the well-known New York «Institute of Luxury», the most beloved brand of the wealthiest and most modern women in the world is Bottega Veneta. As has been customary for a long time, every year the institute publishes a ranking of the most popular global brands, while conducting a wide survey of wealthy buyers from the United States. In 2009, the first place in this ranking was taken by the Italian brand, which became famous all over the world thanks to the successful use of woven leather.

Bottega Veneta produces the most original and durable accessories, as well as fine and luxurious clothes. According to numerous respondents, Bottega Veneta is very different from other global brands with its amazing identity and unique originality, given the sad fact that almost all other well-known global brands are starting to look more and more like each other every year.

How did this most popular modern brand appear? The traditions of the recognized unique brand Bottega Veneta have been developing and creating for a very, very long time — almost several centuries. Bottega Veneta bags make just such a lasting impression on connoisseurs and consumers, although the brand itself is quite young, and it has not existed for even half a century. Only 40 years have passed since the creation of the Bottega Veneta brand, and it has grown from a small workshop, as, indeed, so many other brands in Italy. The workshop, which now carries out numerous orders for Giorgio Armani and other very famous fashion houses, was founded in the Italian city of Vicenza only in 1966.

Bottega Veneta's unique handbags are loved all over the world

As an independent brand, the Bottega Veneta brand became known only a decade later — in the 70s. The then well-designed wicker bag, which had a rectangular shape and two short handles, quickly brought Bottega Veneta well-deserved worldwide fame. This bag, very similar to a charming basket, was called Sabat — two craftsmen wove it from leather strips folded in a special way into four layers in two days. Honing his craft over the next thirty years, Bottega Veneta continues to create bags, clothes and shoes using a very old weaving technique called «intrecciato».Reese Witherspoon with a Bottega Veneta bag

The victorious ascent of the Italian brand to world fame began in 2001. By this time, she had already become one of the most important parts of the financial and industrial group «Gucci» (Gucci). By the time Bottega Veneta flourished, four main brands had the status of the most famous and world-famous fashion houses: Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Prada. But this «great four» still had to make some room after the appointment of Thomas Mayer to the post of creative director of the Bottega Veneta brand.

Thomas Mayer previously worked as a designer of women’s leather accessories at Hermes, and gave her nine years in this field until he began working with Bottega Veneta. The three main rules that Thomas Mayer follows in his work are the luxury of materials, the simplicity of design and the complexity of technology. These rules were the basis for the development of all products of the Bottega Veneta brand, and it was thanks to them that such a new concept as «demi-couture» (clothes of high quality) was successfully introduced into fashion.

Bottega Veneta’s unique woven bags, as well as handmade leather «lace» embroidered wallets and the brand’s carefully crafted shoes, have always been distinguished by the complexity and painstaking finish and execution. The very minimum of decorative elements along with the simple form of products create an exceptionally presentable appearance. That is why many people are ready to give several thousand dollars for one accessory of this famous brand without regret.

Today, Bottega Veneta handbags are preferred by such famous Hollywood stars as Pamela Anderson, Rene Zellweger, Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston. However, this list of celebrities in love with this particular brand is far from complete.

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