Types of women’s bags

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frame bag (hard bag) — a model in a business style on a rigid basis, but with rounded corners. Some kind of compromise between the office dress code and the requirements of femininity. Keeps the shape, allows you to carry documents in it without fear of wrinkling. Depending on the material of the top and design, it can be everyday and evening.


bucket (bucket) — has a round bottom and high walls, giving it a resemblance to a bucket. Despite the unsightly name, the model is extremely popular with young people due to its spaciousness. Material — textile, eco-leather, suede, etc.

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Home (dome) — a bulk bag with a rectangular hard bottom, four walls in the form of a dome and two comfortable handles. It usually has one large compartment and a zipper.


Baguette (baguette) — a model of an elongated shape, sometimes so oblong that it is really possible to put the bakery product of the same name into it. It has three characteristic differences: the width is at least twice the height; rounded bottom edges and a beautiful buckle. There are no handles, instead a short strap. The trend of 2017 is models decorated with fur, with animal print under the skin of reptiles and leopards.


tote (carry bag) — a roomy model with a simple design, a practical option for everyday use. Inside it has one compartment, where a lot of things are placed, including business papers, a tablet, a cosmetic bag, etc. The shape is rectangular, there are two small handles, the top is open.


Clutch (clutch) — an essential accessory of the evening image of the fair sex. A small handbag has no handles, but a long metal chain is usually present as a decorative piece. Clutches are similar to a wallet or cosmetic bag, but they look more catchy and do not go out of fashion for decades. The trend of 2017 is bright colors, floral motifs.

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Cigar box — a small decorative bag for evening outings, similar to a box, decorated with a buckle, rhinestones, glass beads, ribbons. It has no special functional purpose, it plays the role of a fashion accessory.

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Wristlet bag (ristlet) — the same clutch, only with a small strap that allows you to put the model on your wrist or fasten it to your waist with a waist belt. Ristlet leaves hands free, so it is an excellent choice for walking and traveling.


Pouch bag (pouch) — a small soft handbag with a rich decor, tightened at the top with a cord, ribbon or chain, pulled through a drawstring. Everyday models of pouches are sewn from leather, suede; smart — from velvet and satin; decorated with embroidery, rhinestones, glass beads.


Jelly Bag — a large and roomy bag made of transparent plastic or other waterproof material. Everything you need for sea and sunbathing is put in it: a towel, sunblock, a comb, magazines, etc. There are bags of “transformer” models that unfold and are used as a beach rug. They are made from jute or straw.


Duffel bag (travel bag) — the model is named after the Belgian city where a durable tarpaulin-type fabric was developed. The bag is designed to carry luggage, it has a lot of large and small pockets on the outside. Some models are equipped with wheels for ease of movement.


flap bag — a flat bag-envelope of a rectangular shape with a triangular valve. Some minimalism of shapes and lines is more than offset by bright colors and eye-catching decor. Therefore, the scope of the model goes far beyond the office style.


Hobo (tramp bag) — a model resembling a wanderer’s bundle; a large crescent-shaped bag. Despite such a dubious characteristic, fashionistas around the world adore it for its spaciousness and versatility. There is a huge variety of hobo bags that differ in size, color and handle length. And they all look stylish in empty and filled form.


Kelly bag (Kelly) — named after the great Grace Kelly, famous actress and wife of the Prince of Monaco. The model appeared almost a century ago, but to this day it is the standard of good taste and elegance. The bag has a trapezoid shape, a handle and a shoulder strap; It has two metal fasteners on the front.


Messenger (messenger) — a common version of a roomy bag. Depending on the design, it can resemble a school bag or a postman’s or courier’s bag. It has a semi-rigid frame and an adjustable strap. The model has been at the peak of urban fashion for quite some time, and 2017 is no exception. Messenger is a great addition to your casual look.


Field Bag — a tablet in a vertical or horizontal format made of thick fabric, reminiscent of a traditional postman or military bag, only smaller. Usually has a rigid frame, made of leather or tarpaulin-type material.


Minaudiere (reticule) — a small handbag, a bright accessory for an evening outfit. It has a well-defined shape and rich decor in the form of a scattering of semi-precious stones, beads, pieces of metal — everything that beautifully shines and shimmers in the neon light of a nightclub and disco.


Muff — a bag of a special style with a clutch to hide your hands from the cold. A stylish alternative to gloves and mittens that need to be put on and taken off. The model has a long strap for carrying over the shoulder and often a pocket with a zipper for various little things.


Trapezoid Bag — a model of a trapezoidal shape with protruding corners in the upper part. Fashionable geometry is not the only advantage of the bag. It is also characterized by contrasting colors, a combination of different materials and textures. This bag is the perfect complement to a business or casual look.

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sports bag — soft capacious model for trips to the fitness club; practical, designed for intensive use. It is usually sewn from artificial waterproof fabrics, it is perfectly washable, dries quickly, repels dirt and dust. Often bears the logo of a famous brand.


Backpack — backpack, shoulder bag with double shoulder straps for carrying on two or one shoulder. It happens tourist, sports and urban. An extremely popular option for girls and young women, as it leaves hands free and eliminates the risk of scoliosis. In 2017, the backpack is still present in the collections of fashion designers.


shopper (shopping bag) — a capacious model of the simplest design with one large compartment. The shape is rectangular or square, the material is textile or eco-leather, there is no fastener. Appointment follows from the name: shopping, walks around the city.


Ring Bag — model with ring handles made of plastic, metal, straw or bamboo. If your basic wardrobe seems too boring for you, try to dilute it with a colorful Ring Bag and enjoy the effect.


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