TOP 10 gadgets for a comfortable trip

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Convenient clutch

While at the airport, it is important to have air tickets, passports and money on hand. For these purposes, it is convenient to use a small clutch bag, where, among other things, a mobile phone, business card holder, and bank cards are placed. Many compartments allow you to neatly place everything without the risk of losing the most valuable thing — passports and money. The clutch is more suitable for women, it is an analogue of the men’s borset. Both are in the quick access zone.

Clutch for documents.jpg

Quality headphones

Those devices that are issued on planes often do not stand up to scrutiny. In order to fully listen to music, watch movies or simply fall asleep among crying children, you need good wireless headphones. Which model of headphones to take with you — full-size, overhead or earbuds, depends on how often and deeply a person is going to «dive» into listening. Be that as it may, this thing is a must when traveling.

Headphones wireless.jpg

Personal disinfector

The new generation of antiseptics are no longer bottles of hand sanitizer gel. It is a pocket-sized device with a UV lamp that only takes a few seconds to kill 99.9% of bacteria. They can disinfect not only hands, but also bed linen, table surfaces, dishes, etc. Bacteria and viruses are powerless before it, and travelers receive reliable protection against dust and encephalitis mites, E. coli, mold spores, influenza viruses and other infections . This is especially important for those who are prone to allergic reactions, have a weak immune system, or travel with children.

Portable Disinfector.jpg

Outdoor Multi-Adapter

In many countries of the world, there are other than ours, the parameters of electrical networks. In particular, in North America, where the voltage in the network is not 220, but 110 volts. And if you do not have the right adapter with you, you will have to spend several hours or days looking for it in specialized stores. Fortunately, there is a universal multi-adapter that can be successfully used in more than a hundred countries. When going abroad, be sure to take it with you to avoid unproductive loss of time. Especially if you have a business trip, and not a serene vacation with a lot of free time.


Portable charger

Often on vacation there are situations when there is nowhere to charge the phone. There may not be an outlet nearby; it may be busy or not working. Such situations are by no means uncommon at airports in different countries. It is even more difficult for those who go on a hike, where it will be difficult to find the usual attributes of civilization. But there is a way out — a portable charger, small and remote. Despite its compact size, its power is enough for two full charges of the iPhone. The device will become an indispensable assistant in the country, where electricity may be absent for various reasons.

Portable adapter.jpg

Chin pad

U-shaped pillows under the head are already yesterday. In truth, they were of little use, and they provided purely symbolic convenience. The innovative hammock pillow does not support the back of the head, but the chin, contributing to a healthy, good rest. It does not allow you to drop or throw back your head and, moreover, adapts to the contours of the body. A person simply sleeps reclining with the same comfort as if it were not in transport, but at home in his bed. In the event of an emergency, a special valve is activated that disconnects the attachment of the pillow to the back of the seat in an airplane or bus.

Chin pillow.jpeg

Portable baggage finder

Avid travelers often face the loss of luggage at the airport. With today’s hectic air travel schedules, this happens all the time, even with highly rated airlines. More precisely, it does not even depend on the airline, but on the services of the airport. Searching for suitcases can take from several hours to several days. An electronic beacon, placed in a travel bag in advance, will not speed up their search, but it will tell the owner the location of the luggage. The gadget works through a cellular connection and transmits information to a phone number. A miniature device the size of a pack of cigarettes operates on two batteries.

Portable Baggage Finder.jpg

swiss army knife

Why military? Because he knows how to do everything — open bottles and cans, cut wood chips for a fire, play the role of an awl, screwdriver, tweezers and even a toothpick. Without him away from home as without hands. Interestingly, in Switzerland itself, the knife was never used as a military weapon, but only as an auxiliary tool. It is easily recognizable by its red handle with the coat of arms of Switzerland. Unfortunately, it cannot be carried in carry-on baggage, and this should be kept in mind when packing luggage before traveling.

Swiss Army Knife.jpg

Smart watch

Smart watch synchronization technology with a smartphone makes them look like fitness trackers. The watch has access to a number of mobile phone functions. With their help, you can call, send messages, while all important information will be at hand in the truest sense of the word. The watch can act as a pocket translator and run mobile applications.

Smart watch.jpeg

Comfortable backpack

A backpack as hand luggage is ideal for traveling by plane, bus, train. Especially, one with many compartments and an anatomical back that evenly distributes the load. A good volume (20 l) allows you to take it anywhere — on a tour, business trip or hike. And the abundance of large and small pockets inside and out contributes to the safety of all kinds of gadgets, from phones and tablets to adapters and chargers. Thanks to the pleasant design and neutral colors, the backpack is suitable for men and women.

Men's backpack RU-701-1_1.jpg Men's backpack RU-701-1_1_3.jpg Men's backpack RU-701-1_1_4.jpg

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