Valentino leather bags: brand history

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Leather bags. How many women all over the world confess their love to these wonderful gizmos every day, acquiring them and making them the pride of their wardrobe. Moreover, sometimes regardless of the price — well, what if you liked it! And the products of some brands do not need advertising at all. They dream of acquiring them, they are ready to give any money for them, they are demonstrated with undisguised pleasure in their own blogs, on forums, showing in the photo. And, of course, in the old fashioned way, offline — just when meeting with friends, colleagues, acquaintances… Leather bags from Valentino belong to this category — for many years they have been sincerely loved by the beautiful half of humanity. And, regardless of whether new collections appear or the famous couturier says goodbye to the fashion world, these things will never lose the popularity they once deserved.

The creator of the legendary brand was born in 1932, in a small Italian town near Milan. If the parents of little Valentino Garavani knew how their child would shine in the most fashionable city in Italy! However, they probably guessed about the wonderful future of their son, because from an early age he showed interest in everything related to fashion. As a young man, he came to France, where he worked in Parisian fashion ateliers, and a few years later he returned to Italy and started his own business. 1962 was a turning point for the young Valentino — his first show took place, immediately after which they started talking about the young fashion designer. To have such success at 30 is not bad, whatever you say. Since then, the rays of glory have not ceased to warm Valentino Garavani for a minute.

A dress for Jacqueline Kennedy, the Neiman Marcos award, the creation of a Valentino perfume, the opening of a fashion academy… Years of hard work are behind the designer’s success, but his happy fans have a pleasant opportunity to enjoy the fruits of this work, seeing in them only talent, a flight of fancy, impeccability the taste of the author. What are only leather bags created by a fashion designer over the years. Their amazing feature lies in the fact that sometimes the most unpretentious, it would seem, features form the idea of ​​a unique accessory.

Many leather bags of this brand have the usual classic shape, are made in the same color scheme, but they are absolutely not like anything else. What’s the secret? Some minor detail can turn a rather modest model into a real discovery, a novelty that will make a splash! Embroidery, finishing, accessories, pleats — the fashion maestro knows where and how to apply the necessary «ingredient».

Brightness, luxury, bold solutions — for those who choose accessories according to these criteria, Valentino always has something suitable. Whatever mood may be seen in each of his masterpieces, one thing remains unchanged — beauty, harmony, style, femininity. The designer has repeatedly mentioned in interviews that a woman, in his opinion, should remain a woman — and the leather bags he created serve as proof that he really thinks so.

Do you love red, but suffer from the fact that it categorically does not suit you? Valentino believes that such a formulation has no right to exist: for any type of female appearance there is a suitable shade of red, and there are so many of them! The couturier himself loves red very much and pays tribute to it in numerous collections — both accessories and clothes. And one more thing: fur trim, black and white colors, flowers made of fabric and leather… It would seem that all this is not a revelation at all, but no one else can do it the way he does.

The year 2010 was marked by the creation of a collection of leather bags that will impress ladies of any age, character and style. Elegant models made of soft, thin leather in delicate beige and gray tones are for real ladies. Luxurious finishes, softness of tones, richness, combined with restraint, make up a palette of impeccable taste that any fan of Valentino’s talent will unmistakably recognize. One of the pearls of the collection is a tulle clutch, which looks like a weightless, airy bouquet in the hands of a charming owner. Yes, yes, every woman with such an accessory is charming by definition. Romantic and elegant, textile and leather bags are the epitome of femininity and sophistication, all the best that you would like to emphasize in your image.

Leather handbags from this brand are among the favorite accessories of celebrities. The familiar «V» logo now and then flashes at star parties, awards and just in the everyday life of the Hollywood beau monde. Fans of the brand — Sharon Stone, Jennifer Lopez, Courteney Cox, Gwyneth Paltrow. Chic things for chic women — this statement is read in every incarnation of the designer’s creative thought.



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