Trendy colors fall-winter 2017/2018

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Trendy colors fall-winter 2017/2018

Today we will talk about the trendy colors of autumn-winter 2017-2018 and choose for you the coolest accessory from our collection. Cheer up, fashionistas!

What Pantone, well-known in wide circles, says

The American Pantone Color Institute is who you can (and should!) trust when compiling trendy bows. After all, it is this team of professionals that explores trends in color, analyzing the colors that prevail at the latest shows of eminent Fashion Houses.

Previously, Pantone specialists studied the collections presented at New York Fashion Week. But in 2017, they took it a step further, bringing London screenings to their analysis.

So, now the color palette is based on the results of not only American representatives of the fashion market, but also European ones.

This cold season, fashion has distinguished itself with extraordinary brightness and warmth. It is even slightly unusual to see such selections of colors, because we are used to wearing something black, brown, neutral in autumn and winter.


bright red grenadinea charming and sizzling look, and also very sexy and pretentious — this color is now at the height of fashion.

If you are embarrassed to wear clothes of such a defiant color, feel free to choose a backpack or bag in the color of grenadine.


Looks like burgundy will never go out of style. At least for several seasons in a row it can be found among the most-most popular. Remember at least the sensational Marsala. Today, according to Pantone, burgundy with an eggplant undertone is in trend. The Pantones also call it Tawny Port. This color looks noble and elegant. As a rule, it looks organically on girls 25+.

The Grizzly Bear also has fashionable burgundy accessories in store for you. Take a closer look at this city backpack (suitable for men too), made in the color-blocking style, and this one — purely feminine, with fashionable fluffy down.

orange brown colors

In the selection from Pantone, we see two colors in this palette at once — light Butterum and more intense autumn maple.

The first is sandy, warm nude. Combines with almost any other colors. Autumn Mapple — bright, like a yellowed maple leaf. In fact, the color is named after him.

In our collection there is a 100% hit in this trend — a beige women’s handbag Ors Oro with a slight pink tint. Everything as Pantone ordered!

And if you like bright red colors — look here. 😉

Blue-green palette

Pantone pleased the girls of all color types, as green and blue are presented very widely and even, one might say, in contrast: shaded spruce (like a dark spruce) golden lime (lime with unexpected gilding), Marina (catchy blue, similar to an electrician, but more subdued), Navy Peony (blue peony). Phew, just choose and try on!

In our «lair» of the Grizzly bear cub there are a lot of products in different interpretations of these fashionable colors. How about a blue eco-leather backpack or a gold-lime shoe bag, huh?

Other calm and gentle colors

In this category, we have included two light and neutral colors from Pantone’s top ten. So, it’s pink and grey.

Pink is represented by pale Ballet Slipper. It is so pleasing to the eye that it breaks all stereotypes about pretentious and glamorous pink!

Gray color of the season 2017-2018 (Neutral Gray) can be called neutral. He seems to be “no”, “dusty”, but at the same time creates the basis for a steep bow.

What a coincidence — our gray-pink suitcase fits these two descriptions perfectly! Create fashionable images on vacation.


Versatility, surprise and nostalgia for a bright summer — this is how you can describe the autumn-winter trends in color this year. With such colors, you can safely create incredible images and create your own fashion story. And we, the Grizzly team, will be happy to help you with this!

Get acquainted with new collections in the online catalog, buy new items, subscribe to news — and we will always be together! After all, «Grizzly you friends»! 😉

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