Types of men’s bags

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A practical bag with a classic rectangular shape, with slightly rounded corners. Material — genuine leather or high-quality leatherette, popular colors — black, brown, dark cherry. Mandatory elements are several internal compartments, pockets, a comfortable handle and a shoulder strap. A briefcase is the choice of business people, allowing them to carry documents and emphasizing the status of the owner. It is combined with expensive suits and shirts.


messenger bag

Despite the fact that this type of bag is inferior in capacity to a briefcase, its popularity is no less. The messenger contains a diary, textbooks, notes — everything a student needs. And most importantly, it can be worn on the shoulder strap and combined with any clothing — even with a business suit, even with jeans and a T-shirt.


Postman’s bag

Another favorite option for students, the prototype of which was the mail bag. Traditionally, they were made of leather, with a large front lid in the form of a valve, protecting the contents from the weather and prying eyes. These bags go well with casual and business dress code.

Postman's bag.jpg

Bag — tablet

Its distinctive characteristic is the vertical format and the size containing A4 documents. It does not have a front lid-valve, like a postman’s bag. It closes with a zipper and is popular with the stronger sex due to its compactness and spaciousness. On the streets of modern cities, tablets are perhaps more common than other types of bags. In 2017, they are decorated with patches with the name of the design house.


Holdall or carryall — leather travel bag

Modern men travel a lot. On a business trip or vacation, they usually take a capacious and stylish bag with them. Previously, they were made unsightly and baggy, but today, thanks to the efforts of famous designers, travel bags look very impressive. Holdall and carryall are also suitable for going to a fitness club.


camera bag

The bag really resembles a camera case and is shaped like a cube with rounded corners. Functionally, it is an analogue of a messenger and, thanks to the many pockets and compartments, it is very convenient for tourists and travelers. The bag can be recommended to anyone who carries various little things with them — keys, documents, business cards, etc.


Document folder

It is very important for a business person to keep documents and important papers in order. Folders serve this purpose, allowing you to organize business documents and keep them in order. Their features are a strict design, a clear geometry and a color scheme typical for business accessories (black, brown, burgundy). A folder made of genuine leather is a status touch to the image of a business person.


Case, or «diplomat»

Cases are most often bought by businessmen and people who deal with a large number of documents. Inside the «diplomat» there is one large compartment and several pockets. Its capacity is limited, but the degree of security is high due to combination locks. An ideal choice for business trips and business trips.



For several years now, backpacks have been at the forefront of fashion. On a camping trip, office, fitness club, out of town, meeting with friends — a modern man has hundreds of reasons to take it with him. A city dweller with an active lifestyle is forced to simultaneously carry business papers, a tablet or laptop, sports equipment and many other important little things. Backpacks today are produced with many compartments, pockets, including for computer equipment and chargers for it.


Transformer bag or backpack bag

The trend of 2017 and the original version of the backpack, which can be turned into a bag at any time. Equipped with shoulder straps and soft comfortable handle. A transforming bag is chosen by active men who value functionality and comfort. A distinctive detail of fashionable models is the presence of lingering laces and valve straps.



In the world of big business, the appearance of a man plays one of the most important roles. Going on a business trip, to a business meeting in another city or country, businessmen take a business suit with them. The bag for its transportation is called a portlet and is a folding cover for clothes. Some portlet models are also equipped with a compartment for a pair of shoes.


Laptop bag

The rapid development of information technology has added work to designers. There was a need for special laptop bags, and demand quickly found supply. A textile laptop bag is inexpensive and goes with any style of clothing. Leather — allows you to look expensive and elegant.

Laptop bag.jpeg


One of the modern fashion trends, the “for everything” bag is very much in demand today. Women were the first to pay attention to such models, but the designers did not stop there and created similar models for the stronger sex. A large bag with an open top can be seen today in men who want to keep up with fashion.


Belt bag

Sports style in clothes extends to accessories. One of them is a waist bag, which — as the name suggests — is worn on the belt. Its advantage is that it leaves hands free; You can take it with you for a morning run or bike ride. The waist bag is also suitable for various trips and hiking trips. Depending on the size and degree of fullness, it can be placed at the waist, on the thigh or just below the abdomen.



For many, handbags are associated with the dashing nineties and therefore cause rejection. However, in order to keep all the necessary little things close at hand — keys, phones, credit cards, business cards, etc. — there is no accessory more convenient. In addition, the borsets are stylish, because they are made of good leather and look quite elegant.



Until recently, at the mention of a clutch, the imagination drew the image of a tiny satin handbag, decorated with rhinestones or ruffles. Now these accessories are also made for men. Compact and light, they look different — more strictly, without decorations.


We hope that our classification will help you make the right choice of a men’s bag.

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