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Full catalog of umbrellas in the online store


So, if you are the owner of pale skin, then feel free to choose juicy, bright colors. Warm and rich tones of this useful accessory will suit you — orange, red, yellow, hot pink and deep brown umbrellas. If the capillaries on the face are located too close to the surface of the skin and the natural blush is always present on your cheeks, then you should stop your choice on cold tones — green, blue, blue. When choosing an umbrella, special attention should be paid to people of age — gray and cold tones can involuntarily add wrinkles and give the skin a painful shade.

Of course, in addition to colors, before buying, you need to pay attention to the quality of the umbrella. I note right away that a good women’s umbrella cannot be too cheap. The average price of a good umbrella is 60-80 euros, cheaper umbrellas, as a rule, do not last very long. Brands such as Moschino, Ferre, Chantal Thomass will last more than five years. Umbrellas with a minimum number of fasteners are more reliable — i.e. a cane umbrella will last longer than a folding umbrella. But a folding umbrella has its undeniable advantages — it is more mobile and convenient, if necessary, it can always be hidden in a small women’s handbag.


Separately, it is worth discussing the material from which umbrellas are made. The most practical good old nylon. He, of course, is rude, but the life of such an umbrella is five to seven years. More modern and gentle than nylon is polyester with the addition of cotton — it is also quite durable and strong material and its service life is quite high. The pongee material has an amazing property — water does not linger in it, but rolls off in drops. To the touch, pongee resembles raincoat fabric; the life of umbrellas from it reaches four to five years.Women's umbrella

The cheapest and most wearable material for making umbrellas is polyester. Be careful when buying an umbrella on the market — polyester is often passed off as silk or satin. However, its term is short, it quickly loses its marketable appearance and loses its waterproof properties if it is not properly dried.
Pay attention to the inside of the umbrella — the fabric must be firmly sewn to the knitting needles, and the knitting needles are covered with special caps. There should also be an insert on which the composition of the fabric from which the umbrella is made is written. The absence of such an insert indicates that the product is of poor quality. Separately, let’s talk about the rules for operating the umbrella. It is not recommended to fold it when wet, as the fabric may lose its waterproof properties and begin to let water through. It is necessary to dry the umbrella not fully open so that the fabric does not stretch and does not begin to sag. Do not leave an umbrella near heaters, otherwise the fabric will shrink.

Umbrellas can be maintained with soapy water. To do this, the umbrella is soaked in warm soapy water, and then rinsed open under running water.

List of the best brands for women’s umbrellas:





Gallinoni Italy

frei RegenSwitzerland

Three elephants — Japan

Ceniro — Japan




Magic RainAustria


Knirps — Germany

Happy rain — Germany

Rain bow — Germany

FultonGreat Britain

ZestGreat Britain

AirtonGreat Britain

PrizeGreat Britain

EdminsGreat Britain

Fox UmbrellaGreat Britain




Umbrellas FornasettiItaly

Umbrellas SergioItaly

Umbrellas TeachingItaly

Vogue umbrellas — Spain

Umbrellas M&P — Spain

Umbrellas Bissetti — Spain

Umbrellas Cavalli — China

Umbrellas IVS — Sweden

Many of these companies produce high-quality umbrellas with an «anti-wind» system that are resistant to eversion of the canopy in strong winds.

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