We are going on the road: how to choose the right suitcase?

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Even if you only travel once every few years, these rare trips will still require a bag or suitcase. Today, manufacturers offer a lot of options for transporting luggage: roomy travel bags, and suitcases, and suitcases with wheels and without. How to navigate in this sea of ​​proposals and choose what will be comfortable and convenient on the road?

Choosing a travel suitcase: why it is more convenient than a bag

Long gone are the days when a suitcase was something bulky and heavy. Modern models of suitcases make it easy to move with them even for fragile and short girls. The suitcase keeps its shape perfectly, things in it will remain neatly folded. The strong rigid walls of the suitcase ensure that nothing inside breaks or breaks. The suitcase fits perfectly into the luggage box on a train or in the trunk of a car, and a small model with a capacity of 2.2 kg (Article: LT-596-20″) can be taken on an airplane as hand luggage.

Many suitcase models have zippered outer pockets. This is very convenient: in such a pocket you can put documents that should be at hand on the road (for example, tickets or a route map). And you can be sure that these documents will not be wrinkled. From the outer pocket, you can easily and quickly get a laptop, book or tablet if necessary, and for this you do not have to open the suitcase completely.

What are suitcases made of?

Genuine leather, the classic of the genre, is now inferior in popularity to other materials. Firstly, leather is expensive, which automatically translates such suitcases into the exclusive category. Secondly, a leather suitcase will be quite heavy, and this is not the most pleasant characteristic, because a light suitcase is a guarantee of comfort on a trip. Therefore, a leather suitcase can only be considered as a small carry-on case.

Plastic suitcases are very popular lately, but they also have a number of disadvantages. Even expensive plastic is often scratched or cracked. The exception is models reinforced with titanium shavings, but they are very expensive. In addition, plastic suitcases do not have external pockets, and are much heavier than fabric suitcases.

But suitcases made of fabric over the past years have remained a bestseller. Modern materials (nylon, polyester) are practical, durable, do not get wet or dirty due to special impregnations. The most convenient solution is to buy a cloth suitcase on wheels with a telescopic handle. The best option is not two, but four wheels, like the LT-590-20 model. If one or even two wheels fail, it will be easy for you to move the suitcase on the remaining two wheels.

Who are we buying the suitcase for?

The choice of a suitcase on wheels of a particular model depends on who the purchase is intended for. Gentlemen prefer models with a distinctive masculine design: dark saturated colors, chunky handles and wheels (LT-593-20″). Women will appreciate the bright contrasting colors with floral motifs (LT-595-28″). If you are planning a trip as a couple, you can choose the same models of different colors for the husband and wife. A great option is a set of two suitcases of different sizes: a little larger for a man, less massive for a woman. A universal solution for the whole family — three suitcases in one set (Article: LT-591 set 20″, 24″, 28″): 2.5, 2.8 and 8.8 kilograms.

The capacity of modern suitcases is different: from 2 kg to 9 kg. A set of suitcases with a capacity of 2.2 kg and 4.8 kg (Article: LT-596 set 20″, 24″) remains very convenient and popular: a large suitcase can be checked in as luggage on the plane, and a small one can be taken into the cabin as hand luggage.

Some useful tips when choosing a suitcase:

  • It is better if the wheels are slightly “drowned” into the body. This will help protect them from mechanical damage if you have to carry the suitcase on a road that is not too smooth.
  • Carefully check how strong and well made the fasteners of the outer pockets.
  • Choose models with two handles — on the top side, next to the retractable telescopic handle, and on the side edge of the suitcase, so that in case of emergency it can be moved or rearranged from place to place by holding this handle.
  • Pay attention to the presence of additional compartments inside.
  • Be sure to check if there are snap fasteners with carabiners on the inside. Such tapes hold things folded in a suitcase, preventing them from mixing and wrinkling.